Neem oil not working for scabies?

After fighting scabies for many months, spending hours each & every day on applying oils, creams, laundering, cleaning etc and trying about every natural & not so natural cure (none of them worked) I ordered an expensive bottle of neem oil from India. I live in Australia and neem leaves are not on sale here.

I've been applying it 14 days straight, morning & evening, mixed with some tea tree and eucalypt oil, a little lotion and/or water. The oil stays on the skin as a thick greasy layer, gets into all clothing and bedding and feels uncomfortable in hot weather.

The smells is so bad that I have to try and avoid any close contact (1-2m) with people, incl colleagues, friends, commuters etc as they tend to be very offended by the odour.

I used it for 14 days continuous, of which 8 days I wasn't home (holidays). Then I had to stop using it as I spent 6 days in a car & motels with 2 others and the smell was too much for them. Have reapplied it again now for 3 days. Of course, I still launder, clean etc. While travelling I slept in a different bed every night, which must have limited reinfection.

14 days of a strong neem mixture twice a day did NOT stop the mites from biting; every day again, lots of new bites, new itching and now that I've restarted neem oil they're even burrowing.

Why does neem oil not seem to have an effect on the mites?

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Neem oil for scabies not working?
by: Birgit

Upon reading your question I wonder... You said you "ordered an expensive bottle of neem oil from India".

Do you mean you actually imported neem oil from India rather than buying it in Australia?
If yes, where did you buy it?

I wonder if what you bought really was fresh neem oil with a high azadirachtin content. (It only lasts for about a year.) It probably was, I'm just making sure.

I do not recommend people use pure neem oil ever. Many people have skin reactions to the pure oil. Even if it's not an outright allergy, the additional irritation and strain on the skin would not help. It appears that the skin's innate immune system has a great deal to do with how well or not people cope with scabies mites.

Deeply entrenched scabies infestations are notoriously hard to eradicate. I don't know why some people are just so much more vulnerable to these mites than others, I just know that it is the case. And often a compromised immune system seems to be part of the situation.

It's also not necessary to use concentrated oil.
It's much better to use a well absorbed (and nice smelling!) carrier oil and add neem oil to that. That might also allow the neem oil to penetrate much deeper into your skin. I would try coconut oil.
And I personally would not apply it in the morning either. I'd only use it in the evening, and if needed I'd shower in the morning to get the smell off.

Another thing I would definitely add is tumeric. Neem plus tumeric is the classic Indian scabies treatment.

I can't tell you why you have experienced no relief whatsoever. I hope the above pointers help you to figure it out.

Neem Oil is Not Working - 2
by: Anonymous


Thanks for your comments. I ordered it from a company in Australia, who in turn import it from India.

I don't use pure neem oil. I mix it up with tea tree/eucalyptus oil and lotion, water or conditioner. I've tried a range of combinations but I still have to find one which does not stay on the skin in form of an oily layer.

I've tried turmeric as well, but the stains on cloths is quite a problem. I tried it for several days but as I could see no result. I stopped because I didn't want to ruin the contents in my wardrobe (or better bagged clothes). I tried leaving it overnight but again, couldn't notice any effect. From past few weeks I've been taking it internally every day, but again no effect on the scabies.

It's been only a week that I've started using neem at night (not pure) but the mites are totally unimpressed. I still get bitten every day and even find several new mite burrows daily. Neem does not seem to have any effect on them.

I hope I'll find a 'cure' for this scabies soon. After 7 months with scabies I want my life back before I become really desperate!

Giving up on using Neem oil for scabies
by: Anonymous

As a continuation of my earlier post, I'm giving up on using neem oil as a remedy against scabies.

After using it for 14 + 10 days (5 day break in between, I couldn't use it because of the strong odour). I used to apply it twice daily in combination with tea tree/eucalyptus etc and recently I was applying it once daily but even after mixing it in a 50-50 ratio, I haven't noticed any results at all.

(And I spent half of this time away on holiday, moving each day / the other half with at least 3hrs a day of cleaning, laundering, disinfecting etc to prevent reinfection)

Not only do I get bitten still every single day, over the last 1+ week I've discovered at least 30 new burrows, like 4 this morning upon waking up even though my skin was covered in a strong oily neem/other essential oil mixture.

Unfortunately the mites don't respond at all to neem oil. $40 wasted and one of my last hopes to finally find a cure for scabies is gone.

Neem and scabies
by: Birgit

Something is off about the whole thing. Scabies are notoriously hard to fully eradicate, but I've never seen a case where people did not at least experience relief with neem oil.

I have no explanation or suggestions, unfortunately.

I still wonder though if using such concentrated oil is really a good thing. 50% is very concentrated. I would only ever recommend 10% in a light carrier oil with good skin penetration, like coconut.

Another thing that's beneficial to open the skin up and get to the mites is to soak in a bath with neem added to it.

Mind you, in your case I would still not expect much change. I do wonder if that oil you have is a good batch... Smell is no indication of active ingredients content. The active ingredients can degrade very quickly if oil is exposed to moisture, heat or UV light.

It's HIGHLY unusual, to say the least, for your condition to show no improvement whatsoever. It just doesn't make sense.

The classic remedy for scabies uses neem leaf paste, not oil. I know you can't access that. And I know that for other people neem oil works just fine. I think I will still try to look into the difference between the two treatments when I get a chance, and see what I can dig up.

I am sorry that you have found no relief at all.

