Daily Neem Head Lice Spray

by Jenny

I have bought a large container of neem oil and want to spray all my kids hair in the mornings and in the afternoons. Could anyone give me a recipe of something I could make up to use in a spray bottle that will last a long time and not lose its toxicity?

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Neem head lice spray
by: Birgit

Sorry Jenny, but that won't work. To turn pure neem oil into a spray you need to dilute it in water, and the insecticidal components in neem oil are not stable in water.

Why do you want to spray your children twice daily anyway? Your headline says you are for looking something against headlice. I don't know if it's for prevention or treatment. If it's for prevention then just add a bit of oil to the shampoo and again to the conditioner when washing your kids' hair. The effect will last.

For treatment see all the other reader pages on the page about using neem oil against head lice.

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