Neem Oil on Scabies

by Chico

I think I have scabies which I didn't treat for like a year. Now I realized what it was. I bought Neem Seed Oil from Indian shops and it says "not for medicinal purposes" which I didn't understand. Maybe they meant not to drink it as a syrup.

I have been applying that for almost 8 days every evening for half an hour all over my body and then I take shower with Neem Soap that I also picked up from the Indian shop.

I felt great a after couple of days. The itch was reduced about 90% and I could sleep better at night. My bites which are all over my legs and shoulder blades seem to be healing.

But since yesterday, after 7 days of straight application, the itch started again, on and off. Does it mean the scabies are dead and that is itching? How long do I have to continue the neem oil application for?

I am planning to continue applying neem oil all over my body for at least 15 days as mentioned by you. I could not find any neem lotion anywhere in Toronto. Therefore I am only using neem oil and neem soap? Is that enough?

Again, why the itch started again? Any ideas?
Thank and best regards,

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Don't use neem oil straight
by: Birgit

Hi Chico,

I don't recommend the use of straight neem oil. In fact, neem leaf is the traditional scabies remedy, specifically because neem leaf has a very soothing effect on the skin, and skin with scabies mites is raw, broken and inflamed.

Neem oil is an alternative, since it is often difficult for us in the western world to get access to leaves. But using neem oil does not mean applying it straight. Neem oil is either diluted in a carrier oil, or it is added to other skin care products.

For scabies it is often added to bath water, in which you should soak for 15 minutes.

We don't know if you really are dealing with a scabies infection. If it hasn't been diagnosed it could be something else. (Though I suspect that you are correct.)

If it is scabies then the neem oil should have knocked those mites. The reason severe infestations take longer to heal is not because it takes longer to kill the mites. It's the additional damage and infections that take longer to heal.

The itch could well be something akin to an allergic reaction, a sensitivity that your skin is developing to the neem oil.

The use of straight neem oil is really not recommended. If using neem oil on the skin instead of salves, lotions or soap, then it should at least be diluted, especially if you use it on such a large area and on a daily basis.

I'd stop using the straight neem oil immediately and see if that improves that new itch.

If you can't get a neem lotion, you can easily make your own, by mixing a few drops of oil with a normal lotion in the palm of your hand. Or at least dilute the oil in a carrier oil.

Keep in mind that it may not be scabies that you're dealing with. Also keep in mind that if it is scabies, you also have to go through the eradication program for the whole house, or you'll just pick it up again.

Sharing my experience
by: Arirang777

Or more accurate; my next-door neighbor. He was a 75 years old man. Last October started his itching. It would stay all day long and was worst at night. Doctors were using Canadian style diagnosis; darts and illness wheel to assess him.

They told him everything, from bad mosquitoes, fleas, scabies, all the way to allergy and gluten related issues. Itching was getting worse and worse, expanded all over his body.

The deprivation of sleep made him weak and lost weight. No ointment or medicine could give him a definitive break from it. Finally he was admitted to a hospital but not because of the itchiness, but because he started to go suicidal.

Life was not worth it for him anymore. Then finally after five months, the light; an outside doctor finally suggested to check the liver and other organs. The biopsies revealed he had a bad case of liver cancer. Too big to do anything already.

So in his case, the itching was not the issue, just a symptom. He passed away last days of May 2009.

Don't let me scare you. You seem to be younger and you had this for a year now and still alive and kicking.

Just in case have this thing checked.


by: Anonymous

I have been using neem oil since my diagnosis and treatment with effective results. I did receive treatment by way of Nix dermal cream, but have been using neem oil to reduce the itching and discomfort since. Some days are good, and some days are questionable. What I do is, I have a shower, and scrub my body with a shower brush to exfoliate the dead skin cells, and then I massage the neem oil into my skin. This relieves the itchiness for about 16 hours or so.

I believe the itchiness could continue for up to 3 weeks or so post treatment until the remains of the scabies have surfaced up through your skin. Remember it is the allergic reaction to their bodies, waste etc. that cause the itch, so even though treatment may have worked the itchiness remains for a while.

You really may need to see your doctor to at least support or rule out any other condition. I know I had scabies because someone else around me also exhibited symptoms, and so I sought treatment.

I have kept in contact with the pharmacist with any questions, and research has helped to relieve my worry somewhat. Remember, knowledge is power.

