Can you add neem oil to your existing shampoo?

by Michelle

If so how much should I add? I have a coconut milk shampoo with coconut oil in it and I added tea tree oil about 10 drops, I wanted to mix the neem in too but wasn't sure how much to add. Thanks in advance.

My story: my baby is 18 months old and yesterday I found lice on her head. I would guess I got over 100 bugs off her lil head I was bawling. I had no idea she never scratched or anything, her 11 year old sister has been battling head lice for a few months and I don't know why I didn't think to check the baby. But I think she is the source or has become the source of the problem, the OTC stuff said only use for 2 yrs and up so off to Google I went to find something I could use on her and that is where I found out about neem oil.

I sent my husband immediatly to buy it. We combed it through her hair and left it for about an hour. I was still finding live bugs afterwards but considering the level of infestation I think inevitably that was going to happen. I am going to retreat her tonight to get rid of what is left and kill any hatchlings or stragglers she has picked up.

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Making neem shampoo for head lice
by: Birgit

Hi Michelle,

Your question is already addressed on the "How to make neem shampoo" page.

Be aware that you need to make neem shampoo freshly every day. Most shampoos contain water, and the insecticidal ingredients in neem oil are not stable when mixed with water.

It is quite possible to still find live lice after treatment. They may not all die immediately. But regular treatment will get rid of head lice for sure and also keep them away. And make sure you also treat all bedding, clothing etc. See the bottom of this page for more tips (towards the bottom of it):

Home Remedies For Head Lice

My step daughter seems to attract lice.
by: Anonymous

We have 5 children & the only 1 to catch lice is my 11 step-daughter. She is the only child we have left in elementary school so that has to be the reason. I cleared her & sent her back twice over 6 months & when she got out for summer break, we discovered she had it again. What's worse is now she has given it to 3 other people in the house (all girls), the youngest being my 3 year old. I am just beyond frustrated now because I have treated the children so many times over the past month that I have lost count. These chemicals in lice shampoos (rid) are dangerous & they are not killing the problem. These are my babies we're talking about here. So I really need to find a safe alternative & one that actually works once & for ALL. I am going to give this a shot & I will let you know how well it works. Fingers crossed because I really don't want to shave these beautiful little ladie's heads lol. I am frustrated to the point of doing so!!!

6 month old with head lice
by: Anonymous

I have a daughter who is 6 months old. I was wondering if I could use neem oil on her head for head lice? If so how long should I leave it on and can I mix it in her Johnson and Johnson shampoo? Someone please help!

I am dying to get this out of her hair. Bless her heart.


Check and Re-check!
by: Anonymous


The women in the school that my daughter attends highly recommend every that you redo your hair every 2 to 3 days for a couple of weeks to ensure their eradication. Spray with Lavender, tea tree and neem in water spray bottle, and spray head and hats everyday or second at least. Ensure that only small amounts of oils are mixed in the water, like a few drops, to avoid any discomfort...and it smells lovely!


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