My Scabies Protocol

by Elena
(Puerto Rico)

Scabies type I:
1. Someone you live with has scabies so you need to take the treatment.
2. Someone you know has it and you have some symptoms.
3. By some miracle you know you have scabies before it is really entrenched.

1. Shower and scrub with a good Acne liquid facial cleanser with 2 % salicylic acid. Wash you hair with this as well. Bath with this twice per day.
2. Apply the permethryn cream according to directions. which means neck to toes. Overnight then wash.
3. Continue with the 2% salicylic soap for a few days and follow each bath with the 2% salicylic facial toner with witch hazel and aloe. (I like Neutrogena brand, the orange soap and the green facial toner).
4. Use Neem seed oil liberally... not only does it help the itching but it inhibits the scabies mites from reproducing.
5. For ALL cases of scabies the above is the first step... You may need to re apply the permethryn cream in spots, you may get new ones on you from your environment.
PLEASE NOTE: salicylic acid is related to aspirin, should not be used by young children, may cause the same problems as aspirin.

If the above does not work

Scabies type II:
These methods are for the evolved scabies that do not die easily.
You tried the first method but you are absolutely sure you still have active scabies. In other words, it had the opportunity to dig in and start reproducing and the above protocol will no longer reach the scabies, as they are too deeply buried in your skin. The permethyn cream is simply not working.
1. 2% salicylic acid 'Acne soap' and facial toner.
2. Neem seed oil. Relieves itch and causes scabies to be unable to reproduce. Very good, use a lot.
3. Windex spray bottle - original with ammonia. (sparingly - not over large area at one time ) Painful only where there are live scabies but gives immediate relief - rinse off after a few minutes.
4. Baking soda (on alternate days) a paste made with a little water applied on skin) also painful but only painful where there are live scabies. Makes dead skin bubble up and can be removed (scrubbed off gently).
5. Acetone - pure (spot applied with Q tips) Brings scabies up to surface of skin, shows tunnel patterns. WILL kill them if used often enough in one spot held down on with soaked Q tip. DO NOT use a lot over body at one time... Do not use if you are diabetic... (converts to sugar in body)
6. Apple cider vinegar (although its application can be painful) to loosen scabies on skin before scrubbing off the salicylic soap. No need to use continuously.

1. Lysol spray on soft surfaces (chairs, car upholstery, seat belts etc)
2. Clorox when washing clothes and on the floor diluted.
3. Oxy, when washing clothes... but not at the same time as using clorox...
4. Lysol floor cleaner. Not EVER combined with clorox. Poisonous gas will occur if mixed.
5. FREEZER... wash all delicates and drip until still damp then put in a plastic bag in freezer for two nights... will kill eggs and scabies. Does not work as well if items are completely dry.
6. If you can not get a handle on your environment move out for 7-10 days! Scabies need a host to survive... some say 4 days but I think at least 7 days without a host will kill them.
7. Put things in sealed plastic bags and leave them alone for 7-10 days.

1. Your car. Seat belt and all upholstery. Use lysol spray over and over.
2. Your purse, wash and freeze for 2 nights if cloth. Or change purses and bag the used one for 7-10 days.
3. Shoulder bag, book bag etc.
The scabies eggs float in the air and land anywhere!
4. Most often you will get re infested from your hair! I used Windex on my hair and scalp. It seems the scabies do not penetrate the scalp as deeply as the other parts of your body.

Note by Birgit:
I am very grateful to Elena for sharing her all out war on scabies strategies in that much detail.

However, publishing everything as submitted does NOT mean I agree with everything recommended.
Please, DO diligent research on the substances she recommends before even thinking about actually using them. This applies especially to the recommendation of Lindane below!
Elena has added the all caps warnings for a reason.

WEAPONS THAT ACTUALLY KILL SCABIES ~ IN ~ YOUR SKIN... (Windex & Permethryn can kill scabies that are ON your skin)
1. LINDANE. Do NOT use on entire body, do not use more than 1 oz of 1% lindane in one month! Use on the spots where the scabies are soo entrenched that absolutely nothing else will kill them and you may have to re apply to certain spots several times.



