Neem Home Remedies: Neem Leaf Paste

Neem leaf paste can be used to treat various skin disorders...

Acne, pimples, eczema, psoriasis, scabies...

Really, just about any skin disorder will benefit from the application of neem paste.

There are several ways to make such a neem home remedy:

1. Paste from fresh neem leaves

  • You can make a neem leaf paste by simply pounding fresh neem leaves, using a mortar and pestle. For treatment just use the paste as it is. Apply it onto the affected skin and leave for twenty minutes or until nearly dry. Then rinse it off. You may wash with neem soap, and apply a neem lotion for best effect.
  • Sometimes such a paste is made using other ingredients as well. An example is the traditional neem treatment for scabies that was used in a clinical study. It combines four parts neem leaf and one part turmeric.
  • Another variation is to soak the leaves in hot water until they soften. Once soft, crush the leaves in the same water until you have a neem leaf paste.
  • You can also use neem leaf extract to make a paste, by mixing it with another powdered ingredient, for example calamine powder or sandalwood powder.

2. Paste from dried neem leaves

This is an easy and quick way to make a neem leaf paste for small skin disorders, like pimples or boils, skin infections, acne etc.

Of course, all of those could be treated with fresh neem leaves as well. Using paste made from dried neem leaves is just a lot more convenient, since dried leaves are much easier to keep and store.

When you want to use the dried neem leaf just mix a small amount with water to the desired consistency. Apply to the skin and leave to dry. As noted above, the treatment will be most efficient if you use neem soap and lotion after rinsing off the paste.

3. Paste from the skin of the neem tree.

A little known way to make a very effective neem paste is to use the soft skin/bark of a young branch. Rub it on a rough surface with a little water until you get a brown paste.

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