Neem oil (product) for mites in the house?

by Susan

We have recently felt something biting us in the house. We cannot see anything but are pretty sure it is some kind of invisible mite. I have read a lot about treating animals and plants but nothing about spraying furniture, carpeting, the floor or the walls. I would like to use neem but cannot find instructions on mixing for general house spraying.

I am also wondering if it will stain furnishings as it is an oil. Also, how long does it take for the smell to dissipate? Do mites need to ingest it for it to work?

I would appreciate any information you could give me. Thank you.

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House mites don't bite
by: Birgit

Hi Susan,

"I would like to use neem but cannot find instructions on mixing for general house spraying."

Insects are insects, mites are mites etc. It doesn't matter where they are, you still need to add soap to warm water and then neem oil to dissolve the oil.

(I do mention on several pages that any left over solution can be on floor boards, rugs, animal bedding etc. Looks like I need to make that clearer...)

How concentrated you make that neem oil solution depends on what pest you are dealing with and not so much where you spray it.

Since you don't know what you are dealing with I can't say much. Mites are usually easy to deal with, but the kind that bite you don't live invisibly in the house. They live on you. The mites that live in the house don't bite.

And no, they don't need to ingest it. If you read through the neem and scabies pages you will see that the traditional treatment for scabies mites is a neem leaf paste that you put on your skin. It works VERY well.

Fleas and lice also respond very well to neem. But in all those cases the first course of attack is to use neem products on yourself.

"Also, how long does it take for the smell to dissipate?"

It can take a few days. It depends on the nature of the materials you are spraying, the concentration of the neem solution, how often and how much you spray (depends on the kind of bug and severity of the problem), but also what else you do in the house, how big it is, how much air flows through it etc.

Depending on where neem oils come from and how they were processed they will have different smells. You may just have to try it out with a little and see how you and your family copes.

Another option is to use neem leaf extract instead, or neem leaf powder or granules. That does not smell. However, it depends what you are dealing with. If you don't know what bug you are fighting then you don't know where exactly it is hiding.

Continued from above...
by: B.

"I am also wondering if it will stain furnishings as it is an oil."

You are not spraying oil. If you look at the recipes, you are spraying water with a little neem oil added and the neem oil is dissolved with soap, so it isn't oily.

That doesn't mean it can't do harm. But it really depends what you put it on. You know what furniture you have and how delicate or precious it may be. I suggest you do a test application on any piece of furnishing that you are concerned about: on the underside of that expensive carpet, the back of that antique chest, a dark corner of the wall in the pantry...

Anyway, mites don't live on furniture surfaces or walls, so this is not something I would spray anyway. It's more the wooly stuff... If you have some parasite infestation, no matter what it is, you need a targeted approach, not a bit of general house spraying.

I think what you really need to figure out first is what you are dealing with. If it is something that can only survive if it feeds on your blood, then the priority is to protect yourself.

neem powder
by: Anonymous

can you use neem powder and mix a paste to combat scabies?

Neem powder paste for scabies mites
by: Birgit

Yes, you can. But do read through all the neem scabies info here.
Scabies can be a hard one to eradicate, but some readers have been quite successful and there are some good tips for persistent cases.

mites that bite
by: Anonymous

Hi Susan,

We have the same problem in our house for several years. There are some invisible bugs that bite and crawl on your body. It seems that they like to live on your bed and in the blanket. We recently found that having the rooms well lighted would reduce their population so we put large neon light in every room. Sometimes we see gnats flying in the house so I wonder if these biting bugs are actually gnats. Hope someone can help answer our questions.

Bird mites do bite!
by: Kathy

I have an infestation of bird mites in my duplex from a bird nest in the fireplace chimney. Once the birds left, the mites decided to come down the chimney and infiltrate EVERYTHING in my home, including my small dog and I. It is a nightmare! Some of them are microscopic and you can't see them without a microscope but you can feel them crawling up your legs and biting you. I have tried many things to get rid of them but have not been very successful so far. Bought some Neem oil yesterday as it was mentioned at several times as being helpful. I hope this works or I will have to move and send all my furniture to the dump; truly a heartbreaking thought.
by: Karen

Hi all,

Thanks for all your comments. It helps much for people like myself who are suffering with this problem. My problem started 5 months ago and just about drove me crazy. I went to the E.R. and my so called doctor; a dermatologist, just to be told it is all in my head. This is despite the bite areas on my body and hair loss.

