Scabies And Neem: Research Results

The scabies neem research described on this page was done in India, like most of the studies researching neem.

In Indian Ayurvedic medicine the traditional natural treatment for scabies is a neem paste with turmeric.

Researchers used the neem paste (made of one part turmeric root and four parts neem leaf) to treat scabies in 814 people.

Patients were given a scrub bath, and then the neem paste was applied over the whole body and left to dry.

97% of the people were cured within 3 to 15 days.

In the case of localized infections patients were cured in 3 to 5 days. For severe cases, where the whole body was affected and a secondary infection was present, it took 6 to 15 days to heal.

In the 2% of cases where treatment failed the reason seemed to be irregular application of the scabies neem paste.

That is a very strong and convincing result. The researchers also noted that they found no toxic or adverse reactions to the scabies neem treatment at all.

Compare that to conventional prescription treatments, which are a lot less effective, often fail to eradicate the mites, but are harsh on your skin and your health. The common name for scabies, "seven year itch", says it all...

In another experiment using neem to treat scabies, the patients used a lotion containing neem leaf extract. The lotion was spread on the affected area, and in all patients the scabies mites and symptoms disappeared in three days.

(This was not a clinical study. Treat it as anecdotal evidence.)

Now let's see how you can treat scabies with neem at home: Using Neem Oil for Scabies

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