Acne, Bacne, the Random Blemish, an inflamed Labret Piercing and Head Lice to Boot!

by Razz
(Vidor Texas USA)

This is my life and I am paying attention. I've used neem oil on myself for years, but now I get to use it on the whole family.

The past few months this is what happened:

1.My labret piercing got snagged on a pillow case while I was sleeping (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), causing it to swell as if it were a fresh piercing.

2.My 15 and 16 year old daughters had started getting acne. The 16 year old on her face, the 15 year old gets a little back acne - or back-ne as we refered to it jokingly - located on her back (obviously).

3. My 12 year old son started getting pimples and blackheads on his face, his nose and forehead near the hairline. (YAY puberty! *eyeroll*)

4. My two youngest girls went to a sleepover before school started and came home with head lice. My youngest has never had lice. She also never went to public school. This was one of the many reasons I chose to homeschool four years ago! Along with the downslide of the educational material the public school system has to offer... Yet I digress...

Meanwhile Back in NEEM Land:

What we do, how we roll, etc.
Acne/Blemishes/Scratches/Random Boo Boo's

STEP 1. Bathe/wash the affected area with hemp castille soap. (Sweet almond smells AWESOME.)

STEP 2. Pop any pimples* or black heads* to be found. (You're clean now so it wont get infected.)

STEP 3. Apply the neem oil to the affected areas, completely bathe in it if you want to. (I use garden variety, it's cheaper, stronger and can be diluted with a carrier oil of your choice.) I wouldn't dilute it though. I use it full strength. Yes its stinks to high heaven. But it works.

STEP 4. Bathe everything that NEEM touched with the sweet almond hemp castille soap AGAIN, wash the funky smell away. Or even a skunk won't come near you.

* The swelling from the popped pimples should go away within a few hours (it did for us anyway). I've forced my neem treatment on any and everyone that comes through my doorway, because I like to prove myself to be right and gloat if need be.

NOTE: If you have really bad acne or just those really big juicy fabulous pimples or even if perhaps you have a sore, scratch or even a fresh piercing that has become infected or is swollen... You can try this. It works for us.

STEP 5. Mix a teaspoon of Alum (found at the grocery store in the spice rack) with a teaspoon of B/C powder headache remedy in a small container.
Add a few drops of collodial silver until you have a paste. Apply to the wound and leave on until it starts to flake off. It won't take long.

Wash with neem again then again with the hemp castille soap. Again I recommend the sweet almond variety. It gets rid of the neem smell.

On a side note, if this is on your face I personally like to use Rachel Perry skin products and face washes. I rarely get a blemish. I use the neem wash once a month and I'm all clear and gorgeous... tadaaaaa!

Sleepovers... GRRRRRRRR
My two youngest, ages 5 and 10, have headlice.

This is today again the garden variety NEEM OIL. All five of my kids (I take no chances) have NEEM soaked hair wrapped up in plastic grocery bags.

I have a little vicks vapor rub under and inside my nostrils, my house reeks, my kids reek, and yet I smile because I think I can hear the lice calling out in agony as they slowly smother and die from the wonderful NEEM oil.

I wonder if they die from the neem itself or the fact they are smothered in oil? Or perhaps the stink alone is killing them? Whatever... It works!

You can also bathe dogs in NEEM. I use it for a lot of stuff and I just wanted to share, because that's how we roll.

Love, yet no HUGS until the stink is gone,

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by: Birgit

Lol. Thanks for sharing Razz!

please clarify
by: Iminsanediego

In step 5, one ingredient I don't understand... "with a teaspoon of B/C powder headache remedy." What is B/C powder?

BC Powder
by: Birgit

As the original poster wrote, it's a headache powder. That's just what it's called, BC Powder. No great mystery or secret acronym lingo :-).

Diatomacious Earth
by: Razz

I just started using Food Grade Diatomacious Earth for my animals as well as my family. Just wanted to share. :) Works just as they say it does.

Food Grade Diatomacious Earth

BC Powder

Dogs and Neem Oil but Not for Cats!
by: Anonymous

But it is important to remember that you cannot use this on cats. It is highly toxic to them. Many things that are okay on dogs will kill a cat. I wish everyone knew that.

BC Powder Ingredients
by: Anonymous

BC POWDER, ORIGINAL FORMULA: Active Ingredients: Each powder contains Aspirin 845 mg, and Caffeine 65 mg.

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