Neem oil worked for head lice where nothing else did

When my eldest was 10 she brought head lice home from school around Halloween. Traditional treatments (NIX and washing everything) saw us infected again by New Year's.

We bought neem oil and MY GOD does it stink. Like used motor oil and burned onions is the closest I can come up with. When I put it on her hair and combed through lice literally bubbled up from inside and tried to get away and fell off twitching and died. Who can blame them with that smell?

I left the neem oil on overnight with a shower cap on her head. Took three washings to get out and smell still lingered. Few days later I did it again, same thing. Then one week later, then one last time a week later. It worked.

Now, my second daughter is ten and complaining of an itchy head, my son is scratching and last night I was too. Back to the store for my stinky old friend NEEM oil.

It stinks just as bad I remembered but I know it will work. ::sigh:: Only three more treatments to go.

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No, neem oil doesn't smell of roses...
by: Birgit

They really should be selling neem oil together with a few clothes pegs for your nose, shouldn't they :-).

It's a small nuisance to put up with though, compared to what neem oil does for us!

I'm glad you found it, and I'm glad it worked.

Here's a suggestion: why don't you add just a little bit of neem oil to your shampoo when you wash your and your children's hair? It only needs a few drops per wash, added freshly each time.

You will not smell it in the hair after it's rinsed out and the hair dried. But the head lice can. And it will help to keep them away. That saves you the very smelly and oily procedure you describe.

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