The scabies came back!

by Poom
(Cote d'Ivoire)

Last August, I used pure neem oil to treat scabies and it was really effective. The third day, no itching, no new bumps on the skin. And I still continued to use the oil but mixed it with shea butter.

But this December, I noticed the bumps and the furrows or burrows again on my skin. Is it possible that the mites are still inside my body and bobed up when I stopped using neem oil? Or is it a new infection from outside?

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Scabies and neem oil
by: Hi Poom

Hi Poom,

I suggest you re-read the information I give about treating scabies at home with neem oil.

As I explained there, neem oil will get rid of the mites, but unless you totally eradicate them from your house you will just become infected again.

Now, I don't think the mites survived for that long without blood in your house. But do you know where you picked up the infection the first time? Unless that source of infection has been removed, you will pick up the scabies mites again as soon as you stop using neem oil.

The scabies came back again
by: Poom

Thanks, B, for your prompt reply to my comment. In fact, i wanted to know if the scabies can still be in the blood but not on the skin after the four-month treatment.

I did stay away from the infection spot but you never know...

Mites don't enter the blood
by: Birgit

Hi Poom,

Scabies mites burrow under the skin but they don't enter your blood.

This must be stopped
by: 3 seperate times, I had to deal..

Proportions! Just the people I know, who have gotten this new bionic form of scabies. Some are just recovering from the last attack a few months ago where as some are still trying to rid of them.
Others, "the newbie?s", are currently mistreating it, partially in denial, partially misinformed, partially with no medical insurance and, humiliated and embarrassed as hell.

I battled with it 3 times in less than a year?s period. One of the times, I was infected after going to the house I had first contracted it from(but didn?t know it at the time).

Second, when I visited this person, 6 months after the first incident ( myself being scabies free for about 5 months, and assuming him, and his family were scabies free too, considering the amount of time that had gone by).

I got it again. But this time I knew where it came from. That?s part of the battle as well. It got it one more time after that. It was from a friend who was still infested along with his family. They got me again; a 3rd time.

The permethrin cream worked every time but, NOT ALONE. It required disinfecting of all furniture, constant vacuuming, constant laundry, work, and money, everything else right out the window.
It is a nightmare beyond anything you can imagine; what is does to you and your family. My question; is this an epidemic? I still know people who can?t get rid of it and can?t afford to go to the doctor.

Permethrin cream is getting to be as demanding as illegal drugs. But this time, the dealer is not the one with access to it. It?s the person with medical insurance, and from what I see, it?s not the ones with insurance who are getting scabies. And if this isn?t remedied soon, MARK MY WORDS, we will have a REAL EPIDEMIC on our hands, that WILL AFFECT EVERYBODY!

Even with all that I?ve learned, I have now, for the 4th time, been contaminated by the same person who got me the last time, because he doesn?t know if he still has it. He thinks it?s gone. I?ve heard it before and I?m already preparing myself.

I WISH I COULD spend my time on other things. ANYTHING!!!!!

How did I get them?
by: covered with bites

I have just been diagnosed as having a severe case of scabies and seem to have thousands if not millions of bites and bumps. What I can't figure out is how I got them when no one in my home has shown any signs of having them including my 4 year old daughter so where does someone get them if they haven't had contact with the infected? Someone had to get them from somewhere to be able to spread them. Please help I've used the permethrin and treated myself and family just in case also steam cleaned entire house.

MSM Soap
by: AcidPancake

I used Neem with little result. I used Pimethrin with decent results, but didn't work for good. It came back strongly after only 2 months. The best I have used was a bar of MSM sulfur soap every other day while washing ALL clothes and ALL bedding. I also got a plasticized on one side/towel on the other, mite bed cover for my bed. I covered the seat of my car in plastic. I'm also single this time, so I am not passing mites back and forth with a partner. That seemed to work. But I am worried they are coming back after being free of them for 5 months. I have seen a few small bites on my 3 year old recently, in the dreaded zig-zag pattern...and seeing that is giving me flashbacks and making me feel itchy all over!

