My boys were riddled with head lice - until finding neem.

by Tina Jost
(Swaffham Prior)

My little boys regularly came home with a head full of lice. We have both the Metallic Long Comb and an Electronic Comb, which were good whilst we used them on a daily basis, until I discovered Neem.

The Neem oil on its own may sting for about 30 seconds on really sensitive skin if you have eczema, which one of my boys really suffers with, however it does seem to help and I am still trying this out.

The Neem shampoo and Neem conditioner however, are fantastic - no more lice for any of us!!! I would use the conditioner as it really does help the scalp and smells nicer than the shampoo and as the lice have such sensitive noses they cannot stand the smell of Neem thankfully!!!

Seriously, the lice situation drove us crazy and now we have two happy little boys who no longer suffer with lice hopefully never again. We have been using the Shampoo and Conditioner for approximately 3 months. Great news for everyone!

I will let you know about the cure of Eczema as soon as I have trialled the Neem Oil for 3 months.

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Great news on neem and head lice
by: Birgit

Great news indeed :-).
Thanks for sharing your experience, Tina!

by: Anonymous

Where can I find this neem?

Neem Shampoo & Neem Conditioner - Brilliant
by: Tina Jost

Double click on above link. It may look expensive but you only need a little and it will last a long time. I use it once a week on both my boys and just in case we use it once a month both my husband and myself.

Thank you for reminded me to order some more!!!

Kindest regards


by: Anonymous

I have read your comments about using neem shampoo, but what is the name of it, nobody is very specific. There is one called Riddance and one called Picksan, but they all have other ingredients added. I believe there is one called Licener and from reading reports on the internet it seems to be the job but I cant get it anywhere. There is a neem shampoo with the picture of neem leaves on the box but seemingly this would only be for dandruff and such minor stuff and the shampoo for headlice must contain neem seed extract. Can anyone give me the name of one with the neem seed extract and where you can buy it. Thank you very much

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