Neem spray for textile

by Thomas Steiner
(Glenwood NSW)

I am just facing scabies. I just moved to Australia from Europe. I know over there you can buy neem oil spray for textile. I can not find it here. Do you know where I can get?
I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks and regards,
Thomas Steiner

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Neem spray is not registered in Australia
by: Birgit

Neem is not registered in the US or Australia for use as a miticide/insecticide or similar. You would have to order it from Europe. In Australia you can only get raw neem oil and skin care products, but nothing that is specifically designed and sold a neem inseciticide or miticide.

You could make your own neem spray (smelly!) or try and use a personal insect repellent spray instead. Even that may be difficult to find as Australians are not allowed to call it repellent, so it would be sold as outdoor spray and the description would be vague.

I am not sure about the precise ingredients of the miticide textile spray since we don't get it here, so I don't know how similar the repellent would be.

Sorry that I can't be of more help with this!

Tea Tree Oil Spray for Textiles
by: Anonymous

Tea Tree Oil is an alternative to Neem when you are trying to treat textiles. It smells better and is easier to find. I mix 20-30 drops of oil in a spray bottle of water and treat my couch, bed sheets and anywhere else I have had contact with.I spray in the morning and at night, I think it is helping inhibit their reproduction and seems to be helping with the constant re-infestation!

EVOO on yourself
by: Anonymous

For you to heal put extra virgin olive oil on the rashes and bites. It smothers the insects on your skins and in the wound.

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