2. ACETONE. Always use on a spot with a Q tip. Hold down one Q tip drenched with acetone until the burning stops... if there is no burning then that scabies is dead and the 'tunnel' has closed up. This method will bring the scabies up towards the surface of your skin. AND by following the tunnels with the acetone Q tip you can see where they have gone and catch them.
*** do not use acetone if you are diabetic and do not use on large areas... give your body a chance to remove it from your system before using more... couple of hours.

3. IVERMECTIN PILLS you should NOT use them, they cause many health problems later, even death, especially in older people.

Comments for My Scabies Protocol

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Scabies Protocol
by: Birgit

A big thank you, Elena, for writing up your strategies in that much detail.

This will help many readers who are struggling to get on top of an infestation, or wondering why they are forever being re-infested.

the better floor wash
by: Elena

After posting this I find that the lysol floor cleaner works better than clorox on the floor and is much easier on the lungs.

also, even though it is not supposed to happen, the scabies really got into my face, but I did not know it as on my face was somewhat asymptomatic. It was not until I treated them on my face that I got a handle on the infestation. Last stronghold of the scabies was my face and neck.

An antibiotic cream called mupiracin clears up any infection and lets you get a better idea of where there may still be live ones.

I found I was sharing this with my dog and my dog had to be treated too.

All the info says this can't happen, all the animal rescuers assure me it can and it does.

Scabies from animals
by: James

I want to emphasize one point that Elena makes. In many sources of information on "Human Scabies" it is said that animals have a different variety of scabies and do not cause infestations in humans. In my experience that is absolutely not true. I have had scabies attacks several times over the years, and in EVERY case the only source was a dog. At one point some friends of mine and I had an ongoing scabies (called Sarna in Spanish) attack, and we called ourselves the Sarnosis Club. The source was our dogs.

Also, the instructions that come with Lindane say to apply it over large areas of the body. This is dangerous since the Lindane penetrates the skin and enters the body. Use it in spot applications only, after you have followed the instructions for other treatments given by Elena.

In many cases, Lindane is the only thing that will finally reliably kill the embedded scabies. However, it is both expensive and dangerous, so use sparingly. If you need Lindane, shop around. Prices can vary widely. Get the generic brand. Apply with a fingertip or a q-tip.

If you use a q-tip, save and re-use it. Otherwise you are wasting the Lindane. Keep unused Lindane lotion, tightly closed, in a refrigerator and it will remain effective for years. Otherwise, the Lindane slowly evaporates. Mark the container well as a poison.

Alternate RX
by: doctora

Some corrections to previous statements are needed;freezing will not kill the eggs. Eggs hatch at 11-12 days so treatment is needed at that time as well.

Pets may have "stray" scabies parasites/eggs but these will not suck blood.

Please don't advocate the use of lindane, this is an extremely toxic and dangerous agent and may affect embryos and growing children in particular.

Once you shower and take a bath the waste will pollute lakes and down the line drinking water and who knows how that may affect sensitive individuals; remember those unexplained congregations of cancer in certain spots!They may be caused by over prescribing of certain dangerous medications by local docs.

Ivermectin is perfectly safe in prescribed doses and very handy although a bit pricey. However, these can be taken by children as well.

Another very effective treatment is benzyl benzoate which you can add to your laundry detergent, shampoo rinses and bath water. This will kill the parasite but not the eggs. Continue treatment daily until rash is gone, at least 2 weeks.

Put your bed linen/pillow/blanket in heater for 60 minutes daily. Change all clothes daily. Used clothes in sealed plastic bagsx2 weeks.

Good luck. I guarantee it will work if you live by yourself and your co-workers and contacts are not infected as well.

This Works
by: John nymous

1. However you can (electric hair razor), get your hair off of your arms, legs, chest, wherever the scabies are.

2. Run in place for however long it takes for you to open your pours with sweat - scabies do not like sweat and you need your pores open for the next step.

