Lice love my hair

by Elle
(Las Vegas, NV)

No kidding, I have had head lice at least three times in my life, they love certain types of hair. I am Caucasian/Italian with med course hair. A moving guy helped me move my bed into a new place and I am sure that he and his son had head lice. A couple of weeks later, I started to notice the itching. My mattress was covered with little brown lice. Sprayed the whole thing down with chemicals and then vacuumed it.

I refuse to use chemicals on my head,(they don't work) so I tried the Tea Tree first. Initially the tea tree oil was put in my shampoo and that started to help with the infestation. Then I read about Neem. Unfortunately, I am not completely free after one year of lice. I use both the neem and the tea tree oil together in my shampoo and on my head at night when I sleep.

The eggs are easy to see, but when they hatch, these things are like grains of sand, impossible to pick out, much less pick a live one out. I continue to use olive oil packs for hours at a time. I feel that I am being reinfested. Probably why I still have it.

Believe me I do everything and have studied how to clean everything etc. One whole year of this and I am ready to move into a new place and start over. Neem has helped to control this situation, but I still feel that maybe the carpet or something...

These things die when they have no blood source. It just does not make sense to me. I don't have close contact with anyone and no one sleeps with me. I give up. I comb and comb and comb my hair with lotions, cream rinse, olive oil, you name it I have tried it and still have head lice. What to do?????

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Neem knocks lice
by: Birgit

You are right, it doesn't make sense. Because headlice are something that neem does work exceptionally well for.
I have no answers, just a few questions:

Your neem oil: is it 100% raw and cold pressed? And reasonably fresh and has been stored in a cool, dark place?
Processing destroys the insecticidal ingredients, and so does heating it and UV light. Even with proper storage neem oil should be used within one year.

When you mix the shampoo, do you always mix it freshly? Shampoos contain water and neem is not stable in water. After about eight hours the insecticidal effectiveness would be gone. And if the shampoo bottle is clear then you have UV on top of that...

Your olive oil packs, do they contain 10% neem oil? They should.

That's all I can think of.

Finally a product that worked for kids with lice and long hair.
by: Anonymous

I was given a product that worked called Pacific Holistics Koo-dies with Neem Shampoo. After one day I noticed a difference. Hair felt waxy but it was better than lice. It washed away after a good shampoo. We used it differently than directed. We shampooed it in for 10 minutes . Doing a massage and keeping it bubbly. Adding more shampoo. Very generously. After that wrapped my head in a plastic bag and kept it on for 45 minutes. Then rinsed the shampoo. Apparently, I only had to wash the pillow case the next day. I still washed everything as I was paranoid.

I believe you can by it in health food stores. or order it direct from Pacific Holistics 1-808-775-9040

Good luck

From Elle>Update ~Lice are gone
by: Anonymous

Thank God, the lice are gone. Couldn't take it anymore and tried a commerical product ~Rid~plus all the other things I mentioned previously.

The trick with commerical products is, don't shampoo the hair afterwards, wait a couple of days. I know it sounds terrible, but it works by only rinsing, not washing the product out. I know that no one wants to have chemicals in the hair but if done correctly~Lice are gone and the treatment kills over a few days.

I then had to leave town for a week. Cleaned and washed everything well before I left. Came home, and washed all my laundry before taking it up with me, and poof, they were gone.

I think leaving my environment for a while truly helped along with the treatment. No chance for any live lice to reinfect.

Thank you for all your suggestions. Elle

Hoping we finally found the remedy
by: Avalon

My daughter's school has been infested over and over this year with lice, and I have gone through everything, but finally feel like I got it right.

I have no idea if this helped things, but over the long weekend, I put Listerine on our hair (lots of it) with a shower cap, 1 1/2-2 hours, then white vinegar and shower cap for 1 hour, Nixoral dandruff shampoo. Combed with Terminator comb, I had lots of dead bugs (gross) in mine.

Next day I found a site, with every remedy imaginable. I purchased tea tree shampoo and conditioner (Paul Mitchell) and neem oil, last night did Listerine/vinegar, both one hour, then tea tree shampoo with a squirt of neem oil, left on head 15 mins., conditioner, 20 mins. Combed, not much this time. Tonight, I just did the shampoo with neem oil squirt, 10 mins. on head, then conditioner with a squirt of neem oil, 15 mins. Nothing in the comb! My head smells a little, but do I care?

I'm so grateful to finally have found the remedy that works for us and can't wait to share it with friends. Expensive, though! ($40 for shampoo and conditioner and $15 for oil).

Especially after all the products I've tried. But worth it.

by: Anonymous

Try Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth!

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