Tea Tree Oil
by: Anonymous

I have been using neem oil for only a few days now after trying tea tree oil which was very successful but started to burn my skin. The neem oil seems much milder but it also seems like my symptoms have gotten worse as well. I am using a light ratio one to ten in a carrier oil and am also using neem soap. I hope this works. My husband and myself have tried Ivermectin and my children have done two cream treatments. I do not want to put any more pesticides in our bodies but I have been fighting this for over a month now and getting very tired of no real results! Not to mention neem is not cheap and I think I have cleaned out my health food store of it. Any suggestions on where to get organic neem oil in expensively. Any input on the kits you can purchase would also be greatly appreciated.

by: Anonymous

I've been using neem oil, pills, dry leaf/turmeric mixture, neem soap, everything, for months. At its worst point, my condition improved a bit, at the expense of my emotional and physical well being.

I believe I overdosed on neem. Now I've thrown all neem products away, anytime it is in or around me I have a very severe physical and emotional reaction.

The worst part; I've spent hundreds of dollars on products and still the mites are there. It's very upsetting. Don't know what to do, and the thought of having these things for much longer, and resorting to toxic medication just makes me downright depressed. I'm a pretty healthy person, I'm a high raw foodie, sober, I exercise, sleep well, and live a very nice comfortable lifestyle.

I truly hope neem works for the others who try. but please, please be careful with your application; this is a strong medicine.


Scabies Remedy
by: Anonymous


Neem oil is a gentle and effective treatment for scabies infections. When you mix turmeric into a paste with neem oil and apply it to your hair and skin, it can rid you of a scabies infestation without having to risk side effects (unlike scabies prescription medications).

It Didn't Work
by: Anonymous

Sorry to say, but just like some other people are reporting here neem oil didn't do anything for me.

Not with turmeric, not with other ingredients. Even when applied for all night and all day.

Scabies on belongings
by: Anonymous

Just wondering if everyone who is using this is treating their house as well? Everything has to be cleaned and or bagged, etc.

If they are on your belongings and you are treating only your body, then you will not get rid of them.

Use 100% Pure Neem Oil For Plants
by: Anonymous

I also tried neem from the health food store. I went to the Northewest Seed and Pet store and bought pure neem oil organic leaf polish 100% natural 8 FL ounces to a bottle. You need to put the container in hot water because it gets thick by sitting. Now this stuff stinks.But it'll take care of your problem within 3 days. It is used to spray on plants to kill bugs. The brand name is DYNA- GRO. I've tried everything from tropical creams to ivermection which is in the form of a pill to borax bath with peroxide. A 8 ounce bottle is costs 13 dollars. This stuff not just kills scabies but also heals all sorts of bad skin issues. Try it once and you'll not be sorry. Use it to full strength.

Some Suggestions!
by: Anonymous

Suggestions: One this is that you can mix other essential oils into your neem solution (just be sure you are using enough neem to compensate) and that will deal with the smell. I use ylang ylang and lavender and that covers the smell right up. This can turn the experience into a pleasurable one, like a daily spa treatment!

Also, after successful treatments you will still have new bumps/rashes showing up. The reaction in your skin is to the mites dead bodies and waste. So when you kill them they will still cause an allergic reaction to your skin until your skin pushes them out.

It is very important in my experience that you do not take breaks in the middle of treatment.

It is also important the everyone you are sleeping with or living with is doing this treatment as well. Re-infestation is always possible and sometimes folks are not showing the rash at the same time you are but have the mites!

Also, be patient. I know it sucks but there is not safe quick fix for stuff like this. It's just a part of life. We are animals and we are going to get sick and infested and have to do stuff we don't want to do in order to deal with it. Just keep positive and be sure you have a good support system.

What Quantities?
by: Anonymous


Would you please post the quantities of neem and other ingredients. I'm using neem oil, lavender for the smell, olive oil and tumeric. But I'm really in the dark about the quantities for this to work.

I don't doubt neem oil works. I've read all the information on the site. It's very promising, but without the exact quantities, how do I know how much neem oil is enough?

Tomorrow, I am going to my Indian grocer to see if I can buy some neem leaves, either fresh or dried. I'm going to try them in a bath.

My poor teenage daughter went undiagnosed for 6 months and now two more of us have scabies as well. Our infestation is minor to hers.

We have all taken two Lyclear treatments each. I DO NOT want to use that stuff EVER again. It messes with your skin and you can't tell what is causing the itching. Plus I don't want to poison ourselves.

Scabies have been around since Egyptian times at least...and there must be a way to get rid of the body of them.

In anticipation of your help.


Neem for Scabies
by: Anonymous

It's 100% right that neem works wonderfully on scabies but depending on other conditions like your diet, living atmosphere, pets in the house, laundry etc.

Neem Helps but Doesn't make it Go away Completely
by: worried mother

We have dealt with scabies for 3 months. 4 year old brought it home from school. We put most toys & clothes in plastic bags. Also, we washed laundry bed linens and towels daily on hot water and hot dryer. Kids got over it but husband & I are still dealing with it. We put neem oil on our tea tree oil shampoo, conditioner and shower get, use neem oil soap and neem oil with some lotion or 100 percent over new spots and over entire body at times. Also, added dropper to epzon salt bath.

We don't have it bad but still around for 3 months. We disinfect house, car and anywhere we sit frequently (daily). We don't share beds or couches with kids. Change clothes 2 to 3 times a day. We place pillows on dryer for 30-60min. Our youngest had it the worst but was wrongly diagnosed for a month. We treated it as soon as it was diagnosed and seemed to go away within 2 weeks but then came back stronger on husband and myself. We tried permetrim (several times) followed by baths and neem treatments and used alcohol or Lysol to spray those items that are not washable. Put away all rugs, pillows and stuffed animals. Beds are down to just a pillow and sheets to make laundry easier.

One good tip is to wear socks at home. Wear pants and long sleeve shirts to prevent passing it to others. We got frustrated since itching went away for a week after 3 months to come back even stronger. Body looked like a heat rash the second time around, even itchier and more crawling feeling but fewer bumps. Bumps seem to get dry after putting neem oil on them but the itching and little bumps still showed. We tried tea tree oil, lavender oil, and sulfur, 1/2 cups of A&H wash on baths, epzon salt baths, hydrogen peroxide baths (1/2 cup) and taking neem and garlic pills. We have spent so much $ and feel frustrated with results. We are happy that ours is minor compared to drastic cases. Still, we haven't gotten a good night sleep in several months.