3. Bathe 30 - 45 minutes in hot water with in clorox bleach (1.5 cup fulls) and borax (1 cup) and about 20 drops of tea tree oil. Whenever you feel an itch, scrub the area with straight clorox on a towel. The scabies reside just under the skin and this kills them.(Your skin may burn a bit, but only temporarily and you are killing them.) When your skin burns, just suck it up as you are killing them and you need to do this! After bathing, get out of the tub slowly as you should be able to see the scabies along the sides of the tub near the water line. Go slowly as you do not want them reattaching.

4. Drain the tub and get a flash light and you should be able to see the small scabies on the bottom of the tub too. Wipe these up and flush them down the toilet. Then, get tea tree oil and/or diluted clorox (I used clorox fir the first 3 days then tea tree oli) and put it all over your bites and rub it in. Next, get the sulfur powder and mix it with Vaseline to make a cream. The texture should be just a bit caky. You should be able to smooth this all over your body before you go to sleep and you should not itch. Also, take a benadryl. Get a good nights sleep. Awake in the morning and repeat it. Bath at least 2 x per day.

5. You need to get prescribed the permeatherin %5 cream and us it asap. This stuff works pretty good and combined with the above bleach/tea tree/sulfur treatments you will kill them. The first night I went to be (on my white sheets), I awoke to see them all over my sheets. I used a wet tissue to collect them up and flush them.

6. You need to attack these things like you have never attacked anything before. Fight the urge to feel sorry for yourself. Pray and know that God will help you through it and will be your salvation, but you have to help Him help you by doing the above.(I just rubbed clorox on my stomach again and it burns, but it kills them too and my doctors told me that clorox will not hurt me). It is like swimming in an overly clorinated pool.

7. Finally, if you can get invermitcen prescribed then get it too!

Other Tips
by: Anonymous

Clean eyeglass after baths. Clean in and around ears while showering by placing fingers in ears. I used sleeping bags because I don't have wash bed sheets, comforters etc and they dry fast. Be careful that that your dryer doesn't melt them.

I wash clothes in hot water and stop the washer for 1 hour before I start the machine. Place a garbage bag over pillows or get real good mite prevention pillow covers. Just some other tips to help get you through this ordeal.

Diatomaceous Earth
by: Anonymous

Has anyone had success with DE?

"eggs fly on air"????
by: Anonymous

Did I read that scabies' eggs fly on air and can land everywhere? It seems to be pure speculation on the writer's side. How can eggs "fly" on air if they are only deposited on the skin (in the "tunnels" burrowed by the females)? Once they are there, they will be there, and hatch there! I guess the "flying" quality they do not have. Eggs cannot even fall from one's skin that easy! The bugs, yes, can "fall" and be transmitted to the environment and other people, as they look for another lodging place to nest and survive. But the eggs stay put until they hatch! Folks, think about the LOGIC in all this!

There has been too much paranoia around scabies and that makes the affected person feel even worse, afraid, obsessed... and that delays the healing by causing extra stress and lowering the immune system.

de, dmso, and clay
by: health wings

Wanted to follow up to the question about DE - this may not kill 100% - but it is good for so many other things around the house and even for internal cleansing - but use a food grade DE.
And if you think internal cleansing is not needed, well think again - in fact, some people only finally get healed once they clean their gut. And DE is so amazing for around the house and for pets and for facials - but for scabies you add DE to coconut oil and it sinks in the skin. Experiment with how much. Warning though - try not to breathe it in - not good for lungs.
But sprinkle a little DE (and baking soda) around your house - corners, windows, shoes, under furniture - and it keeps all pests out!

DMSO is an amazing product - it is a solvent and it will deliver things to your lower dermis. But be careful handling other chems while using DMSO - but some athletes use it just to recover from workouts with. And DMSO with chlorine dioxide is what has healed some people of stubborn pet scabies (see Matt Monarch's story on youtube)- but DMSO is amazing amazing amazing - and you can order it online - or at a horse supply store. the FDA has not approved it for human use, but it is used to deliver meds in hospitals and with transplants because it permeates things - and it is awesome.

