Using Neem Oil For Head Lice

Is Neem Shampoo A Natural Home Remedy?

Results of clinical neem head lice shampoo trials are promising. Neem shampoo can be a very effective head lice remedy indeed...

Neem oil for head lice?

Whether neem shampoo is a home remedy for head lice is a popular question.

Head lice are such persistent little pests and the usual chemical head lice shampoos are rather nasty.

Do you really want to wash your hair with insecticide? Some over the counter and prescription remedies are so toxic that you can only use them once every ten days.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, head lice are also resistant to many of the commonly used chemicals! Most people find that out the hard way...

Wouldn't it be great if there was an effective, natural home remedy for head lice?
If you could just wash your hair with a nice neem shampoo and that's it? All fixed?

It is common wisdom that neem oil shampoo prevents head lice.

Head lice, like all insects, hate the smell of neem oil, and even the slightest hint of neem keeps head lice away. Yes, the residue of neem shampoo and/or conditioner is usually enough.

But can neem shampoo get rid of an existing head lice infestation?

Preventing head lice is great, but an existing infestation? That's a different cup of tea. Most people think that neem shampoo won't be enough.

The recommendation used to be to use undiluted neem oil for head lice. Yep, a head lice infestation is the only condition where the use of undiluted neem oil is recommended. It's a messy and smelly operation.
(Although, no matter how smelly, a natural remedy for head lice is still much preferable to the nasty chemicals you would otherwise need.)

But there is good news. Already in January 2007 Egyptian researchers published the very promising results of a small clinical trial of a head lice remedy:

Sixty children, all heavily infested with head lice, were treated with neem shampoo. The study showed that if the hair is washed with 20 - 30 ml of neem shampoo and the shampoo is left in the hair for at least 10 minutes, then neem shampoo is highly effective against all stages of head lice.

The head lice shampoo used in the trial contained neem seed extract. If a neem shampoo is to be effective against head lice it should contain neem seed oil or neem seed extract at a fairly high concentration.

Many neem shampoos contain neem leaf or bark extracts, and often they don't contain all that much. So please do not misinterpret that study. It does not mean that ANY neem shampoo will totally clean up a head lice infestation just like that. But it is a promising trial.

(Also, you can increase the power of any neem shampoo by simply adding a few drops of neem oil in the palm of your hand when using it.)

Even if the neem shampoo didn't kill the head lice eggs, it shouldn't matter. Such a natural, herbal head lice shampoo can be used daily. Any remaining eggs that the nit comb missed would be dealt with as soon as they hatch. Using the neem shampoo would also prevent re-infestation via contaminated clothing, bedding etc.

This trial followed a 2006 laboratory experiment on Australian head lice. The results there had been the same. The neem oil shampoo was highly effective against head lice, more effective than a conventional head lice treatment containing permethrin (a common pesticide).

The Australian researchers even predicted that plant based treatments will over time replace conventional treatments if resistance to those increases.
(Sadly, well over ten years later, doctors still prescribe the toxic, conventional treatments.)

Want to give it a go and use neem to treat head lice at home naturally?
Here is the info you need:

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