Neem oil in other, more pleasant-smelling oils

by Stephanie

This is the second spring that, after working in my yard, I have been infected with scabies. Last spring, I thought it was poison ivy and treated it as such, wondering why the blisters and itching would never disappear.

My neighbor was more severely infected--both of our yards back up to an elementary school--and was treated with the chemical medicines.

This year however, I am nursing and have purchased neem oil, but boy! does it stink of rancid nuts and burned garlic! Will mixing it with rose or lavender oil lessen the smell without weakening the potency?

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The not so pleasant smell of neem oill...
by: Birgit

Hi Stephanie,

Sorry to hear about your problems.

Geez, and it sounds like it may become a continuous problem for you, unless you move or the school undertakes a serious scabies eradication program.

Mixing neem oil with other oils is fine. It certainly does not affect its potency. In fact, neem oil is rarely used undiluted. If used undiluted on the skin and left on too long (days) it may even cause irritation.

Just don't mix neem oil with anything containing water, unless you use the mixture straight away. The insecticidal neem components are not stable in water.

You can dilute neem oil 1 : 10 in a light carrier oil and you can add more pleasant essential oils.

Also, the traditional scabies neem treatment is the neem leaf and not the oil, and the leaf does not smell.

In India the classic scabies neem treatment is a paste made from neem leaf and turmeric. It's effective but it's messy and a lot of work, and fresh leaf is hard to get hold of for people outside tropical regions.

There are many creams, salves and ointments available that contain neem leaf extract. Neem soap may be made with up to 40% neem oil.

Soaking in a neem bath is another good way to treat scabies. And once you rinse off and dry the smell is gone.

There are many neem home remedies for scabies that do not require you to live in a cloud of pure neem oil smell.

by: Anonymous

Hi Birgit,

I want to do the bath but how much water and oil does that require? I bought 1 ounce of neem oil but where can I buy in bulk? More specifically, if online, from which merchant should I purchase from?


what essential oil should be mixed with neem oil
by: Mahesh

I want to prepare a liquid for mosquito repellent containing neem oil and coconut oil that will be electronically spread in the room.

For fragrance, what essential oil should be mixed with neem oil?

It should not be toxic, harmful to human.

Please suggest.

Choose wisely for treatment to both poison ivy and scabies
by: Tim

Here is a recipe I decided to make and has worked very nicely for me. You will never smell the neem oil if you mix it with these other oils that are good for both poison ivy and scabies.

1 1/2 cup coconut oil or shea butter, depending on skin preference. I'm sure other bases would work that you would normally hydrate your skin with.
1 tbs neem oil
2 tbs tea tree oil
1 tbs clove oil
1 tbs euycalyptus oil
1 tbs citronella
1/2 tbs cypress oil

I shower with Dr. Bronners tea tree oil soap, including my hair and scrub scalp well. Hopefully it hasn't made it to your head, but wash with the tea tree oil soap as a preventative. Then I cover myself from head to toe with the above mixture. I let it set in while I brush my teeth, shave, etc., then use the same towel I dried off with to wipe down and lessen the amount on my skin to a normal level.

If you have some sort of poison ivy or scabies, complete this process twice daily. It will relieve the itch and burn enough to at least be able to stand it. Take benadryl the first few days as needed if it's not enough, but I think you will be surprised at how effective this is. I live in Florida and there's all sorts of ivies, scabies, mosquitoes, ticks, and other terrible ants and such, so I use this as needed during the day as I work in the woods frequently. Slap this stuff on and shout out to the pests and poisonous plants, "Come at me bro!" I'm sure you could use shea butter instead of coconut oil, but either way be sure to melt it all together and mix thoroughly every time you use it.

Vaginal/Anal Irritation and Dryness
by: Anonymous

Is neem oil good for vaginal/anal irritation and dryness brought on by a yeast infection? If so, what should I mix it with, how should I apply it, how often should I apply it, and how much should I apply at one time?

neem is super yummy i make tons of beautiful blends :) NEW
by: Anita Phillips

i have some neem recipes that will absolutely make you fall in love with neem oil.
my son said never make him any blends with neem in it and i could never make that stuff smell good.
i created 5 blends just off the top of my head and have also developed others.
i hope when i open my oil business that this is one of my many featured products.
willing to work with others as i am going quickly to get certified, but still i am a ways from opening my store.

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