Nothing worked like the neem

by R. Oshea
(Huber Heights Ohio USA)

My daughter used a dual treatment of two organic products, one was called the nit kit by and the other was Theraneem shampoo by Organix South.

The nit kit comes with a small bottle of organic oils which work beautifully. We bought both of these at a health food store yesterday. After we used the first treatment of the Nit Kit we combed with a nit comb while her hair was still oily, then washed with the Thera neem shampoo. There were no nits/lice left at ALL!

We had tried everything else including Nix. Never again will I use chemicals on my child. Nothing worked to wash those remaining eggs out like the neem. As long as my daughters go to school they will use the neem shampoo.

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Neem instead of chemicals
by: Birgit

Thanks for writing. Good to hear of your success.

"Never again will I use chemicals on my child."

And so good to know that you won't have to :-).

I wish everyone knew about this, but there is too much money in making chemicals. The big pharma companies aren't interested in spreading the knowledge about neem, and anyone who sells it isn't allowed to say what it does.

So all we can do is spread the word ourselves.

OMG! It worked!
by: Jackie

As a mom of many, we get lice at least once to twice a month. I used everything on the market to get rid of them. Neem is the only thing that killed on contact and made our hair look beautiful at the same time. In the last year, I have spent hundreds of dollars. Now that we have the shampoo, we won't this year! I'm telling all my friends with kids about this!

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