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Where to Buy Neem

I made this website to educate people, not to push products.

But over the years I also realised that maybe it's not entirely fair to tell people about neem without telling them where to get it. Because I kept (and keep) getting inundated with questions about where people could buy neem oil or other neem products.

What to do?

As you may have seen, there are now some product recommendations sprinkled throughout the site, wherever it makes sense. (All such links are marked as product links.)

Why do I recommend what I recommend?

There are several great brands of neem products that I really like and many places to get them. My main problem in making recommendations is that  people from all over the world read this website!
How can I make suggestions that everybody can use?

And that's where NeemKing.org entered the picture. This is a specialty store entirely focussed on high quality neem products. They carry all the top brands and no crap. And the selection is HUGE. If it exists you can find it at NeemKing.

Shipping within the US is free and they also ship internationally (not for free). Just select international at the checkout.

Another thing I like about NeemKing is that they offer packages, called product bundles, targeted to specific needs and conditions or to try certain things out. Like for example this Intro to Neem Bundle, consisting of seven products.

There are bundles for children, for pets, for outdoor and garden use... for skin care, for oral care, for hair care... Have a look around.

NeemKing also offers raw, pure, organic, cold-pressed neem oil, in amounts from little dropper bottles to gallon sizes, for those wanting to make their own lotions and potions or wanting to use it in the garden or on the farm.

There is also the sometimes hard to find bulk dried leaf and bark.

So basically, no matter what your problem and no matter where you live, you should find what you need at NeemKing.

Is NeemKing.org the only place you can purchase neem?
Of course not! If you have the time to look around and do the research, you can certainly buy some of those things elsewhere.

Other Places to Buy Neem Oil and Products

1. Online

Health food stores and natural skin care stores are promising options. If you have a favourite one, just do a search on their page for neem.

Some of them may also offer their range through Amazon or EBay.

Below you can see some offerings from Amazon and search for more. Use the text links to search Amazon US or UK and the search box for Amazon Canada.

Search for Neem on Amazon.com (US)

Search for Neem on Amazon.co.uk (UK)

2. Offline

What I wrote above applies to offline buying, too:
Health food stores
and natural skin care stores are promising options.

If looking at purchasing neem products to use in the garden and around the house rather than for beauty and healthcare, even your local hardware store will likely have some spray or other product containing neem. But always look at the ingredients list critically! Adding a spritz of neem to otherwise conventional products does not really change the quality or effectiveness.

Also, if you read through some of the comments on my reader submitted pages and questions you may come across recommendations from my readers. These are specific to the area the people live in, so it doesn't make sense for me to put them on the main pages of the site or here.

What it comes down to is that if you prefer to buy neem offline I can't really be of any assistance to you!
Thanks for understanding.

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