Neem seems to be the most promising but new ones still show after those dry. We use borax with laundry soap on hot washer cycle or neem oil added to detergent. Not sure what else to try. We eat mostly organic and avoid pesticides and processed food. It's frustrating that we had to put pesticides to treat it. Doctors treat it with permetrim and don't understand that it doesn't kill the eggs.

Hydrocortisone was prescribed to help with itching/rash but it made it ten times worst within days. Hormones help scabies instead of helping eliminate it. We learned it the hard way. Doctors need to learn more about scabies and how to treat it properly. We were also told not to treat face or head but we had bites on our scalp and neck and some on face, mostly on waistline, chest, armpits, legs and back). Itching is mostly at night but after using permetrim seemed to get worst and more frequent. Neem oil and natural remedies and baths seem to help soothe effects and diminish spreading worst.

You Can Succeed
by: Anonymous

I had success using DYNAGRO full strength every evening on EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE on every part of skin (all cracks, chin, face, hair, EVERY SURFACE. we then would wash it off in the morning put on FRESHLY WASHED GARMENTS - we had two outfits we would alternate wearing we would wash and dry on high heat every single day and everything else (all other clothing or fabric items in the house) got washed or put in garbage bags for TWO MONTHS never to be touched!!!!! We did this for a week straight plus 2 ivermectin treatments during.

On day one of the two weeks I CAREFULLY applied borax 20 mule team to our bed, pillows, all furniture, and car seats. I covered our bed in plastic and our pillows in plastic and didn't take the plastic off for probably 2 weeks to a month. For the week, we slept on 2 sheets that we washed every single day.

This all sounds like overkill, but it worked. I think the problem many of you are having that aren't having success is that you are REINFECTING yourselves with mite infested garments, furniture, or PEOPLE that you are coming into contact with --- office chairs, car seats.

Unfortunately, 2 years later I've become re-infested probably because I spent time with a friend whose family gave it to us in the first place and she refused to treat herself or her little granddaughter, so alas I must go through my regimen again. This time I’m probably going to skip the ivermectin and add clove oil /peppermint oil mix maybe in mornings because I heard clove oil cures scabies. I’ll use coconut or olive oil as a carrier and probably use 1 whole ounce of clove oil, 1 once of coconut oil and many drops as I can stand of peppermint oil.

But the person above is right; I believe you MUST get the DYNAGRO pure neem oil. It stinks like hell, but you wash it off in the morning and just wear 2 outfits every other day for the week and you should be fine.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

by: Anonymous

P.S. I wouldn't bother "mixing" neem with anything just put it on straight. It smells like hell but you can wash it off in the morning. You can also apply orange essential oil during the day after showing to counterbalance the smell.

Scabies - Diatomaceous
by: Anonymous

I may have dusted everything with food grade diatomaceous earth AND borax I can't remember and I don't think you're supposed to do this but I do remember wiping diatomaceous earth all over a couple times out of frustration but don't breath that stuff or borax in and vacuum it off your furniture after the week.

by: Anonymous

If you live in Australia why don't you use 100% Pure Tea Tree oil? Use some Cold processed 100% Pure Tea Tree oil. It's the scabies killer! It should do the job!

by: Anonymous

Ion silver cream, or ion silver powder for info; go to the Bob Beck protocol
Garlic is a good insect killer and might be doing a good thing as well.

Thank you for sending this message around dear scabies-fighters, much love and hopefully science will pick up and integrate this model as it is an overall good medicine.

Second and very important!! ; Domestic animals do not belong in the human living space!!

Feel free and be welcome to my information-Facebook page, health- and full of wisdom thanks ~ Luis Jane

P.S. In my opinion, and in this time, mainly, the purpose of the presents of scabies is to teach the Earth's people about the bearing of respect for the limit of their descendants’ amount, namely; the overpopulation.

Next to the infectious black rat, domestic animals like cats and dogs are the number one spreaders of plague and disease, brought over to humans.

The infectious rat and her infested parasites (fleas, lice, and scabies) spread over to (domestic) animals. Domestic animals always carry parasites; infected or not. On their turn, the (domestic) animals as well as their (infected) parasites can however, jump over to human and infectiously bite.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! This is general information and is not intended as professional medical advice, psychiatric, psychological, tax, legal, investment, accounting, or other professional advice. This general information is non-profit and only based as a response to my personal experiences and personal research, in order to discus and in the look for good research results in relation to the plague, thank you.

by: Anonymous

Neem oil isn't going to rid you of scabies! Don't waste your time and money on Neem oil for scabies! It's a big rip off!

There is a Way with Neem
by: Dave

Spent time in Batchelor, south of Darwin where we planted 7,000 neem trees in early 2000. Menzies School of Health (Darwin) had some success with neem and turmeric. With trials you must have fresh product and be consistent with treatments. Freshly dried neem leaf is by far the best place to start but not externally. Identify the parasite and then treat. Internal parasites are found in most illnesses. Combine fresh neem oil with aloe-vera as a topical application. Persevere with minimal doses and change your mind set. Do you want these parasites and the effect they cause? What is irritating you in life? Our old beliefs most times manifest in or on the physical body. I hope this is of help.

by: jazzpast

If you need relief from mites, lice get a prescription for Stromectol. Once you take it, your parisite pal is gone the next day! Unless you want to buy neem oil and tea tree oil forever. This homeopathic crap is a big SCAM!

by: kal

I have not tried neem but I got so desperate once that I used some bleach with soap and water mixed and scrubbed my affected areas with the scratchy end of a sponge. I think it worked but I was affected again through another friend. It's a little painful so I wouldn’t recommend anyone tried it yet.

will keep posting just to let you guys know what happens.