Unfortunately for me I am the only person in home affected to this degree. I would like to be able to show my family what I have been dealing with. Do you know of any products to show the mites (neon spray) any ideas on how to treat thousand square foot home with pets?

Best of luck to all of you who are also fighting this!

Bird Mites Are The Worst
by: Terry

Like others, I have been fighting bird mites for almost two months now. I know they are the Red Bird Mite because I had canaries and saw them crawling all over them. And Entomologist confirmed this. So I got rid of the birds and fumigated the house with Nygard/Onslaught.

The Nygard is an IGR which interrupts the life cycle of the mite. However, this is a very slow process. I have had to fumigate twice since then just for periods of relief. Bird mites are a relentless fairly hard to see mite. And their bite can hurt....a lot.

Some people like myself have a strong reaction to them, as does my little dog. My son (fortunately) is not bothered my them. A strong healthy immune system seems to keep them off of you. My immune system is impaired. I am trying to beef it up. In the meantime as the war continues, I have found that Neem oil is a recommended product.

I have not found out how to use it in the home as a spray, but I am going to start using it, along with other essential oils, like peppermint and lavender and put it on my body. I am treating my dog to a very diluted form of Avon Skin so Soft oil which seems to help her a lot. I am now just trying to wait them out as I too can not afford to toss away all of my furniture and move. I have already gotten rid of half of my clothes. So, they do bite. They do affect some humans. And they are a relentless tiresome pest. Bright lights seem to bother them and oils really slow them down. And they don't like menthol.

Good luck to anyone who is dealing with them.

Please help eradicate mites in the house!
by: Anonymous

It does help to read others experiences of this "mite" problem. I started fighting it about 4 years ago. It subsided after using CederCide products, which are expensive. I had the drapes cleaned, the air ducts cleaned and the mattresses professionally sanitized, as well as the carpets cleaned and washing everything in the house. But now the problem is back.

I would like to know if someone knows how to eradicate this stuff for good! How do you use Neem in the house? I've had Clark Pest Control company in several times. They can't even tell me what they found looking at the samples I gave them. One thing was Springtales. Otherwise they want to say it is debris. Well, debris, in the past, never crawled in my hair or made my dog scratch and bite himself.

Does anyone out there have a good step by step solution to eradicate this stuff for good?

Bird mites???
by: Hope

Hi there
I live in South Africa and a year ago I woke up to find black specs coming out of my skin. 10 doctors later (3 of them specialists) cure... I was really battling as were my 2 dogs and cats. We still at times itch like crazy, but I have far fewer lesions on my body and am treating my pets as best possible.
I have however discovered that many people are out there with similar problems, be it springtails, fungi, yeast mites, etc.
Go to (Richard Kuhns).
I ordered his book and keep in contact and receive regular newsletters with tips and updates.
I have been helped to an extent with diet, certain protocols etc. Things are better....still a way to go, but better. I am also going to spray my ceilings, home etc with Neem oil as I believe that the mites may be a vector for other parasites.
I am hoping that eventually life will become that.....Life..... and not existence!

Denatural Alcohol
by: lisa

I have the same problem as everyone else here!:( My husband and son think Im crazy because Im the only one getting bit and my two Boxers! They really start biting at night and look like small black or brown pepper pieces!! I find these things everywhere!!!
They hate Lysol, it kills them on contact. Make sure you buy the name brand and not the off brand though. This will stop them dead in their tracks! Ive also used Bug Stop by Specticide, you can purchase this at Lowes or Home Depot or any hardware NOT!
USE 100 % pure Neem OIL. I was using it last night on my window seal and was amazed how they came popping out. They were invisible to the eye, but when you put the neem on on a cleaning cloth, it brings them out like crazy!! I was AMAZED!!!!!!
It says to dilute in with water, so now thats my next step.
Also they hate denatural alcohol! Spray this alcohol on your bedding and pillows and it brings them out too and kills them instantly!
I spay my bedding every night with it. You can get it in a gallon can at lowes or home depot too and its around $16.00 a gallon. Its 100% alcohol..not the stuff you buy at walmart or these walgreens or CVS's thats only 5 % alcohol! It will not work! Also its a great cleaner, but NOT on any stained wood. IT WILL REMOVE THE STAIN OFF OF ANY WOOD FURNITURE! But will not your sheets or clothing.
I clean my glass top stove with it. Also DAWN DISH LIQUID kills mites. Any kind of mites too! But will dry put your animals hair terribly, so I recommend you not give your animal a bath more than twice a month in it. I bought some oatmeal dog shampoo and added some neem oil into the shampoo for them. Works great and is great for their skin! Pure neem oil also kills the eggs. I really feel for anyone going thru this. We are still going thru it!! And its a nightmare. Starting the diluted 100% neem oil today..please pray for us as I will you all too. This is definitely the worst thing Ive ever encountered! Ive even considered selling my home, but we had it bilt two years ago and I love my home and don't want to get rid of it:(
Good luck all..hope I helped somewhat.
God Bless.