I hope this helps.

What do I do?
by: Anonymous

What do I do? I told my mother that I think I have scabies. She said that I don't. But she can't see well and the things from my head match the pictures on the internet. So what do I get her to do? I told her it is for the dandruff so that she will use it too.

by: Anonymous

If the neem isn't working for you, I would suggest oregano oil. I have recommended it many times for people who want an organic way to get rid of the scabies. Dilute a few drops in some other oil like coconut and sleep with it on.

It should help A LOT.

And go get some general work ups done in the mean time just to be safe.

Good luck.

by: Anonymous

I have recently ben diagnosed with scabies after my own GP suggested cortizone cream for Uticarea. You have to really ask your GP for a skin craping. Alot of GP's don't like to talk about scabies who knows why?

I have used Lyclear which it a prescription medication. You scrub your body, dry it very well and then apply the cream all over your body from your toe to your jaw line.

It really will clear up those open sores, however the raised bumps and continuing itchyness I have used every night after a bath in Neem Salv-ation.
Stick with it.

Neem Oil and Tea Tree Oil
by: Anonymous

I have not been officially diagnosed with scabies but I'm pretty sure I have them.

Mine started after I dyed my hair...I got an extreme burning sensation on my neck and shoulders (I have really long hair). I thought it was an allergic reaction and got oral Benadryl and Cortizone and Benadryl creams. None of that helped much and an itchy rash spread down my back, down my arms and across my upper stomach.

I car pooled with a girl that kept itching her arms and told me she has eczema. I'm not so sure that's what it is now.

I've been bathing with neem oil and every few days for about 2 weeks. The stuff stinks something awful but it seems to be helping. I recently added tea tree oil to the baths (smells much better) and about 3 times a day I rub some tea tree oil all over with a cotton ball. I'm going to buy more tea tree oil to bathe in twice a day - someone said to use 20 drops per bath.

I've washed everything - clothes, towels, bedding in hot water and dried them until they were super dry and hot. I also wiped down my pillows and mattress with a little bleach water. I'm allergic to bleach but I didn't know what else to use to kill the little buggers. I vacuumed as best I could and wiped down my keyboard and mouse with tea tree oil. I also lightly sprayed my couches, computer chair and footrest with antibacterial cleaner. I've been staying out of my living room hoping I don't spread it there. I'm also terrified that I'll spread it to someone else although no one in my family has symptoms. I do not have a significant other so I can't spread it to him.

I'm still itching but I'm hoping that it's actually from healing. Although now I have these horrible bruises across the backs of my arms. From what I've found on the internet this seems to happen a lot with scabies infestations.

I hope everyone here gets cured soon. I know it feels like you're going to go crazy because of it. It's kind of depressing some days, like I'll have to live with them forever and I'm contaminated with cooties.

Try Neem and tea tree one day, then wait a few days to see if you have a reaction
by: Anonymous

I recently used neem soap and tea tree oil for about four or five days as a precaution against a contagious mange that our dog contracted.

I developed what appears to be an allergic reaction to either the soap, the oil or both and stopped using both of them. However, the reaction has continued now for about a week after I stopped using both.

I've tried vitamin-e oil, oatmeal soap, hot baths, warm baths, and drinking a lot of water as well as dandelion tea, but none provide more than temporary relief.

I'm going to a herbal specialist later this week to see what else I can do. BTW: Scabies is not the same as dog mange. I have no diganosis of scabies.
I tried these products just as a preventive measure. I'll submit another comment if I find something that helps quicken recovery from the reaction to these products.

In hindsight, I would recommend only using the products for one day and then waiting a few days to see if a reaction occurs. You have to wait a few days for the reaction if any, to happen.

by: Anonymous

Steromectol is an oral one time dose parasite killer you can only get from your medical department. I know people say its toxic but I actually read the reviews and they were not that bad. Its one time dose and they are gone!

