Neem oil doesn't work against head lice

Neem oil does not work, I looked into it with an open mind, but it just doesn't, neither does shampoo though. The best luck I've had has been cutting the hair short and combing daily / every other day.

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Neem oil and head lice research is clear on this.
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry it didn't work for you. It's hard to say why it would not work in your case since you didn't detail how exactly you "looked into it".

Anyway, as I am sure you know, science tells us otherwise.

Research studies have shown that neem oil shampoo is indeed a highly effective home remedy for head lice.

You're wrong...neem oil DOES kill lice and eggs
by: Debi

You are wrong. You must not have done it right. We had a terrible case of dog lice that our 3 dogs got from going to a new vet for grooming. 3 weeks after that appmt, they all had lice. We never use toxic chemicals so I researched and found this website. I'm super busy and couldn't bathe daily and then comb out the lice and eggs. I bathed the dogs in neem oil shampoo that I made myself - added 2 tsp of neem oil to 2 oz of castile shampoo. Lathered every dog and left it on them for 11 minutes. Did this every 7 days and after the 2nd bath, there were no signs of lice, eggs or anything. Did the 3rd bath just to be sure. The lice never came back and they've been gone now for almost a month.

Also be sure to thoroughly clean all bedding and vacuum the floors, furniture...anywhere the animal or person has been who has lice. Double bag the vac bag in 2 plastic bags and throw in your trash....or vacuum up 1/4 cup of diatomaceous earth every week to kill any critters in the vac bag. This was so easy and no daily combing at all. LOVE neem oil!

yes it works
by: Anonymous

Yes, this works and kills the lifespan of headlice. I make a lice shampoo with this, it's a preventative and sterilizes any nits so they cannot reproduce.

Neem soap is awesome for getting rid of head lice
by: Bonita Cronin

I tried a new hair lice comb after doing shampoo but couldn't get rid of them till using neem soap, the best to get rid of them all.

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