Neem Gives Relief but doesn't Kill Scabies
by: Magda Petit

In my case I got scabies for two months now, a very resistant strain got it from an infected dog. The dog was treated and is ok, but the vet also got it and spread it to her son. We are all under treatment and conventional treatments already failed three times. I tried neem oil which seems to give good relief during the night - less scratching, less red lesions show, but scabies always comes back. I tried certified neem oil with good carrier oil and some tea tree in it, it smells better that way, it is good for the scratching and irritation, but it doesn't kill scabies. To the point that if you pass the oil on one point A, you soon feel the little crawling and bites outside that part, on point "B". I suggest it be used as a help and supporting treatment but not as the only treatment. That is my experience only. I don't recommend it to anyone as the exclusive treatment for scabies.

Allergic Reaction
by: Anonymous

Allergic reaction, not scabies, scabies might be gone, but your having an allergic reaction, take a break and let your body get all its toxins out. I have a hard time telling from one thing to the next because you get itches, rashes, bumps, red marks.

Turmeric paste seems to be working
by: Anonymous

I had/have scabies going on 9 months. Pills (Vermox or Ivermectin) work once however do not necessarily kill all the mites. I have used tea tree, neem, epsom salts peppermint and Permetrin and they all work to a small degree. I was at the point of nothing was working and it was getting really bad.

Finally relief and possibly salvation. This paste I made is working and I no longer feel them on me.

Ingredients: (please notice you do not have to go to a specialty store and spend big bucks)
Turmeric (1/4 tsp)
Vaseline (1 tsp) {I am using Psoriasin Ointment which is Vaseline based with tar}
any generic lotion (1 tsp)
oil (1/2 tsp) {I am using grape seed oil}
1 drop of neem and 1 of tea tree if you wish

This actually worked for me. I think the key to this working is the Vaseline which helps the turmeric cling to your skin. Yes clothing got yellow however the relief was fantastic and worth the sacrifice. Based on what I read 2 weeks of this will be enough. I also washed with sulfur soap which I also would put as a substance that scabies cannot tolerate.
Good luck. Sure wish I did this 9 months ago.

Anointing with neem oil
by: Diana

To stop itching / crawling. Mix one ounce neem oil with 6 ounces coconut oil and one quarter oz clove, one quarter oz peppermint and one quarter oz orange oil. Get naked and pour onto your head being careful not to get in your eyes. Rub it all over and you will notice no more itching or biting. Leave on all day and then sleep with it on. Silk pajamas are good. Vacuum your bed and pillow with a pet wand attachment just before lying down. Empty the vacuum canister into a bucket of water with a little orange de-greaser mixed in, which will kill mites. Also, pure Neem oil works to stop the itching of PN sores.

NEEM OIL doesn't kill scabies
by: Anonymous

NEEM Oil won't kill scabies! I don't give a crap what you mix it with! Take my advise and don't waste your money on NEEM oil! A spray bottle filled with Kleen Green Enzyme sprayed all over your body works better than anything. Kleen Green Enzyme cleaner will kill scabies, lice, fleas all skin parasites. Don't waste your money on NEEM Oil it won't kill scabies. Buy some Kleen Green Enzyme cleaner and rid yourself of scabies forever!

by: Mark Hillburg

Some of you posters are just silly, also I can tell none of you are swimmers! Actively swimming in a chlorine filled pool also kills scabies and there eggs! Neem Oil DOES WORK but you don't have to leave it on all day unless you want to! To use it properly (I recommend you use it when going to bed which will also be excellent for those of you who care more about what your friends say vs your health! Also you dont have to worry about laying on some other scabies who may be waiting for you on the bed!) :-) So first take a mildly hot(The hotter the better but super hot is not needed. This just allows the pores to open!) shower for about 15-30 minutes using your favorite soap and rubbing your skin with a wash cloth in a back and forth motion! Use some pressure when having the cloth against your skin!(imagine your trying to loosen the eggs and mites from your skin)Do this over your whole body while standing under the running water(to help whatever mites and eggs do come off wash away). when you've done that over your entire body and your finished then LIGHTLY dry your skin once you get out the shower! While the skin is still damp apply Neem Oil(I used it 100%! Did not mix with anything!) Just as you would if you were putting lotion on like some of you do before going to bed! Then have yourself a good 1st night on your way to being Scabie Free! Ok next morning get up a little early to take a shower and also use mildly hot water(as hot as it feels comfortable to you!) Using the same washing technique of the back and forth will applying a little pressure! Once your done step out of the shower and apply whatever lotion your used to using! Get dressed, put on your cologne or perfume and go to work and enjoy your day! Do this procedure each day for about 2 weeks and you will see what all the hype is about! Also keep in mind that neem only kills the adult scabies but most adults buried the eggs already! You are up against the hatchlings! :-) Neem Oils effect on them is not immediate death! It interrupts there life cycle being the chances of them growing up on you is cut short by a good 90%! In the meantime take your mind off of them and focus more on your skin itself! Just know that applying the neem oil as I said before is doing way more for you than you can see!

by: Anonymous

Go to a Doctor get a prescription for Stromectol, (Ivermectin tablets) take them and no more scabies. Don't waste money on neem oil. Neem oil doesn't kill scabies! !

Never tried Neem
by: Anonymous

I'm currently treating my home and our bodies with all natural Cedar wood oil (cedarcide). We fog our home every 72 hrs. I have cedar oil in a spray bottle and spray our bodies down with it. This is very expensive and we are praying it does the trick. The good side of this is my home smells rustic every time we walk through the door..Never tried Neem oil or Tea Tree Oil but am seriously thinking about adding these two oils to the cedar oil. What could it hurt right?