ANOTHER REASON Your Itch Came Back Around a WEEK Later!!!
by: Lee Paul Cohen

Hi Chico,

One thing that everyone neglected to mention relative to your particular experience, is that the SCABIES MITE's LIFE-CYCLE corresponds almost exactly to your experience of recurring itch right around one week later: The one time in the past that I had scabies (and I had very successfully used the traditional permethrin cream prescribed by a dermatologist--not knowing about the alternatives at that time--even though I prefer the natural/holistic remedies), the doctors ALWAYS prescribe not one, but TWO tubes of the permethrin to use immediately and apply all-over the body (except the head--I was told that these particular mites, the sarcoptes scabiei [from which the common English name "scabies" comes], don't like living in the scalp for some reason!!--other mites do!! But not scabies...they prefer all the other softer skin of the body to burrow in); ANYWAY, the first tube of cream was to be used right away, all over the body, and then washed off the next morning.

The SECOND tube of cream was to be applied the same way ONE WEEK LATER, to kill-off any of the remaining EGGS left-over from the first batch of lice that may now be hatching (approximately a week later).

ANOTHER REASON Your Itch Came Back Around a WEEK Later!!!
by: Lee Paul Cohen

So-o-o, while all or any of the other possibilities Birgit mentioned may be true--I don't know, of course, the TIMING of your secondary outbreak, almost exactly a week later, sounded suspiciously like EXACTLY what doctors anticipate, and WHY they categorically tell you to apply that second tube of cream ONE WEEK LATER, after the first--even if you are no longer experiencing any more symptoms, and even if you think that you have killed-off that first mite infestation (which you probably have successfully killed), because the SECOND application a week later is to kill-off any EGGS that were laid by the original mites.

If those eggs have a chance to hatch, and you neglect to kill them off a week later, they will multiply & you will start getting the itch/infestation all over again!! (Which sounds like exactly what might have happened with you?) So, it's not that you weren't originally successful with your initial treatment--it sounds like you were!!:-)But you just neglected to kill-off that SECOND batch of nasty little mites--the offspring--that must have hatched from the first batch!

So, I would say, if the initial neem oil treatment did not bother or irritate your skin, did not seem to cause any allergic reactions, etc., and you felt good with it, you probably WERE successful, and now go back and do it again!!--or continue, to make sure you get any eggs or larvae or new mites that hatched & started multiplying/spreading again....until there are no new outbreaks.

(And, like she said, you have to make sure you have killed-off any mites in your home/car/clothes environment as well.....blankets & linen, too, of course!
If you do all that, you should be good to go!!)

P.S.: I have also heard, in addition to neem, of a sulfur-lavender based soap made by Naturasil, that seems to have really good reviews as well.

Anyway, I hope all of this extra info helps!

by: Anonymous

Neem oil is awesome but it doesn't kill the scabies. It can stop them from reproducing which is awesome. It can also help with the itch. To kill the scabies you need Permetherin Cream or Ivermectin. It is worth the money if you don't have insurance. I used Neem oil baths, Tea tree oil baths and Neem oil with tumeric pastes to help with the itch and control them from spreading or causing a secondary infection. After my treatment of Permetherin I immediately started clearing up but had an awful itch. I decided to take a garlic bath and Oh My Word it healed me right up. People use garlic baths for staph infection but wow it was awesome. Honey can also help your skin from being tormented. I pray for healing for everyone who reads this. I pray for a blessing of financial resources and a great doctor. I pray this terrible experience is used for great good in your heart and life!

Is scabies a parasite?
by: Apple

Is scabies a parasite? If it is, has anyone tried a parasite killer taken by mouth, like the herbal Clarkia? It has wormwood, cloves and a third herbal ingredient that kills parasites in humans within eleven weeks.

by: Anonymous

I have been researching cures for scabies for another party who didn't want their employer to know they had it. I suggested they purchase (and they did) the cheap 45 power pocket microscope that one can find in several places on the Internet. Once they had that microscope, they could actually see the mites and observe the effect of certain treatments. They said clove oil kills them and apparently some of the eggs and mites. Neem apparently does disrupt their life cycle and reduces their numbers. They would get almost rid of them, and then reinfestation would occur. They said that their suspicion from their microscopic investigations was that the fingers and hands and feet have thicker skin, and some eggs and mites survive there. Using clove oil, they said at first they could kill dozens under the fingernails and cuticles until they reduced the numbers. I told them the medical literature says nothing about that, but they claim they can see it with their own eyes. So, if you get a pocket microscope and can confirm their observation, it might help you in treating that area more often and preventing reinfestation. Maybe they are an exception or wrong, but you can investigate on your own.

