Neem Oil on Body

by Suzanne
(New York City)

Can I put neem oil on my body to stop bed bugs from biting me. How much should I use? Does it need to be watered down?
How can I use it to kill the bed bugs...
I know it has to be watered down, but what sort of surfactant can I add to it so it will mix with water?

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Using neem oil on body and against bed bugs.
by: Birgit

Sorry about this very late reply, but I've been away for 6 weeks.

No, neem oil does not have to be "watered down" if used on the body. Water destroys the active ingredients. The only time you dissolve neem oil in water is to make neem garden sprays which are very diluted and get used immediately.

For use on the body you can mix neem oil 1:10 with a carrier oil. Choose whatever you would like to put on your skin and can afford. Apricot kernel, olive, almond... Or you can add a few drops to a lotion or cream you are using.
(Careful, most lotions contain water as well, so only mix a bit in your hand as you use it. Don't add it to the bottle.)

For information on bed bugs please see the page about using neem oil to control bed bugs.

Does neem oil work as body protection against bed bugs
by: Anonymous

I have tried neem oil as a body lotion to protect against bed bug bites. Guess what I have found: It doesn't work!!!:(

I get them all over me no matter what. I also tried all those other products sold as bed bug repellents...and they didn't work as well!!!:(

Sorry people, the bugs are taking over.

bed bugs
by: Anonymous

BED BUGS. Most disturbing thing on earth. I had them in only one room (thank God). I bought bed bug proof mattress covers and sprayed with a toxic spray offered to me by a friend (exterminator), nothing on the market will kill them. I did my
research and asked a friend. I was so embarrassed but it's never your fault because they come from outside sources like theaters, dressing rooms, dorms, basically ANY public place. I believe I got mine from the movie theater. Good luck!

by: Anonymous

I think I have mites or body lice. How can I use neem oil and which one do I buy?

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