My scabies infestation

by J. Baker
(Wasington, D.C. USA)

I first became infested with the mite in June 2007. I immediately consulted a physician and was prescribed a pesticide cream.
It seemed to work but then the mites returned. I later found out that what I was prescribed did not kill the eggs.
I then started using a natural product call scabies killers. That only put a black ring around my tub caulking and barely reduced the itch.
I then looked up the ingredients in scabies killer and found that neem was the main ingredient.
I started on the neem products and have had outstanding results. I know longer have the itching and absolutely no bumps or those trails of welps on my body.

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Thanks for writing!
by: Birgit

Hi J.,

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience with neem products with other readers and I'm glad you had such excellent results!

by: Ashley Barker

I was thankful to see your posting. Here's what I did:

40z bottle:
filled 3/4 with Olive Oil
an equal amount of tea tree oil and neem oil

I rubbed this all over my entire body before bed and slept in it. I did this for 3 days. 2 days on one day off then on.

I'm going to continue to do it for a month. My husband is as well. It helps with the itching and will make for damn sure those bugs NEVER come back. Ugh, such a horrible horrible thing.

Good luck. Blessings.

What I've learned about SCABIES so far...
by: Anonymous

1st: It's not only transmitted sexually. I've red stories about kids getting it in school (little kids, before sex), and about a guy who though his house was infested by super fleas and after a long fruitless battle decided to move out of his rental and in with his grandma and guess what? it turns out he had scabies and his grandma got it from him (and I don't picture them having sex) also it's common to get it in hospices (those people wish they were still having sex) and myself I sleep with my wife every night and she is still symptom free.

2nd: almost every story of scabies includes months of mis diagnostics by dermatologists, this is not only expensive but also prolongs the suffering. This is not to say you should not trust your doctor, but be warned that they are not now it all's and there may be a number of more frequent skin diseases that look simmilar, so in conclusion: ask him/her to look at a skin sample under a microscope. If no scabies are found ask to look again, if still nothing try a different doctor and ask again, repeat until convinced it's NOT scabies or until it is finally diagnosed.

3rd: Almost every success story of curing scabies goes FAR FAR beyond the Dr. recomendation (use this permethrin cream all over your body, twice and you'll be free and clear, yeah right! we wish!!) people have had to change their whole lives, go trough strict regimens and use multiple lines of attack. In conclusion: do your own research and attack this head on as radically as you can tollerate, don't give this bug a chance!

4th: tons of stories about people suffering from this for months! I've only had symptoms for about 20 days and already my life is miserable and I'm not discarding loosing my job over this (international sales, so I travel and have to be in front of very important people for a living)

5th: you CAN get ivermecting from a farmers coop (10 doses for U$4.99) and it is the same ivermectin you would use for humans, BUT the problem is that as it is packaged for horses, it comes in a oral paste inside of a syringe (not for injecting but for dispensing into the mouth of the horse) that you can somewhat easily dose into 250 pounds doses (if you weigh 250 pounds your in luck, the seringe I bought is good for a 1250pound horse so you have 5 doses there for $4.99) but if you're somewhat smaller (I'm 140 pounds) its hard to gauge the exact dosage, and 10% or 20% overdose won't hurt you (unless you're allergic to it, in which case no percent is good for you) but you have to know you will probably get a higher than recommended dose or perhapps (worse) a lower than recommended as, again, it's very difficult to measure small doses correctly.

6th: you can also get permethrin at a farmers coop, but you will have to dilute it to get it down to 5%. I used it at 7 or 8 percent (same as with the ivermectin, it's hard to get the perfect formula unless you have laboratory measuring equipment) and I prefer to have a higher dose than a lower one. Unfortunately the brand I got had kerosene as a carrier, so not only it smelled very strong but you have to be VERY careful to steer clear of your private parts or you will regret it dearly (trust me, I know). This will cost you about $20 for enough permethrin to treat an elephant, two zebras, and still have enough for you and the whole family (that's after cutting it down with your prefered moisturizing lotion).

7th: Nu-Stock seems to help. A lot. just go to Amazon and read the customer reviews. This product has been on the market for over 40 years and per FDA regulations it's not labeled for use in humans, but it is certainly not harmful to us either it's just that etting FDA approval costs hundreds of millions of dollars and sulfur cannot be pattented and therefore noone is gonna pursue FDA approval for it. (as of today October 1st 2014 it costs U$15 for a 12 ounce bottle and even if you cut this 50/50 with something else which should leave you with a 36.5% sulfur lotion this is more than enough for the whole family.

8th: Read, Read and then Read some more. Do not rely on your doctor alone, those guys have a profit motive and will never tell you to do things for yourself, they will only tell you to do what they tell you to do (it's also a liability issue) and never do what you see anybody else doing online, it may not work for you or it can even make it worse if you react badly to any of those products.

9th and final: Permethrin is lethal to cats. I have two cats and a big house, I tried to keep them away from the undiluted permethrin solution, and from the diluted lotion I'm using, and they are still perfectly fine, so no need to go crazy about isolating the cats, but make sure you don't go treating your house with it either because those guys are constantly licking themselves and it could get serious for them. Dogs are fine. Fish and reptiles are also sensitive to them, it will kill them.

Good luck, and keep reading, find what works for you!

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