Treatment for Scabies
by: Rachael

It's not organic but ask your Dr. for Ivermectin pills. Ivermectin is used to kill internal/external parasites on cattle. Took printed material from Internet to hosp ER. Dr. had never heard of it but discovered pill form for humans. Was prescribed 3 pills & it worked. Along with this, I vacuumed everyday using one with a bag which when done would be taped up and thrown away, enclosed box springs/mattress/pillows with zippered/taped covers. Would soak in bathtub every night using Epsom Salt & lavender essential oil. Put Neem oil in shampoo also. When finished would use a spray bottle containing Neem oil mixed with hot water & lavender oil all over my body % air dry. Used this mixture all over the house spraying EVERYTHING - furniture, bed, floor, walls, the inside of car, etc. Put bedclothes in dryer on hot for 20 min every night. Wore shower cap to bed. Washed everything I could in hot water using Borax and contact lens solution (enzymes break up their ectoskeleton). Kept brushes, combs, rollers, toothbrush etc. in plastic bags in freezer. Kept all clothes/towels/sheets in heavy plastic bags & would put dirty clothes, etc. into separate heavy plastic bag til able to wash. Did this for about 6 months (live alone) and am finally free of them. I know this sounds extreme but tried other solutions and this was only thing that really worked for me. Spray Neem oil everywhere. It really does work.

Yes, clove oil kills them
by: Anonymous

Yes, clove oil was proven in a 2010 Australian study to kill both the mites and their eggs. It is what I've been using (along with Neem and the protocol and other steps) for the past week and a half, and it IS working. I'm 1 1/2 weeks into treatment and almost rid of these things. I'm happy to share all the things I've done if anyone is interested. They are gone, just still have some of the residual itching, which I'm also addressing now.

Husband with scabies
by: Anonymous

My husband was diagnosed with scabies after staying in an iffy hotel. He was prescribed permethrin and has treated himself once. My kids and I aren't showing any symptoms yet but I would like to treat us all without that poison. Can I use neem oil for my 8 month old and two year old? If so, how?

Got fid of xcabies successfully
by: Ino

I and my five months baby we were struggling with scabies for a two months. But ultimately got rid from them completely now. What i did was first applied lyclear then after five days again benzemul(didn't use for baby) then again lyclear after another seven days. After continues three time applications i didn't want to use chemical anymore i used neem oil for again for five days. I went to demotologist and he said looking with microscope i or my baby don't have them anymore. Good thing is that i have no itchiness now.
For my baby i used lyclear and neem leave and termiric mixture.

Got rid of scabies successfully
by: Ino

I and my five months baby we were struggling with scabies for a two months. But ultimately got rid from them completely now. What I did was first applied Lyclear, then after five days again Benzemul (didn't use for baby), then again Lyclear after another seven days. After continues three time applications I didn't want to use chemical anymore, I used neem oil for again for five days. I went to dermatologist and he said looking with microscope I or my baby don't have them anymore. Good thing is that I have no itchiness now.
For my baby I used Lyclear and neem leave and turmeric mixture.

Neem Oil
by: Anonymous

I would think after using the Neem oil you might want to sanitize you home especially your bedroom and furniture. Once you start feeling better you've rid the body of these pest you might reinfect yourself by not cleansing your home. Just my opinion. Good luck.

3-4 week cycles
by: Anonymous

What you might be experiencing are eggs hatching and new mites appearing. The cycle is 3-4 weeks. It can take several cycles before all the mites are eradicated.

Here’s how I got rid of scabies
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone. This problem sucks and can really drive you nuts. It took almost two months but I figured out how to beat it, hopefully this will help someone else. I pieced together a plan from reading other people’s posts so I hope this pays it forward somehow.

Supplies: two tubes 5% permethrin cream, Martins permethrin 5%, Iverrmectin horse paste, coconut oil, bottle of plain lotion, neem oil, clove oil, tea tree oil, orange oil, bedbug mattress and pillow covers, hot shot bedbug and flea spray, garbage bags, green sponge scrubbing pads.

Got diagnosed after lots of online research- telltale symptoms, pinprick bite feelings pimples and bite marks that were like open sores, line shaped scratch marks that appeared out of nowhere and stung like crazy with little holes in them. Eventually I felt mites running on my face and into my nose like a tickle that wouldn’t go away.