The Power of a little Green Leaf!
by: Mark Hillburg

To those who keep suggesting STROMECTOL I guess you forgot those using Neem use it because its natural! Iam sure if we wanted stromectol we would be on a Doc site trying to convince someone to give up a prescription for it! Anyways to those who are using Neem continue you may not notice a difference for up to 8 weeks! It took me 2 months and I was using the oil and the capsules! The Capsules don't open so well in the stomach so its best to either let it dissolve in your mouth(Have something that taste good ready to eat or drink after you swallow the dissolved pill) Follow the directions I posted earlier and you will be fine in 60 days or less!

by: Anonymous

Neem Oil is a scam! Unless you want to buy Neem oil for the rest of your life? Neem oil won't kill scabies. Neem oil won't rid you of scabies- don't waste your money!
by: Anonymous

neem oil made mites burrow deeper into the skin, as if it made it easier for the invasion. Try a drop on you tongue for internal mite killing. Reduced brain fog, and sharp pains started immediately-as if the GM nanotech mites don't like it!!I had Olive Oil and water to protect internal organs. It's only been an hour plus, but internally it's doing something. Whatever will work will have to be done forever since the chem trails are dumped on us now almost every day! Avoid the HARRP generated wind that blows the chem trail bugs everywhere. Remove cactus, rocks, dog poo, fungus from the yard that the spider type mites use. Dessicate your yard.

Neem oil and Aloe Vera
by: Albert Yam

I got the scrabies in the prison for more than 40 days. It was a nightmare in my life. It's horrible!
once i got out out, the first things to do was to diagnose the scarbies on my body.
I used doesn't worrk at all on my body.
so, i used Neem oil for my next treatment of scarbies. It was a hope to me....,and I applied it at night before going to bed. It worked...but i still feel my bodies still got some mites crawling around in day time.
I used aloe vera leave on my skin in day time. It worked well too.

Neem leaf capsules
by: Anonymous

I found this great product. The neem leaf extract. You'll have to take 2 capsules daily for 3 months. The neem leaf actives interrupts the cycle of the mites. Just have to be patient. Tea tree oil helps externally, coconut oil or Vaseline all over the body works well all together.

a very promising organic mask
by: M

I just found this truly green website with very advanced concepts and line of organic/green products.
And I also agree whatever you do with DE and Borax plus face and body treatments you have to stay on it for 2 months because of the cycle of the mites!!!

by: Anonymous

the mites are probably dead. your body is just continuing to have an allergic reaction to the dead mites, their faeces and sheddings under the skin. stop using 'treatments' and just use unscented soothing cream like sorbolene. USE NO SOAP. use sorbolene to cleanse and wash with. Anti histamines are helpful with the itch. I'm sorry but it can take months.

ps. someone mentioned an itchy head. scabies dont go onto heads

relief and hope to recover
by: Anonymous

I have had scabies for a few months. It was so bad that I resorted to scratching the skin to rid any mites or eggs that might be lodged under the skin.
It was a big mistake cause I ended up with bad scars and the mites can burrow into the skin easily. My daily ritual now consists of wetting my body with hot water to open up the pores and then using clorox with bleach to cover my scalp, body and toes. After which I leave it on for ten minutes, meanwhile, I will use my hands to massage the badly affected areas to get the bleach into the skin. Then wash off with sulphur soap and hot water. Remember to also use bleach to clean in between the toes, that's where the mites will hide.
Note that the skin can be quite dry as hot water and bleach can dry the skin. It would be great if I could soak in a bath tub of hot water but unfortunately I don't have a bath tub. I could only shower using hot water. After which, I would slather tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil all over my body, paying attention to the badly affected areas. The final step is to sit in the living room soaking my feet in hot water with salt and bleach.
Use gloves to pick up the clothes you wore and wash separately in hot water and always wear a clean set each time.
Things that you have come in contact with e.g. keys, comb, cards, shoes, slippers, bags, includes handphone or computer all have to be cleaned to prevent reinfection.
Try soaking yourself or the items in hot water and salt or with bleach, you will see some things floating on the surface at the end- these are the dead mites.
A lot of conscious and conscientious efforts must be made items to be washed in hot water to prevent reinfection. I feel myself getting better as there are fewer bites and lesser itch now. If I could do it right from the start, I should have gone to the open sea and soaked myself in it as salt kills the mites and followed up with the tea tree and eucalyptus oil.
I hope to recover soon and hope that all those still suffering would be on the road to recovery soon too.

Neem and lots of discipline!
by: Anonymous

We had scabies 4 years ago. You must have a routine for dealing with it. Firstly, pets can carry the mites so go to your vet and tell him you have scabies. Get an insecticide for them that kills mites. I didn't know this at first and spent thousands. Now bag, in plastic bags tied tightly, all your clothes (I bagged them for 2 weeks) or if you can wash them at 90 do that. I boiled some of my clothes in a big pan (and they were OK!) Wash bedding on hot. Vacuum house everywhere. Be careful when you empty it so as not to get mites back on you! Bleach on surfaces kill the mites. I bagged my shoes and just wore crocs that I could wash in hot water. I avoided using the car. I wore disposable gloves a lot. We took neem oil baths 20 mls of pure neem oil in bath with neem bubble bath every 3rd night for weeks. I soaked every bit of me for 15 mins then air dried. It took a lot of determination, hard work and diligence, but I conquered. Now we have scabies again so here goes again but I will succeed! So can you!

Cedar Oil
by: 1Anonymous

I was initially infected while lodging in a hotel (just one night). I think these bugs are so attracted to living (long period of time--several months) on us because of our healthy lifestyle--natural and organic eaters. One person I spoke with thinks this strand of mite was genetically modified and we resulted as their prey of choice. I haven't eaten meat for 4 years and only lean meat 10 years prior to going cold turkey for 4 years. I have recently started eating organic meats in hopes that this will make me undesirable to the mites. Since infected, I have lost 25 lbs and for the first time experiencing poor health as a result of it all. I am now gaining weight and becoming healthy again. It really does a number on your mind.

