Neem oil does work

I discovered neem oil in India where there is a product called Licel and it is basically neem oil. I have got rid of a massive head lice infestation with only one application and so did my partner who had long dreadlocks. You must leave it for over an hour but neem oil works better than some head lice shampoo you buy over the counter and it is a lot cheaper and natural.

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Neem oil for head lice
by: Birgit

Thanks for posting your experience and good to see you had such good success with it.

So far so good!
by: Frustrated mom

My 6 year old has now gotten it twice. First time I used the otc stuff but didn't work. Started researching online for natural alternatives and found neem oil. Thought I would give it a try. The first time after using it she was good for 3 weeks and then she got it again. I am using the Theraneem shampoo and adding the oil, which I bought the 30ml and added to that shampoo and let sit for 10 minutes. I have done this twice in two days. I have added it to olive oil, mixed and applied to her head for over an hour and over nite, with a towel on the pillow, then washed in the morning, combed alot annd redid a second day. I plan to wash her hair everyday with the theraneem shampoo and conditioner to ensure the killing of the lil bug and nit. I just want to know if I am doing this right. Can i use it in a spray for her hair. If so, recipe would be great. Any other advise is welcome!

Neem and Water
by: Birgit

Keep in mind that the active ingredients in neem oil are not stable in water. Whether you use it in a spray or in a shampoo, you need to always mix it freshly. There are spray recipes on the site somewhere, also suggestions on how to mix with shampoo.

Just adjust to your liking. It's not like the precise proportions matter for this kind of use.

neem for nits
by: Anonymous

Hi. I think there are two processes for use of neem to treat nits: one involves mixing about 20ml of neem with your ordinary shampoo (mixing fresh every time) and massaging into hair, incubating 10 mins and then washing as usual; the other is mixing 10% neem with 90% olive oil, massaging into hair, wrapping in plastic and leaving for an hour or more before washing out with shampoo. Either has proved effective. The other thing I do is use an emulsifier found on-line with a few drops of neem, 15 or so of tea tree and geranium and mix with water as a spray for the kids hair. This acts as a (slightly pungent but very effective) deterrent. We have only had nits once or twice in the 15 years they have been attending nit infested schools!!!

Lice no More
by: Anonymous

Ever since I discovered Neem, the infestation time has dropped from 3 days to 1 day. It really works. Thank you everyone for the helpful info you have posted.

As prevention I now use a shampoo/conditioner that contains Neem, Theraneem, ever so often and also use a regular shampoo/conditioner with essential oils, parabans and sulfate free.

If I ever do have another, I use 30ml neem and olive oil, let sit on hair for 20 mins, comb, comb, comb, then I rinse only really good and let it stay in hair over night. Then in morning wash hair and condition with the Theraneem. The nits though, I have use vinegar to help with them but be careful. Combing is the key.

Hope this informative and helpful.

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