Neem, Skin Care And Skin Disorders

Yes, neem oil has many benefits for skin care, but don't overlook the neem leaf!

Neem oil is good for the skin, most people know that.

As a skin care ingredient neem oil reached high fashion status:

Supermodel Christy Turlington's Ayurvedic skin care range includes a neem night cream.

For thousands of years Ayurvedic medicine has used neem for skin care and to treat skin disorders.

If something has been valued by knowledgeable people for so long, there must be a good reason for it.

Neem soap and neem shampoo are among the most popular neem products. Neem skin care products have many benefits:

  • They relieve redness and itching of irritated skin,
  • they can lighten scars and pigmentation,
  • they soothe and moisturize dry and cracked skin,
  • and if the skin problem is due to some infection, fungus or parasite, neem deals with that as well.

What fewer people know is that in Ayurvedic medicine it's actually the neem leaf that is used to treat skin disorders, not the neem oil. Most scientific research into neem's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action was also done using neem leaf rather than neem oil.

Let's look at the details a bit more. Here is a guide to the section on neem and your skin.

Neem And Your Skin

How Does Neem Work?

Neem Oil For Skin
Why is neem oil good for your skin? The benefits of using neem oil in every day skin care.

Neem And Skin Disorders/Skin Problems

How To Use Neem

The most convenient way to use neem oil on your skin is to simply buy a good neem soap, neem lotion or neem cream.

But there are also ways to make your own neem skin products and treatments as well as your own soap from pure raw neem oil, or fresh or dried neem leaf.

Here are some ideas:

Neem Tree Home Remedies
Look through this section for ideas how to use neem leaf and neem oil, and how to make your own neem home remedies.

For individual uses of both the home remedies or the bought products see the following pages:

Other Neem Oil Uses And Benefits

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