We have been fogging our home with cedar oil (Cedarcide Original) for 4 months. It is extremely expensive. We have thrown all cushions (mattresses, chairs, carpet, etc.) away because I think we were dealing with multiple types of bug parasites. We are installing hardwood floors in hopes that this will never stay in our home ever again. We will purchase and cover all new mattresses and pillows once this is over. After we install the floors, we plan to fog with cedar oil for 7 days straight in hopes of ridding our home finally. We currently fog all our cars every night--they are really hard to eradicate--they are still there because we keep re-infecting the cars by carrying them from the house. Once the house is clear hopefully our cars will be too.

Spraying cedar oil did not work for me, but fogging myself with the oil did. I saw many dead bugs after fogging myself. We treat outside our home with Cedarcide PCO. Outside became infested because I unknowingly placed mite infested items from our home on the patio. We also treat/wash our clothing, curtains, all washable cloths with PCO as well. We spray 91% alcohol on non washables. This has been an absolute nightmare.

I am about to try the Dyna-gro neem to apply to my body each night. I hope this gets them off me finally. I now know that I have to clear my body, home, and cars at the same time to finally be done with this. We have spent thousands of dollars and have to spend thousands more to replace items in our home--this whole situation has been unreal! To respond to my post, please address me as "1Anonymous". I hope we all have relief soon as traditional doctors are no help and clueless.

I don't believe it's scabies
by: Anonymous

You might want to consider that you do not have scabies at all, but Morgelloans, which is not affected by using neem in any form.
I would suggest that you look into the Morgelloans.
There are thousands of mites and most all of them can be controlled using neem, as long as you're treating you, your environment, clothing and car. If you have a pet, then it needs to go.
However, Morgellons can be introduced in many ways. For many it's through collembolan, which is NOT affected by using neem.
This is just food for thought. I strongly suggest that you read all you can on the internet and watch You Tube videos describing the different 'bugs' that have been genetically altered by altering our food and see if you are experiencing something other than scabies.
I wish you well. I've been dealing with something similar for 7 years, so my heart goes out to you.

100% Pure neem Clear mites
by: Tamilian

Hi, I am from India, specifically from Tamilnadu. Here neem is used as antivirus, anti parasite...

Buy original neem leaf powder (small spoon) and mix with a little water and drink early morning before your breakfast! For a week.

And if you have synthetic vinegar apply strong with sponge with 2 hrs interval.

If you have itchy skin do not rub again again. Dilute the vinegar and apply for week. Mites will be dead and skin will peel.

Intake of neem will kill internal mites, your immune system will develop.

Ivermectin 12mg + 500mg albendazole weekly twice will recover from scabies but your immune system and digestion problem may come for few days!

Good luck!

allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

Hi guys,

I have been fighting with scabies 6 weeks. I have used the conventional treatment a few times with 7 days breaks as recommended. I don't think it helped as I still saw some bites.
I have used tea tree oil mixed with grape seed oil but it didn't work as I expected (based on some study I read).
I have bought neem oil and use about a cup of oil mixed with shower gel in a bath.
I also added some to oil mix that I applied topically once a day (grapeseed oil, clove oil and neem oil)
I have got a severe reaction to neem oil. The part of my body that was soaked in the bath water with neem oil is covered in itchy red bumps, I have water bubbles under my skin and it is extremely itchy. I am not able to identify what is burrow and is the allergy reaction.
I am afraid to break the treatment but I am not sure if I should continue.
And if yes, should I still add neem oil to the bath or just use grapeseed oil with clove oil once daily?
Will appreciate any advice.

neem oil did not work for me
by: Anonymous

My scabies were almost gone after using a sulfur cream that I made. The itching was minimal and the spots were fading. I though that I would switch to neem because I know it's good for your skin. I tried it for two weeks and the scabies have gotten much worse! The top half of me is now covered, so, it's back to the sulfur. I liked the idea of using neem and really thought it would work after finding your website. The smell is very strong and I felt self conscious out in public. I actually like the smell, but most people don't. It's earthy, organic and grounding, but unfortunately, it did not work.

by: Anonymous

I wouldn't put this Neem oil on my dog, it stinks! I don't even want it in my house! Neem oil, it's nothing but a waste of money! Wanna throw your money away? Send your extra money to me.

Doesn't work
by: Anonymous

I put neem in my soil 2 days before planting. My plant is 5 days old and is almost dead from spider mites. It's an inside grow in my bedroom with no other plants. I used brand new cold pressed neem oil. Used neem in the water to initially water the soil before planting. Sprayed the soil, watered the soil and sprayed the plant every single day. I have more and more mites every day. Neem is a hoax.

Scabies, the battle to get rid of them
by: Anonymous

I use 100ml of water and add 6 to 8 drops clove oil, 15ml water soluble tea tree oil, 4 drops of peppermint oil, 3 drops of dish washing liquid and a couple of squirts of moisturizing cream. I apply this to all body, face, scalp, ears etc. morning and night. I believe it's helping a lot. I apply the lotion after showering and on any itchy spots during the day. I hope this helps some people. I sleep better using this mix of oil. PS.: Keep out of eyes, it burns.

Nothing will work unless you reduce your blood sugar.
by: LB

The issue is they feed on glucose and lower you blood-cell count - which lowers you defenses. The only way to reduce them is to reduce you sugar levels.
I've done it all, taken it all and for someone not very confident - I feel I know more then all the 20 or so doctors I've seen over the last 3 years.