My Dr prescribed two tubes of 5 % permethrin cream. It helped but a few days after my second tube I was getting new bites and burrows, they stung but didn’t itch and more tiny holes were popping up and I knew it wasn’t post scabies and that I was re-infested.

To really get rid of this you must spray your car, shoes, stripped bed and pillows and clean laundry daily with hot shot spray. It kills the mites and the eggs and I’m sure either my car or shoes was how I got re-infected.

You also must absolutely treat your scalp and face! I got a huge burrow on my nose and really bad biting sensations on my scalp. They tell you to treat literally every other bit of skin on your body with the prescription meds, why that wouldn’t include face and scalp I don’t get it... doesn’t make sense and is probably part of why some people can’t get better.

I took a bottle of lotion with a flip cap ( I don’t think a pump would work as well). Emptied half the bottle and filled the other half with mostly martins permethrin and then generous pours of neem, clove, tea tree and orange oils. Shook to mix. Poured the mixture on my hair and put a shower cap over. Then took a very hot bath with coconut oil, neem, tea tree and clove oils. Gently scrubbed skin with one of those green sponge scrubber pads to exfoliate - threw out the pad after every bath. Used new clean towel after every bath or shower. Dried off then sat on a clean bed with clean new sheets and blanket let skin cool and completely dry. Placed the lotion permethrin mixture all over. Sometimes I would get stinging sensations or bites while applying - I put extra in those areas. Wear clean pajamas and tried to sleep (kept the mixture in my hair without the shower cap overnight. Showered next morning then during the day I applied a mixture of plain lotion with just the essential oils clove tea tree neem and orange (orange and clove help mask the funky neem smell). This may have been overkill but I also sprayed my scalp daily for the first three days with the hot shot spray it seemed to be the only thing that stopped the biting on my scalp. Once the biting stopped on the scalp I just applied the lotion permethrin mixture at night.

As much as it freaked me out I ate the ivermectin horse paste once a day until I consumed three full tubes. Measured out my body wight and ate it followed by some orange juice (tried to also take as the same time as a fatty meal which helps the medication stay in the skin)

I washed and dried clothes, sheets blanked and pillows daily. Dried everything a second time in the dryer then placed clean laundry in new garbage bags daily and sprayed generous amount of hot shot in the bag and tied up until use. I also cycled through three pairs of sneakers and would spray the other two pairs and keep sealed in a garbage bag when not wearing. Early on I noticed biting coming back on my feet when I put on sneakers I had worn the previous day. Gotta spray shoes until damp every day with hot shot, same for car seats and mattress. If you can rotate through a couple for jackets if that’s not possible make sure to dry daily and spray with hotshot and keep in a garbage bag overnight.

After about 5 days of this routine I noticed only a few pinprick sensations throughout the day and no new bites or scratches/burrows. It took about 10 days for the pinprick sensations to stop. Two weeks in I started to feel close to normal but I kept up the whole routine for one month total just to make sure things were completely safe.

It’s been about two weeks since I stopped and I finally feel like I got rid of this. Definitely read all you can, make sure to vacuum and mop and wipe down surfaces you touch with Clorox wipes or spray with lysol consistently through the day. Remember purse, keys phone, glasses, computer must be wiped down daily. Keep remotes in sealed sandwich bags. Don’t sit on the couch get a couple of metal folding chairs if you can. Spray all fabric surfaces with hot shot daily. The key for me was making sure I treated the things I came into contact with like the car and bed and wore like my shoes and coat daily with heat and hotshot. Keep some sort of treatment on your body all day. Even if it’s just clove and neem oil in lotion which definitely helps.

Also, it’s embarrassing but if you are sleeping with or sharing a home with someone you need to tell them and get them to commit to treatment as much as possible or else you’ll just keep passing it back and forth and never get better.

Don’t underestimate how serious this is and how much work you have to put into getting rid of it. Drs downplay the severity and lead people to think a few loads of laundry and topical cream will do the trick - usually not the case. Focus and strip down your evening routine for a month having it revolve around this routine. It sucks and is tiring but you get used to it and most importantly you get better.

Eat healthy low carb low sugar foods and once you feel stop getting new holes in the skin/burrows consider using less permethrin and more essential oils and coconut oils if you think the permethrin is aggravating your skin or that you might have post scabies.

Good luck!

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