I am going to start using the soap again and wash everything all over. The nice thing about the soap is it's only $6 a bar and its organic.

They're back!!
by: smilee

I had scabies about a year ago. Today my boyfriend got them and had no idea how. He had no idea what it was neither did his doc. I found out what it was and by that time he was cover with the rash everywhere I had it but never that sever it took forever! To get rid of it, he ordered special creams over the internet and we did the permenthrin about 4 times. Then I had a baby in December. Now a year later and about three weeks ago I started feeling the pins and needles in my feet and hands. I’ve been ignoring it but don’t know how it came back. I feel taken over and my one year old has it. I just want them to be gone any suggestions.

they live much longer than previously thought!
by: Anonymous

I had scabies YEARS ago. I had to quit my job and leave my apartment I was infested so bad. Eventually it subsided...and I went on with my life. Years later in my new place in which I currently reside my mom drops off a bag full of blankets...and sheets. The sheets I had from before the time I first got scabies and I had them in that apartment. The bag smelt like moth balls. Within one night... I had at least fifty bites. I don't care what study says it...these things can live without a host for a very long time. I think they really need us to breed. This is definitely an epidemic, and people don't want to admit it or face it. I swear to god this round when I got my dose of premethrin... I unskrewed the bottle ... My arm which wad red and pulsing by now they bred so fast.. My skin tensed up and I ended up hitting my face with the tube. Like they were collectively jumping away from it. How smart are these things? I feel like they have a collective intelligence. They seems to gather together in certain areas after a nights cream. They do infect tour scalp and eyes. I have it now. I'm so sad. So depressed and so very red and itchy. I even almost see things jumping I know what it is but it seems crazy. And I can see these things under my skin sometimes. Little tiny black dots. I want to just jump out of this body and have a new one. This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me. And all I'm clinging to is god right now... If you have'll find god very quickly if nothing else will do it.

Scabies is a bug from hell!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Go Away Scabies

I had gotten scabies a year and a half ago while I was pregnant with my daughter. My sister had just moved back to my mom's house and kept complaining about this rash she had that kept her up at night. Me thinking nothing of it let her sleep on my bed multiple times! Worst mistake of my life. I started getting itchy on my stomach thinking it was cause I was pregnant. Then a rash started to appear. Then it was on my wrists, toes, legs, pretty much my whole body. Still not knowing it had been scabies. I moved in with my boyfriend and his grandparents. When he started getting the rash too. I started doing research and convinced myself it was indeed scabies!!! At that time I couldn't do anything about it because I was pregnant and it would have been really dangerous.for me. I had my daughter and she didn't catch the rash till a month or two later. That is when we first treated it. Did everything we had to do literally washing cleaning you name it. The rash went away from my daughter but we still had it. Treated it and repeated the whole process over at least 4 more times. And FINALLY no more scabies. It's been 10 months since then. I moved back to my moms for a bit eventually moved back to Steven's grandparents house and now I'm starting to feel itchy all over again. I have bumps on my wrists and it's very itchy. My daughter started getting pimple like bumps on her toes and ankles! I pray to God it's not scabies I went through such hell with it last year. Constantly itching never getting any sleep. Has this happened to anyone before please let me know!! I feel so overwhelmed with it all I'm gonna crazy all over again. #Fml

Question about clothing
by: Anonymous

I have clothing in my closet that i rarely wear, do i need to rewash these as well?