What they don't tell you, is your liver's ability to process sugar is the issue.
Stay away from processed food, all grains, all carbs, all sugars.
Buy yourself a portable sauna off Ebay for immediate relief.
The don't feed when you keep your blood flowing and exercise daily. Best to do short intense exercise in the morning and at night and also generally stay active during the day.
And don't eat late. Sleeping is when your immune system is most vulnerable, so don't feed them then.
Intermittent fast.
Lowering you blood sugar you'll see results in under 3 days, don't slack, just because you feel better. You have to keep your body immune system in this effective state for the duration of their life cycle, 90 days.

Kill those bugs!
by: Anonymous

Neem, tea tree oil, aloe vera (from the plant) and other oils I believe are good for the interim times during the day to apply, as they may eventually stop the feeding cycle and kill the mites and eggs. I also soak in tub with Klean Free and sponge bathe in the sink in the morning (more concentrated) with the same. Then I apply hydrogen peroxide directly to my lesions on my chest, neck and arms for about 1/2 hour. All those red lesions pop out with white pustules (? eggs). If you can stand it, it burns, but I believe it kills and the pests are needing to escape. Oil will prevent them from coming out, but H2O2 will allow them to surface. Then I apply tea tree oil or neem full strength and leave on all day with occasional H2O2 applied. I also ozonate my bedroom after cleaning and dusting daily and washing all clothes and linen. Just started this vigorously; it seems to be working.

A fight I can't see winning
by: Anonymous

From reading these I don't hold out for much luck getting rid of this.

Scabies using Neem
by: Storm

Trying Neem for the first time. Read your input. I just received my Neen today. So I have no choice but to try it. Two tablespoons of refined coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of Neem, and 5 drops of tea tree oil. I did get a capsule of 475 mg of Neem Leaf. If any one have a formula for Neem oil mixture, please let me know. Thanks, Storm.

The Cure is....
by: Kenwin

Hi, try hot bath with 8-10 drops of Orange essential oil and 8-10 drops of lavender oil mixed together in the bath, also try mix it in a spray bottle with water, and spray it all over you, it kills the eggs and mites.

I don't feel alone
by: Anonymous

I have had scabies for 5 months. Doctors kept on telling me it was something else because my tea tree oil kept it confined to my neck. I gave in to their advice & it spread all over!!!
Finally they prescribed premethrin which eventually killed the bites on my body. It did not work on my neck. I am trying alternating premethrin with a mix of tea tree oil & neem after a sauna to kill this bug. (When I stop this protocol the bug spreads down my shoulders quickly.)
I am also doing the cleaning recommended by people above.
Any ideas to get this final battle won?

Neem oil brand name?
by: Anonymous

Most neem oil is Hydrophobic Clarified neem extract. Basically, they took the good stuff out and sold it as pesticides and whats left over is commonly sold as Neem oil. What brand of neem oil did you buy?

Clove Oil, Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth, & Olive Oil worked for me!
by: Anonymous

I received different diagnoses of my skin rash from my physicians. One said eczema, the other said scabies. The rash presented like scabies and afflicted my entire body between my neck and ankles, but it did not respond to prescription Lindane lotion or any OTC products for eczema or psoriasis. The rash persisted for well over a year and was intolerable, day and night. After trying so many remedies, I finally used food-grade Diatomaceous Earth, mixed with olive oil and a few drops of clove oil. The mixture was soothing on my skin and cleared the rash from all parts of my body within a week. The rash has returned a couple of times, but resolved quickly with the application of clove oil, DE, and olive oil. I would much rather walk around smelling like a Chai Latte than suffer the skin-crawling, itchy, bleeding embarrassment of that skin rash. Neem oil and turmeric did not work for me, but this remedy did. I hope this is helpful to others!

Insanity is... And then I discovered vinegar
by: Missy

Vinegar, hand sanitizer, cold pressed neem oil, food grade diatomaceous earth, two types of aloe gels (thick refined and natural inner fillet), tea tree oil, clove oil, and more.

I have more than just scabies. Possibly rat mites or rat fleas, too. All burrow into the skin. Caught it from an improperly isolated walk-in clinic/Dr office. At the time, I didn't know that the local doctors sent everyone with a parasite to this particular office... yay me. I caught everyone's crap.

I kept re-infesting myself and it spread. Neem combined with almond oil helps to flush them out of my skin. I have reactions to tea tree oil (dermal toxicity).

What I didn't know... There were eggs/sand on my hands and I kept re-infesting/spreading it around. My hands felt clean, but... I bought some hand sanitizer and I found that sand would come out of my hands. I also discovered that they were living under a callous on my palm, which is another common place for them. Also, they spread to my hair/scalp when I touched my hair with my hands. Hair is not their normal habitat, so they would gradually migrate downward. My body would get clean, but they would still be in the process of migrating downward and I would get re-infested that way, too. (I started using Lily of the Desert Inner fillet aloe vera for my scalp.)

I have spent thousands on the permethrin cream. I didn't realize that the cream only paralyzes them for 8-12 hours. It doesn't actually kill them, but the premise is that they will starve and die while they are paralyzed... um, nope. Doesn't work for all of them.

A friend mentioned that they used to take in respite foster kids and when the one with scabies would come to stay, bowls of vinegar would be placed around the house and everyone had to dip their hands in the vinegar after touching something.

I now have a bowl of undiluted vinegar for cleaning and I wipe down the counters, the edges of the sink (a popular place... avoid leaning against the counter), the dishwasher (they love the humidity vent), washer, dryer, and fridge door handles, and cupboard door knobs daily. I also wipe the vacuum handle (another popular place) and all door knobs regularly with the vinegar cloth.

I have a separate bowl of diluted vinegar for my skin. I will use neem on my back and then soak towels in diluted vinegar/water (half and half) and let it sit on my back. The thin bubbles of the burrows burn off and sand spreads quickly to form a ton of new burrows (with fewer occupants than the original.) It's the storm before the calm... hopefully. I will also use the thicker aloe to coat my skin. It relieves the itch and has scabies-killing properties.

