Neem For Scabies

Is Neem Oil A Natural Treatment For Scabies?

Is neem scabies treatment as effective as conventional treatments?
How does neem scabies treatment work, and how do you use neem oil for scabies?

That's what we are looking at in this section.

Below you can find information about the use of neem for scabies treatment, research and clinical studies, and recipes for neem home treatments for scabies.

Neem and Scabies: Some Background

Conventional scabies treatments are toxic and can irritate your skin.
They have to be so harsh to be able to penetrate you skin and kill the mite that causes scabies. Think about it: scabies treatments are essentially pesticides.

Using neem oil is good for your skin.
Neem not only deals with the scabies mites naturally, it also soothes the skin, numbs the pain, relieves the itching, reduces the inflammation and redness, and heals any secondary infection that might have occurred because of scratching and open lesions.

There is another good reason for natural treatment of scabies with neem.
Scabies mites are already resistant to many conventional pesticides. Often enough the medications don't work. But after thousands of years of traditional use, no insects or other pests have become resistant to neem, and scientists don't expect that to happen ever. Neem oil works and will continue to do so.

Let's look a bit closer at the details: what is scabies and how can you use neem oil to treat scabies?

Your Experiences With Neem And Scabies

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What Other Readers Have Said And Asked

Click below to read about other readers' experiences and questions about neem and scabies.

Neem and Scabies: Treating the Environment 
I have been dealing with scabies for about a year now. Not sure how or where I got this condition, but I have my suspicions. I have learned a great deal. …

House cleaning while using neem oil for scabies 
Once I have began treating myself with neem oil (for scabies) do I have to clean my house daily (whilst applying neem oil treatment) until my skin is clear? …

Neem oil not working for scabies? 
After fighting scabies for many months, spending hours each & every day on applying oils, creams, laundering, cleaning etc and trying about every natural …

Neem oil for bed bugs or scabies 
I have been told I either have bed bug bites all over my body or it maye scabies and I honestly can't tell. I am at my friends' house and they are so ignorant …

Scabies for a year 
My boyfriend and I have had scabies for a year: 12/2009-12/2010. I have no idea where we got them from. It affects him a lot worse than me because he has …

Neem oil working for scabies on my pony 
A small report from Bahrain. I have a fellabella pony that has such a low immunity during pregnancy. She got scabies and the top on the back part of her …

Neem Powder offers Scabies Relief at Last 
Fifteen years ago my stepson got scabies and one by one it infected the whole family. We scrubbed and cleaned and took all the traditional poisons, Lindane, …

Neem and Tea Tree for Scabies 
Unfortunately, I really believe it is easier to catch these horrible little scabies mites than what most information suggests. When I finally came to …

Neem oil works for my and my husband's scabies 
We used the pure neem oil for the weird itch of the scabies. There was a noticeable relief the first night, almost gone the second night. We slept very …

I hate scabies! Trying neem now... 
Scabies is horrible. I felt lost and really upset by it. I used the cream that the doctor gave me. I hated it. It hurt my skin more and made me feel sick …

My Scabies Protocol 
Scabies type I: 1. Someone you live with has scabies so you need to take the treatment. 2. Someone you know has it and you have …

Neem use and scabies re-infestation: quarantined home rather than cleaning? 
Last night I started using neem oil diluted in coconut oil on my scabies infection. Nothing miraculous yet, but I seem to be getting some relief. Keeping …

So, we got scabies from my friends family 
Thank you for your website, first of all! So, my friend and her family were just diagnosed with scabies. They chose to use the permethrin. Since, we only …

Using neem in addition to or after permethrin treatment 
I recently was dxed with scabies. I had it 15 years ago when my son brought it home from preschool. I have treated with permethrin, but a homeopath introduced …

Do red bumps still appear after the live scabies/eggs are killed off? 
I've been using neem daily and (I feel) like I have successfully gotten rid of any live scabies or eggs. (After two weeks of treatment). I itch a lot less …

Is there itching after scabies are killed off? 
My question is, is it possible that I have killed off the scabies, but the poison left still causes itching for a couple weeks? Here is my exact routine: …

The scabies came back! 
Last August, I used pure neem oil to treat scabies and it was really effective. The third day, no itching, no new bumps on the skin. And I still continued …

Neem Oil on Scabies 
I think I have scabies which I didn't treat for like a year. Now I realized what it was. I bought Neem Seed Oil from Indian shops and it says "not for …

Steam and neem beat scabies 
I was treated for scabies with the cream and pills. I stilled itched but on the internet I got some good advice. One was neem oil, tree tea and olive oil. …

Neem Works! 
My six year old developed itchy bumps on her knees last May. I assumed they were bug bites as we live in Northern Ontario. Come September the bumps and …

My scabies infestation 
I first became infested with the mite in June 2007. I immediately consulted a physician and was prescribed a pesticide cream. It seemed to work but then …

Neem leaves for scabies 
For external use, can we use crushed neem leaves for scabies? We do not have neem oil here in this part of Africa.

Neem spray for textile 
I am just facing scabies. I just moved to Australia from Europe. I know over there you can buy neem oil spray for textile. I can not find it here. Do you …

Neem oil in other, more pleasant-smelling oils 
This is the second spring that, after working in my yard, I have been infected with scabies. Last spring, I thought it was poison ivy and treated it as …

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Scabies repellent without the smell? 
I was wondering if there is a way to make a safe, odourless neem repellent for scabies that I can wear while out and about. I especially need it while …

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