Neem oil for head lice on baby

by SM

I have five month old baby and she got head lice. Can I use neem oil for her? If yes, then please send me the procedure.
Thanks, SM

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Yes, you can use neem oil
by: Birgit

Hi SM,

Please note that this is not medical advice! Just my personal experience.

Yes, you can use neem oil for lice, even on a baby. Please see the page Home remedies for head lice for the different ways neem can be used on lice.

I suggest you use the usual shampoo that you always use on the baby, with some neem oil added, NOT pure oil. (See Making Neem Shampoo). And make sure you get raw, organic oil, NOT neem spray for plants, as that often contains other insecticides.

There are also ready made neem shampoos available. As you know from the neem head lice page, neem shampoo has been tested in research studies and works. However, not any neem shampoo you can buy online or in the shop will contain enough neem oil to work.

Making your own neem shampoo is the safest way to do it. You know the shampoo and that your baby is not sensitive to any other ingredients in it, and you know you have good quality neem oil in it.

by: SM


Thanks for ur advice. It really worked!

Everything is gone now, I'm happy.

Thank you very much.


Great to hear!
by: Birgit

And I'm happy to hear that. Glad your baby is fine now! Thanks for coming back to let us know. I appreciate it.
by: Dennis

My Family recently had a case of head lice to deal with, we bought some natural pesticide free products called "LiceKiller". We even bought the environment kit to treat our home so we didn't get a re-infestation. We purchased the product from Access Nutraceuticals.

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