Clay - get some bentonite clay for your skin - and try Sonnes' #7 to clean your digestive tract with. But aztec clay (bentonite) has been used for thousands of years by people as a natural parasite remover - read about it and get some.

Hang in there to all of you that are trying to get well. Get off sugar, do an internal cleansing - pray and let God's strength help and guide you - but you can recover - it just takes a HEALTHY BODY TERRAiN inside and then outside.

diatomaceous earth food grade
by: Anonymous

Diatomaceous! Is awesome! I'm currently using it to treat scabies and it has literally saved my peace of mind! I'm a naturalist so I believe there had to be a more healthy way to eliminate scabies. I read somewhere online about diatomaceous and how great it was for scabies in your hair. OMG I have a large afro and I am not about to cut my hair! So far as I write this diatomaceous is working! It feels like there's a village of them in my hair! Praying to God all the way for His help! But yes, get some diatomaceous earth, it will bring you peace! Use it everywhere! Make a body mask and wear to bed! Sprinkle on bedding! And get you some sleep! In Jesus Name!

by: Scabbie Mite

God, Ivermectin, and a hair dryer cured my scabies after one full year! Tried everything else; cleaned house and cars from top to bottom, dusted everything with DE, sealed unused clothes in plastic bags, high heat washer and dryer, permethrin cream several weeks in a row, hat sauce, hydrogen peroxide... You name it! Spent thousands on permethrin cream and ivermectin pills. Nothing worked! I begged God to cure me and promised to quit my repeat sins. I took horse paste Ivermectin in a ratio with my body weight, bought industrial permethrin and mixed with water for spray on specific areas, and used a number 1875 hair dryer on areas that itched for as long as I could bare the pain instead of scratching! Finally, after one full year of hell these things are dead! I would not wish them on my worst enemy! I am out of work and depressed over the torment the tenacious little bastards put me through! Praise Jesus for hearing my pleas and allowing a method that would work. All the money on earth is not worth losing your health. I hope this works for you. Please say a prayer for me and I am praying for you. Love God and your family for true happieness. Peace be with you.

sulfer cream...
by: Mr Belcher

Me and my girlfriend have been struggling with this issue for some time. What really worked for us was a product called Nustock 73% sulfer. You have to mix with a lotion or vitamin E oil because all you will need is 10 percent sulfer to get the job done, also you can buy sulfur soap. Just remember to dilute the sulfur cream.

salicylic acid is not related to acetylsalicylic acid
by: Anonymous

Very common mistake for people who don't know chemistry :
Aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid, but for the skin the one used in many product and at higher concentration that can destroy wart is salicylic acid. It's not the same molecule, (there is an acetyl group that differs,) they have absolutely nothing from a physiological stand point. In chemistry if you move a little carbon atom you can go from poison to inert. If you put common salt on your tongue NaCl, that's salty. If you put Na, your tongue will melt. It's not because the molecule can be "related" in chemistry that the molecule by themselves have anything in common in real world.

all out war for scabies
by: Jinfreecss From Philippines

This post is a BIG BIG help!
All out WAR for scabies. I researchh all possible cure, some good, but this post well detailed! I take note all chemical and oil to this post.

It helps me a lot! Salicylic acid soap is one weapon to your bath time.
Then coconut, tea tree and NEEM OIL mixture after bath 2x or 3x a day.

Helps a lot, currently 2weeks with fckng scabies but it seems I'm in healing process.

Kudos to this!

Thank you
by: Anonymous

My dog have scabies and hot spots. I am treating her with permethrin, giving her vitamins to support her immune system and now that I saw your web I will treat her with baking soda and vinegar also.

Thank you for sharing your research
God bless you:)

Get some ivermectin if you can
by: Anonymous

Hi there:
I am sorry to hear that ivermectin is not available to cure scabies in the US. It has worked wonders for me: a 6 mg capsule every three days. But then again I have no chronic illnesses and am not a doctor. Next comes the benzyl benzoate soap. My doctor has me put the soap bar inside a loofa to better scrub the skin. The foam should remain on the skin for 2 min. Next comes the thiabendazole cream. And, of course, doctor has told me to boil all clothes for 10 min. Warm or hot water won't do. Setting the washing machine to the highest temperature won't do.
I tried this for almost a month and got lazy, so the pest came back. Now I will complete the 30 day course.

