Using Neem Oil: Making Neem Shampoo, Lotion And Cream

To make your own neem shampoo, neem lotion or neem cream from scratch would be quite an undertaking. Making your own cosmetics requires a lot of skill and knowledge.

But you need not do it from scratch!

It can be so simple: just add some 100% pure, organic neem oil to your favourite shampoo or lotion, and voila! You have neem shampoo or neem lotion.

Here are the amounts you use, and how to use them:

Neem oil mixes readily with shampoos, lotions or creams.

  • Use 1 to 5 ml of neem oil for every 100 ml of shampoo or lotion/cream. (That's roughly half an ounce to 8 ounces).
  • Adjust the amount according to the intended use. For every day use a lower concentration is good enough. If you are battling some skin disorder, dandruff, parasite or similar, you may want to use more.
  • Be aware that neem oil stinks! (Of sulfur and garlic.) So be careful with the amount you use.
  • Only mix a small batch at any one time, ideally only as much as you will use. (Neem oil is not necessarily stable when mixed with other substances.)
  • You can keep a flask of neem oil with an eye dropper in the bathroom. Just mix the shampoo or lotion with a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand.

Neem oil can also be mixed with other carrier oils, for example olive or almond oil.

  • The amounts to use are the same: 2 to 5 ml of neem oil for every 100 ml of oil mixture.
  • Mask the horrible neem oil smell with a few drops of essential oil, like lavender or sandalwood.
  • Some people prefer to use tea tree oil. It gives the blend a more medicinal smell, plus tea tree oil is a wonderful medicinal oil as well.
  • For use as neem hair oil: massage into scalp and leave for at least one hour or over night.
  • For skin problems: apply directly onto the skin two or three times a day.

You should not use undiluted neem oil on your skin. I also suggest that you always try out a very small amount, on a small area, and see if your skin reacts in any way.

Some people are sensitive to neem oil (though not at this low concentration). Depending on how the neem oil was processed there could also be traces of other ingredients that cause allergies. It's simple common sense to test it first.

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