So Far, So Good (Neem oil keeps headlice away)

by Trulie Wright
(Portland Or)

Since the weekend before the last day of school we have been fighting and fighting head lice. We have spent my soon to be second graders entire school clothes budget on lice care remedies, electronic combs etc. It's been a nightmare.

We have traced it to the source which is my daughters best frind in class and her family. Whom I might add are less than vigilant or concerned about the problem. Well they are both in the same summer program and ride the same bus.

Fit to be tied and broke I called my hippie friend whose advice was neem oil and I gotta say, no problems yet. I'm so pleased. I even poured it into the shampoo we all use and ... so far so good!

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headlice treatment using neem oil
by: Anonymous

My 9 year old daughter has got lice in head and I am fed up by cleaning it. I want to know after applying neem oil on the head as to how can I keep it on the head?

Neem Oil Head Lice Away

Take one tablespoon of good neem oil and add 10 drops of lemongrass oil and mix it and add some table spoon of coconut oil and apply on the head, cover the head overnight and then wash it off with a mild shampoo like Nutroguina. Do it for a week and you should get the results. You can get organic neem oil by sending a request at this email address:

Good luck!

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