I limit the amount of driving I do, because I know they are on my steering wheel and seat belt. Summer time heat would have eliminated them, but I didn't know about my hands at that time. Right now, they thrive in the cooler, more humid weather.

I started using hand sanitizer before washing my hands. When I rub the sanitizer in, sand comes out and I wash it off. I then keep my hands well oiled with cold pressed neem and almond oil. They don't like oily skin and can't get into the pores if they are already full of oil. (I tried the hand sanitizer on my body, too, but the alcohol can cause dermal toxicity.) When I use the neem and almond oil combo, black dots are flushed out of my skin.

I vacuum everyday to remove them from the environment. I've even vacuumed my skin at times (on a low setting so as to not create blood clots.)

I have three ionizers in my home: one in the bathroom where I shower/bath, one in the living area, and one that moves around as needed. They work and eliminate mites from various surfaces if the ionizers are in close enough proximity. Fortunately, I don't have carpet, but I'm sure they were living in between the floor boards for a while.

I launder bedding every day. I tossed my mattress and have three inflatable mattresses in 3 rooms. Each is covered in a layer of DE and I alternate rooms every night. I have isolated shoes, brushes, and many other items for a week at a time.

I have been busting my butt to get rid of these things!! I just started with the vinegar and neem in the past month and there has been some great improvement, but I have a long ways to go. After looking at everyone's posts here, I will take a look to see what else may work for me. I have been inconsistent with my protocols and it's time to level up and get rid of all of these mites/fleas for good!!

Neem Leaves lower really does matter
by: Missy

Someone commented about diet and exercise. I did some quick research and there seems to be some validity. Hence why consuming neem leaf products has a positive effect for some.

All of this internal and external self care and environmental cleaning is exhausting... and depressing.

Here is a link for classic scabies. It's always good to understand the enemy before you defeat them.

Now, I think I'm going to go clean my cell phone and computer mouse... again.

by: Anonymous

Neem has worked for me on a couple of occasions. Soak in a bath with the oil, leave on overnight and shower in morning. Repeat after a few days. Make sure bedding, towels and clothes are clean. Neem is amazing! I swear by it. So much better then using insecticides.

There are different species of mites! NEW
by: Hey Nonny Mouse

Neem oil will kill some species of parasitic mites but not all. In some cases it is actually a FERTILITY DRUG for the mites.

This explains the varied results people are reporting - there are many varieties of scabies mite, many skin and fur mites, and they can and do "host switch", since we're busily killing off all the wildlife and bulldozing all the habitat. People are now an emergency food source for them and they have figured this out.

Also, these mites tend to resist pesticides, because of all the lawn treatments, which affect local wildlife, which carry mites, which develop resistance.

In addition, much of the neem oil you can buy has been processed to remove the azadirachtin, which is the actual active component, to be sold elsewhere. Then the weak dregs are sold as gardening insecticide, because they're oily, and oil does kill many garden pests. But nobody talks about this; you have to read the label. If the azadirachtin content is not listed, you may be looking at "dregs".

I am wary of using ANY edible oil as a base, because many mites eat sebum, which is our skin oil. A human coated in cooking oil? It's banquet time! And they will spread all over you as you spread the oil, which carries them and their eggs. Also, oil does NOT suffocate them. The nymphs are tiny, even microscopic, and oil has surface tension, and does not actually cover every bit of your skin or scalp. They just hide where the oil hasn't gone.

Cinnamon capsules, and garlic capsules, taken orally, help; they lower blood sugar and make you unappetizing. Diabetics use caution. Onions help. Clove oil helps, topically, and clove capsules also help. Check dietary recommendations for daily use - there are guidelines available now.

Cinnamon, garlic, and onion oils used topically in a proper base also help, but you will be fragrant. Best to save the pungent ones to use after work and overnight. Limit concentration, as these burn [see Tisserand and Young or the IFRA website]. Sulfur is good. Both onion and garlic contain sulfur compounds.

Citrus oils help, but many are photosensitizers, so check the maximum safe percentage before you mix a lotion or take a bath with added oil. The problem is greatest with cold pressed oils, but most are cold pressed. Lemon oil can be used at up to two percent, sweet orange oil [see Tisserand and Young] is quite safe to use - note that bitter orange oil IS phototoxic, 1.25% max recommended [Ibid]. Lime and bergamot must be steam distilled or used at VERY LOW levels, too low to help.

My personal preference is to add one or more oils to a base of body lotion, something without too much fiddly stuff in it. Original Gold Bond was great but is no longer available, naturally. The mentholated original is still sold, but you can't avoid having menthol in your blend. Menthol does kill mites, however.

I do recommend the IFRA website and Tisserand and Young. And I wish everyone success. I had my roof replaced, and there were apparently mites in the old roofing which came out and "got" me. Doctors prefer to blame the patient and tell us we need psych meds, because they're no longer paid to solve problems or think. And even if you bring professional quality slides, they won't look at them; they've been taught not to! It's called "matchbox sign" and they see it as proof of insanity, rather than as proof of your scientific training and persistence in solving the problem.

So if you absolutely have to see a doctor, go look for this scholarly paper and take it in with you. Make sure you tell them about it. It proves that Morgellons is a real disease, caused by a bacterium related to the one that causes Lyme, and that it DOES cause fibers in the skin because the bacteria disrupt protein synthesis in the host! More importantly, it proves that all those doctors were wrong, and made their patients suffer for no reason.

Just think of it: all those women labeled delusional, and treated so badly, and left to suffer for years or decades, when a ten minute exam, and JUST LISTENING to them, could have gotten them an antibiotic and a cure.

Be your own best friend; learn all you can. Stand up for yourself. Persist!

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