Neem Seed Oil Recipe for head lice

by Cathryn F
(Dingley, VIC)

After my daughter was constantly getting head lice from school and I got sick of the the chemist products not working and costing me a fortune, I started looking for an alternate, natural remedy and hit the jackpot when I discovered Neem Oil.

The recipe I found online is the following and it works a treat.

  • 30mls Neem Seed Oil
  • 50mls Sesame Oil (from supermarket) It is supposed to boost the effects of the Neem Oil.
  • 10 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 15 drops aniseed essential oil
  • 10 drops lavender oil (this wasn't in the recipe but I added it to help mask the smell)

I leave it on the hair for about an hour before washing out. It is a pretty stinky concoction but definately works and once you buy the ingredients initially is very cheap. I bought my Neem Oil in a bulk 1 litre bottle.

I also add 2 tablespoons of neem oil to my kids shampoo & conditioner bottles as well but make sure you shake the bottle before use as the oil settles on the top.

Hope this helps anyone out there who was as frustrated as me trying to combat head lice.

Best Wishes, Cathryn.

PS - When putting the mixture on make sure you wear either no top or an old top because if the oil drips down onto your clothes you'll have a hell of a time trying to get the smell out!

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Neem seed oil
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your home remedy using neem seed oil to tart and prevent Luce, how has this been working for you? I plan on making some myself!

Thanks again!!

by: Nitty Nora

Thank you for this recipe. I am just about to try it. I will let u know the results :)

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