neem oil
by: will

There is definitely a creature out there that bites and seems to elude the doctors. If you have this problem, don't even bother going to see the doctor as they will think you are crazy. Don't give up fighting no matter how frustrating they make u. I have the same problem, and have had it for years. My advice is to pray, meditate to clear and center your mind. Try to stay positive, clean your house and clothing regularly and use neem spray and oil on your body. I have also found out that neem soap also helps. Keep fighting you are not alone and God will help us all. Hopefully someday someone will identify this creature and find a permanent cure for it. Sage smudging has also helped calm the energy in my house. Try it, it works you just have to believe. Good luck in your fight.

by: homelesscat

I have just tried the neem oil, so not sure yet.
I know one thing that works.
it is flea and tick powder. I swept floor and found hundreds out of couch. took them to entomologist and they were just skins.

neem oil, baking soda, salt
by: mitey 1

So, my saga began about three weeks ago. I am not sure what I am dealing with precisely, but believe it is mites of some sort that think I am the most delicious meal ever. I recommend contacting your local vector control office. This has been the only remotely helpful place I have interacted with. Take samples to them and they will look at them under microscopes. The only problem is that a lot of the mites are carrying our skin, so it looks like skin. Kind of like grabbing an ant carrying a crumb of cake. Yeah, my skin cells don't tend to MOVE on their own. Went to three different doctors who only tell me it's not lice. Yeah, no kidding. They then look at me like I am coocoo for cocoa puffs and I'm like, really, yeah, I am just so crazy. Well, it is of course, MAKING me crazy, but I am not imagining it and neither are you.

Okay, done with the rant. So, my advice is to try to beef up your immune system with Vit C, P'de Arco tincture, and use the neem! When I rub the neem on my body I can feel the little white mites/eggs rubbing out and I can see them.

Also, try putting your hair up in a shower cap after covering your head with olive oil laced with neem. It's like a bug bomb for your head. I don't know how long these buggers can hold their breath, but it sure seems like awhile!

Baking soda over the body and then salt seems to do something. This is all very difficult and expensive. I wish us all great luck in the mitey fight!

Cynoff EC Works
by: Anonymous

I've tried everything on the market, and finally found something that kills them in a few weeks.
Cynoff EC works I want to share this with everything because I've been living is misery for over a year.

Deodex mites
by: Anonymous

I've had the same problem for several months and have not been able to get any help from my primary care doctor or two different dermatologists. The name of the mites are deodex. There are two types. Follicullorm and brevis. They live in our skin, but become activated somehow. Can be due to sress or weakened immune system. I'm trying Neem oil myself and taking Borax tablets. I am also taking B complex. This truly is a nightmare. I saw Richard Khuns book and I am thinking of ordering it.

mites on body and in the house.
by: te

I suffered for 1 1/2 years. severe reactions etc. myself and my cat were attacked. no one else in the house were affected!!!! I will advise u to spray the outside of house or building with neem oil. big bottle from HD. Including up and down trees and all over plants and grass. Spray around windows inside and outside of home. and then sprinkle any carpet with borax! leave in. wash clothes in borax and dawn dish soap. ORIGINAL! vac all beds and wash linens in borax and spray with the neem oil. I put it on the beds too!.
Then spray entire landscape with dawn using a hose end sprayer. 2 small bottles should work! wash the animals with the dawn too. keep the Neem on hand. spray garage ,entrances and plants from time to time . didn't hurt anything here!! don't forget the inside of the cars!! I am free. and now ready for the seasonal treatment. because what they thought was in my head turned out to be harvest mite and spider mite infestation outside. some nights they wouldn't start biting until 5-7 hours after walking out in the garage or to the mailbox! 3 am was dinner time for these buggars! fall is treatment time!!! let me know !! I sure hope this helps. Relief took about two days after first treatment!!!

