Neem Tree Home Remedies

A Guide To Easy And Safe Home Remedies From The Neem Tree

Everybody can easily make neem tree home remedies, that's one of the wonderful things about the tree. But it also presents problems...

Neem is a very powerful substance.

Yes, it has been widely used in India for several thousand years, without any side effects. However, all the traditional ways of using neem use it in moderation.

Also, in traditional Ayurvedic medicine neem is often prescribed together with other herbs that neutralize neem's toxicity.

If you know how powerful neem is as a contraceptive then I'm sure you agree that pregnant women should be very careful and seek medical advice before using neem in great quantities.

Neem has achieved high fashion status in the US. The result is a lot of hype about the medicinal value of neem. Don't believe everything you read, don't throw conventional medical advice in the wind, and if you do have a medical condition consult a qualified medical practitioner!

And last but not least, please use your common sense and don't overdo whatever you do.

Having said all that, let's get started on how to make neem tree home remedies.

You can grow your own neem plant, and you can make your own remedies at home. Oils and soaps, lotions and potions, sprays and fertilisers... It need not cost much!

Making Neem Tree Home Remedies

Using Home Remedies From The Neem Tree

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