Head lice! I was so infested with the nasty little bugs!

by Larra
(West Virginia)

My sisters and I were both infested with head lice and were devastated. We had tried everything. Even the oddest of home remedies to get rid of the lice. I had even bleached my hair white blonde. It only bleached the nits white.

We all had really thick long hair, so combing them out one by one would've been impossible. I was up late on night, searching the web and found neem oil. I told my mom about it and we went searching for it, which was really hard to find. But we got it.

I saturated the roots of my hair with the neem oil and added olive oil to the bottom. I wrapped it up with a plastic bag and left it on overnight. The next morning, before washing it out, I added white vinegar to my hair. I rubbed it through and let it set on there for a few more minutes. Then I rinsed and shampooed it out as best I could.

The vinegar helped the olive/neem oil wash out. The only bad thing about it was the smell. It took probably a month to get the stench out. My sisters both had thicker hair than I, so they had to repeat the process one more time.

But within a week, we were all head lice free.

We had also boiled our brushes and all of the other precautionary steps. We also purchased the neem oil shampoo and conditioner. It was about ten dollars. We used that for a while and didn't even think to buy anymore because the neighbors who started the infestation moved away.

Well, they moved back and weaseled their way into giving the head lice to the whole neighborhood once again.

So now I am reinfested and I currently have the neem/olive oil concoction on my head this instant. And it smells horrible. I am waiting for another hour to rinse this out because I can't stand the thoughts of going to sleep with this oil dripping all over me and my bed.

I sincerly hope that the neem oil works as well this time as it did the last time. Ugh, this really sucks.

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Neem oil, head lice and bleached nits :-)
by: Birgit

Thanks for writing, I really liked your submission. And I really hope it worked again!

by: Anonymous

it works

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