Crusted Systemic Scabies
by: Anonymous

I have crusted (armored) scabies which I got at Baymont Inn & Suites in Pinedale, WY on a weekend road trip to locate a place for my mom to retire. I do not have pets nor intimate relations. I wore capries and tennis shoes as it was 2 degrees when I drove in from 52 degree weather. They started on my lower thigh and worked their way up. I tried 3 tubes of Permethrin, 3 bottles of Malathion with little effect. I took a total 20 tablets of Ivermectin 3 weeks apart. I spray with Permethrin which is extremely toxic but switched to alcohol sprays (clothing after laundering and hot dryer) and bath sprays including privates (BTW: malathion prescription and acetone has a lot of alcohol). They live in my ears, nose, face, and lay eggs in my nose, private area, eyes. During my last 2 cycles, I became aware that this is systemic for me especially this last cycle. I barely started it and wiped 2x and saw nothing, then I flowed and wiped 2x again and there they were! I pee, wipe, and many times throughout the day their eggs are there. Moxidectin has helped a good deal but will not kill the eggs nor will Ivermectin:
They do not live in the "traditional" CDC areas. I do not know what to take to kill the eggs and bugs inside me.

I hope I beat it, the next week I will see.
by: Anonymous

I have had scabies for four months. I have come to no itching situations for 3-4 times. Now, I'm at one of these non itching periods. I hope it has finished this time. I feel (hope I'm wrong) them in my hands and feet, I hope they won't come back from there.

Don't wear anything twice. Wash at 60 C, and dry in machine.
I wear black plastic, shoe like slipper. Disinfect it. I also wear a shoe that I washed at 60 C and dried.
I clean the house with bleach+water. I use only one carpet that is cleaned at carpet washer.

Happily my son's was cured by permethrin by my mother 4 months ago. She applied permethrin cream 2 times daily and between them, she washed my son with hot water as hot as he can stand and she also rubbed (hardly) him during this bath.

I have tried many things like; permethrin creams, benzyl benzoate lotion, Wilkinson (tar-sulphur) lotion, and the others.

Last week I used Wilkinson cream (3 days application with no bath and change of clothes, its odor is very bad, our house still smells bad, you wear old clothes that you don't care that it becomes dirty). After the 3 days, to rest my skin I used Excipial lotion + Bepanthene + tea tree oil for 4 days but I used benzyl benzoate lotion for the eggs appearing if any. After that, I applied permethrin (to whole body), benzyl benzoate (to new appearing eggs part) for 2 days and at the 3rd day I applied full benzyl benzoate (but slightly, because it irritates my skin and I don't have too much of the original lotion and I have to make it on my own because it is not sold in my country). I use creams (colloidal silver cream, permethrin, slight benzyl benzoate cream etc.) only to my hands and feet now. I hope it won't appear again. I can tell you about my situation later.

Hope you all cured.

Sulfur ointment
by: Anonymous

I spread Sulfur ointment thickly over the affected areas for four days, each morning and evening. It worked. If I felt like anything was coming back, I reapplied the sulfur to that spot.

Also, I isolated the chairs I had sat on, the clothing I had worn, etc., for a week to ten days.

And I wiped every surface I had used -- desktop, computer keyboard, etc., with rubbing alcohol; plus sprayed my car seat and belt with Lysol.

by: Anonymous

I dissolved camphor cubes in alcohol and applied it to affected areas. Mostly cured. It seems to go through the skin barrier to get to the mites but it does stink.

Tee tree oil is best
by: Anonymous

Never trust advice from someone trying to sell something, money always gets in the way of the truth. Ivermectin is used in Europe a lot with little side affects. Scabies will do more harm to you than anything if not cured from.

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