Neem and Scabies: Treating the Environment

by Penelope

I have been dealing with scabies for about a year now. Not sure how or where I got this condition, but I have my suspicions.
I have learned a great deal.

As with most people I started with the usual. Had the house professionally sprayed, $350. Did nothing. Used all the usual over the counter lice treatments. Did nothing. Used the Ivermectin pills, and the Permethryn 5, nothing.

Went on line for "natural" products, they made it worse. Took my cat to the vet, he gave me Ivermectin drops for her. If they worked I wouldn't know, as we were constantly being reinfected by my house.

You have to know that I am a clean and neat nut anyway, so this never made any sense to me to begin with. I'm single, very healthy, not dating, retired, and a home body. I didn't fit any profile that I could find online. But worrying about how didn't solve the problem.

I did find something along the way that seemed to help, even though it didn't eradicate the problem. A product called Kleen-free. It's a general vegetable enzyme cleaning product, that comes in concentrated form that you mix with water. It can be bathed in, sprayed on the skin, furniture etcetera. As I said, helped, but didn't stop it.

Finally I decided to give Neem a try. Purchased several neem products, and found as is mentioned on this site that the neem oil, and supplements, are all that is needed. A couple of eye droppers of Neem can be added to just about anything, so no other products are necessary. Add to your favorite shampoo, face cream, body wash.

I have found that men's body washes usually have such a strong fragrance on their own, that the Neem fragrance is masked. By the way, my interpretation of the odor is burned coffee.

But that only takes care of you. I also put a couple of drops on the nape of my cat's neck.

Then there is the environment. This is the real kicker! I have a 32 ounce spray bottle that I have been using with the Kleen-free. I spray the plastic covers on my bed daily. I also spray the carpet after it is vacuumed, and before I steam.

I have now added 2 eye droppers of Neem oil to the spray bottle, and have sprayed, furniture, carpet, myself, along with all of my new regular routine uses for Neem. I have only been using Neem for a week now, and this is the very first time that I can say that something is actually working!

You really only need to concentrate on areas where you spend the most time. Such as bed, in front of the TV/computer. I have found that they seem to never stray far from where they know they will be fed.

I am taking the Neem supplements religiously, and cover myself head to toe with the straight oil before bed. The only side affect I have experienced is that my very long hair looks better than in years, and I don't have to use conditioner any more. My eye lashes seem to be getting longer, and my skin, youthful.

At this rate, I am almost hopeful that I may be clear of scabies by Christmas. Neem and Kleen-free.

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Please Help!
by: suffering therapist

I am a sufferer of this terrible parasite as of present. I found relief with permethrin, followed my ivermectrin, but they didn't work in the long run, as I’m sitting here type I’m feeling pin pricks and crawly... its driving me mad, and not only that, I just passed my test to be a licensed massage therapist, and cannot and will not pursue my dream, along with big money, until I am RID of these stupid things! My main question is... How do you get over the smell of the neem oil? Did you get neem seed oil, or leaf oil? I got the seed oil and cannot keep myself from throwing up from the smell!! IT’S HORRIFIC!!! The lady at the homeopathic store said the seed oil was more potent, so without thinking, I bought it in a hurry... I have diluted with little dish soap (to help the oil mix with water), lavender and tea tree oil, it is bearable and I spray it everywhere, including myself, but I’m still freaking out, I just don't feel prepared for another battle, I’m at my wits end! I guess it boils down to neem LEAF oil or Neem SEED oil?

Oil !!
by: Anonymous

the oil works the best

Neem seed oil or neem leaf oil
by: Anonymous

Please whats best for scabies, neem sees oil or neem leaf oil?

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