Neem oil for male birth control

by Lani
(San Diego, CA)

Do you know how much neem oil a male should take, for birth control, and how should it be administered?

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Neem oil is not recommended for internal use
by: Birgit

As I say on the page about neem oil and birth control, this has not been researched enough, I would not recommend this method and it is not safe.

From that page:

But we know nowhere near enough about those and other possible effects of neem oil when taken internally.

One study below reports that the rats and mice in the experiment were fine, but some of the guinea pigs and rabbits actually died! The great majority of the studies of neem birth control were done on rats, some studies used monkeys.

When I say "not safe", I don't mean that it may not work 100% in preventing pregnancy, I mean it can harm you. Children have died when taking neem oil internally. Please read my footer. It clearly says that neem oil should not be taken internally.

Also from that page:

Men or women, as interesting as all these studies are to read, do not attempt to self experiment with neem oil internally!

Please do not self experiment with this.

Neem Oil for Contraception

Small Study done on HUMANS using NEEM for Birth Control
by: Anonymous

Perhaps doing it right is what is necessary?

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