Spraying neem oil pesticide in fruit garden, will this affect pregnancy?

by Ela Nami
(Los Angeles, CA)

I bought some neem oil and looked online for a recipe to mix a pesticide or insect deterrent for my yard and garden. I'm concerned of the contraceptive effects of the neem oil on friends and family members sitting in my yard and garden. Will the neem oil 'bug spray' affect my friends and family's ability to be/get pregnant by virtue of being in my garden/yard?

Second, will the neem oil absorb into my fruit and herbs (guavas, grapefruit and lemons & rosemarie and mint ) if I spray it on the plants/trees? Will simply washing the exterior of the fruit/herb ensure that those eating them will not be subject to the contraceptive effects of neem oil?

Your response to this is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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Spraying neem oil in garden and pregnancy
by: Birgit

Please see the following pages:
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(Scroll down to "Side Effects of Neem Spray in the Vegetable Garden".)
As you see, there are none specific to neem that we know of. The EPA allows farmers to spray until the very last day because there is no harm in ingesting the traces. You would need to drink a lot of your spray to see any effect on fertility!

You can spray it, just refrain from drinking too much of it :-).

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