Desperate but I will succeed
by: Marie

I doubt they can be seen without assistance because I've looked and can't see a thing! I know I have them but everyone in my house thinks I'm crazy because I'm the only one with a horrible hand rash, I actually think I've had them for several years and just never knew it! Rash seems to always come full force in winter and subside in summer. Well I must say I've battled bed bugs, which I originally thought rash must have been coming from, but all bed bugs are gone and this rash is still here! Finally some relief and what I think is healing, although this is going to take a long time because I get new blisters every other day, I'm assuming to eggs being hatched, but there are fewer and fewer! I'm taking super hot baths with epsom, sea and regular salt with cayenne pepper. Crazy or not I think it's working because rash and blister/bumps are finally healing! I have yet to treat my house because I'm waiting on supplies I ordered online: Ivermectin (I have doc appt on 1/12/15), tea tree oil for hair, Nix for hair, sulfur ointment, volcanic sulfur soap, neem oil, Borax & hydrogenperoxide (bathe), vinegar (wash clothes), cayenne pepper (1 cup to hot bath), neem leaves (drink tea), latex gloves, Herbal Triplex, {salt, sea salt, epsom salt, make a scrub) peppermint, neem & lavendar oils}
Plastic shower curtains, Happy Jack Kennel mix at Tractor supply, 1000mg g arlic pill & 1tbsp apple cider vinegar daily.
Yes it's a bit much but I've been researching and will see what works best. It's how I beat bed bugs! Good Luck to you ALL!

by: Anonymous

Been through this hell for months and nothing helped. Started seeing these little bastards EVERYWHERE! Every hotel I went to in my travels in various cities and states as I travel for work. They are the "varied carpet beetle" and some you can see with the naked eye. You will see a black dot from across the room on a white pillow or sheet and go over and sure enough it is one of these bastards.

If you read all the horror stories on the internet it matches up with the same symptoms of scabies and morgellons.

I have had these things living in my sinus. I wake up with blood trails and thought bedbugs but never found any but keep finding these.

People have lost million dollar homes, cars, etc over this epidemic. Google "carpet beetle living in my nose" and "carpet beetle infestations" and carpet beetle biting humans.

THIS is your epidemic/demon. They DO bite Orkin even told me they do now because carpets (hence the name carpet beetle) are mostly all synthetic as well as drapes. So what are they gonna feed on? Your cotton socks, sweats and tshirts.

Are they gonna bother to crawl back to the baseboard when their food source is you? Heck no they are gonna live in your bed, bed frame, nose, belly button, eye socket(I can feel them biting my eyes from behind it is nasty). I have awakened to find them in my mouth. They have eaten away at my teeth.

Do you realize they use these in museums to clean animal carcasses down to the bone? We are being slowly killed/eaten alive by these things.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS this is real and happening to so many people. Please google, read all story comments on the suffering. This is what you have you just don't know it yet.

Wondering if they came back
by: Anonymous

I had scabies 3 years ago, it was a horror. The itching kept me up for four days. I now have a rash on the back of my knee although itchy nothing like the scabies. I am just hoping I do not have those scummy mites back again. I swear I will burn them out by burning my own skin. That is how much I despise this disease.

Scabies sucks
by: Anonymous

They kept coming back for me too. My daughter got them and my 7 month old son and I got them next. My daughter got rid of them with one treatment of permethrin, my baby was cured with one treatment of permethrin, but I used 4 tubes of permethrin, ivermectin, all of the home remedies, they kept coming back. I think that it must have to do with your immune system.

Anyway what I did was I went to the farm store and I bought moxidectin, It is a horse wormer that is closely related to ivermectin, the difference is that it stays in your skin for 25-30 days, rather than 24 hours or so like ivermectin. So that means that it kills the eggs that hatch. It also means that you don't have to rely on some crazy cleaning, of bugs that you cannot see. One thing to remember is that these things become immune by under dosing so don't under dose. Whether you use ivermectin or moxidectin, don't under dose, cause it won't work and then your creating a situation where now they are immune to it. Also know that it's not instant like permethrin, you will still feel that disgusting wiggle for a while, that's the eggs hatching. I'm on day 4 and I still feel the wiggle but I only feel like 3 of them, not 40 or 50 of them like before. They have to get to where they are trying to burrow then they get the poison in your skin, then they die. Also I know it's working because I have no new bites of burrows or rashes, only the wiggle, and very few of them. Yay. I was pretty scared to try this cause there's not much info to be found on it, but it's really working and I have had no I'll effects at all.

by: Lucia

The comment about burning your own skin to get rid of the mites made me chuckle; not that it is a laughing matter. I have been itching for 7 days; I thought I was going to go psychotic. Anyway, this made me feel less alone in this hell. :)

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