neem soap for humans
by: Anonymous

My dog seems to have mange. I took her to vet and he said he didn't know what it was. She got in my lap and I felt like I had been attacked by something I couldn't see. So I thought they was mites. I used sevin granules on the yard. Sprayed the carpet and her bedding with Neem oil I bought at the seed store, which was used for mites on roses. Mixture was one lid full to quart of water. I also put in some dawn soap and sprayed it with a sprayer you can buy at the dollar stop. Even sprayed the dog, be sure and cover eyes. Try to keep dog from licking, because it can cause them to barf. Done this several times. I also bought so bar neem soap for humans, and took a little dawn and hand soap with neem oil, worked up a lather, and let soak on her for about 20 minutes. I took a towel and dryed her off somewhat, and didn't rinse off. I took bath with neem hand soap and a little dawn. Problem is a lot better and the dog is beginning to get her hair back. Oil doesn't seem to stain carpet. There is some smell until it dries.

Demodex Mites from contact with Rosaecea
by: Dori

If your immune system is low, you can get these mites from someone who has it or Rosacea. I think the reason some in the family don't get it, is the immune system differences. I use products from "Natural Genesis" online which keep it under control, but I am going to try the Neem also, now that I read about it. I take one heaping teaspoon of their "food grade" "Diatomaceous Earth Powder" twice a day in almond milk. It removes the mites from the walls of the internal organs! Yes, they are inside, as well. Dilute their enzyme liquid for bathing, and soak for about half an hour, including hair. Use a small amount for soaking and then washing clothes. Use a strainer on the end of your washers drain hose. You will be amazed at how much clothes fiber and mites you will keep from clogging your drain. There are days when your scalp is especially irritated! I dip my fingertips in straight apple cider vinegar, with the mother, and massage it into the hair roots. It cleanses, stops the itching, and causes the mites to leave.

by: Anonymous

I too recently found mites in the house. I can see mine barely but when a little brown spot is moving up your arm you tend to notice. I've tried orange oil products, lysol, steam, diatomaceous earth, farm & dairy fly spray (worked great but nearly got me too) & shower with tea tree oil & lotioning with Vicks vaporub. The essential oils, orange, tea tree, eucalyptus, camphor & menthol seem to help the most & soothe my skin. Also tucked bounce dryer sheets in the couch, under the mattress, sheets & pillow cases. Second morning without bites. Please be over! Going to buy neem oil as a preventive measure. Traps with 20% neem oil are supposed to eliminate 95% of them.

using neem and tree tree oil in shampoo to kill demodex
by: Jackie Takala

First want to say thank you for this website. Doctors won't talk to me. Thank God I just happened to go to the eye doc who found the demodex in my lashes. I was everywhere on me. But I never knew what it was. Have tried tea tree oil every day for weeks and only temporary relief. After reading half your site I mixed neem oil with the tea tree oil and feel soooo much better. I mixed 2 cups shampoo, 1 teaspoon tea tree oil, 1 tablespoon neem seed oil. Stood in my shower, dry and doused myself from the top of my head to the soles of my feet then lastly very gently did my eyes, making sure not to get into my eyes then sat in my tub for 15 min. I itched and stung for first 5 min. The halleluia it stopped and I feel freedom from the pin prick sensations at last. Waited for 10 more min. I,m going to do this every day if need be till this is over. Taking good vitamins, echinacia and acidophilus to boost my immune system too. God bless us!

Itchiness solutions
by: Carmen

Hi! I used to have allergies when I was young, every 20 days itching in my face. Years passed and when I was 43 years old, I began to suffer from carpal tunnels.

I did a research and every book said that people that have cured from this problem have stopped eating red meat. That was the first thing I did and itchiness stopped. People have also improved their life style: no more sugar, no manufactured products, no canned food, no dairy products, no deli meats which contain nitric acid, no MSG, no sodas. They also began to have fruit and vegetables blended in water and drink it without sugar. Little medicine was needed for inflammation.

Exercise regular and walking at the beach was good, too. Trying to fix family problems that make us depressed is very important. All of the bad factors affect our lives and immune system.

Then simple things like taking aloe vera sometimes, applying 1 table spoon of aloe vera crystal that you have put in ½ cup water without blending it. You can use as a rinse to get ride of dandruff and itchiness in cold weather when the fungus attack due humidity. Aloe Vera can be applied directly to the skin. Aloe Vera mixed with bee honey can be taken internally, but for 3 to 10 days in a row; it is a laxative. (2 tsp crystal with one tsp of honey) or see "Father Romano info about Aloe Vera.

*Applying castor oil for itchiness and even for herpes zoster pain, a miracle oil you buy in the pharmacy as a laxative. Some people ingest 1 tsp dissolved in juice in the morning only for 2 days. I have never drunk it. However, I have used it topically for itchiness. In case of itchiness in genital area first aid: one little of water with a tea spoon of baking soda to wash genital area when it begins. Then, visit an honest Dr. It is very important to visit a gynecologist, he will prescribe antibiotic pills and creams to treat Candida trichomonas, amebas and pylloris. A 7 days treatment is required. Be aware doctors would give medicine for 15 days. Unfortunately you have to ask about this treatment, because no Dr would like to cure you or stop you from losing money. These unicellular microbes are the biggest health problem and the cause of itchiness, acid reflux in men and the problems you describe in this page. If married, treatment has to be for both, and liquor can’t be taken while on treatment. You attack them internally and externally.

Detoxification little by little is important. Neem oil is very good and this site tells you everything about it.

Last advice: Ask
God for health in your yoga or meditations practice if you believe he can help you. Miracles are always happening.

Warning 1: powders can move in the air and can bother the lungs. Also pesticides, fertilizers and root killers for the garden, old paints can deteriorate our health badly.

Warning 2: Some remedies given here I have tried with good results, but you are responsible for doing your research. I am only giving my personal experience that can vary according to medicines you are taking or other factors. My best wishes for the health of the ones I can reach do to inspiration of this page bloogers.

Been bitten... Here's the cure.
by: Anonymous

Hello, I want you all to know there is a cure and you're not crazy.
This is the same if you have mites or scabies or bedbugs. It's not all in your head as these stupid ass so called doctors tell you. When you do find a doctor that actully listens to you all they do is give you a presrcipt for cream meds that don't really work and or a pill. Doctors love throwing pills around. DON'T TAKE THE PILL. The pill is a poison that has to travel through your body before reaching your skin. It won't kill you but it could cause health problems down the road. Anyway, you are being bitten and they are tiny bugs. Here is what you need to do but understand it will take some time. You don't have to throw all your stuff away. Keep all your clothes and your furniture. The only thing you might have to throw away is pillows. If you can't wash a pillow you might have to throw it away if heavily affected by bugs. So step #1 take a nice long hot shower and scrub your skin. Any soap will do. #2 Use fresh aloe juice. That means get an aloe plant, cut the leaves, split the leaves and rub the juice all over your body. Carful not to get any around your eyes if you have bites on your face. Use this all over your body. You don't want these things moving to another part of your body and biting you again. Leave to dry for 12 hours before showering again. #3 After a day or two use tea tree oil all over body. Leave for a couple days before showering again. Repeat this for a couple weeks. #4 The third week use Neem oil for the body. Make sure to use the right kind of neem oil for skin and not just hair. You will only have to use the oil a couple times at this point. #5 Meanwhile while you'r doing this you should wrap your furnitue in tarp that won't rip. Wrap only the big furniture you sit in like sofas, couch, fabric chairs, beds. Leave tarp on for three weeks. Yes it's a pain in the ass but it works. Make sure to duct tape the tarp all the way around edges and under sofas and beds. The idea is to suffocate these little biting bastards. Deprive them of biting you and they will die. #6 Vacuum and clean floors like three times a week for a month. #7 Wash clothes and bedding a lot. Put unused clothes in bags or storage bins for a couple weeks at a time. And #8 use a product called diatomaceous earth around your home. This will kill anything crawing around. If you have pets consult your vet about this before using around home. This is what all worked for me. Good luck people. Remember this will take time. Be patient and keep calm and keep repeating all processes. It will work.

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