Neem use and scabies re-infestation: quarantined home rather than cleaning?

by Sherwin

Last night I started using neem oil diluted in coconut oil on my scabies infection. Nothing miraculous yet, but I seem to be getting some relief. Keeping my fingers crossed...

I understand that re-infestation can be a real problem, and that getting scabies out of the home and not just off of the body is a big plus.

However, if properly used neem disrupts the life-cycle to the extent that mites can't reproduce, why all the preoccupation with bagging clothes up for 10 days, spraying sofas, carpets, drapes, etc.?

Most people in the world are not like our readers: they don't have access to hot water for laundry, and they certainly don't have dryers--most people in the world are obliged to hang their clothes out to dry. And they can't vacuum because they have neither vacuum cleaners nor the electricity to power them. My point/question is that 99% of households in the developing world would have been continually infested with scabies for the last 2000 years, if this extreme level of hygiene/eradication were necessary to overcome an infestation.

If scabies mites can only survive for 4 days without a human host, and if their eggs cannot hatch unless imbedded in a human host, then shouldn't proper use of neem on the humans who come into contact with one another or share living space be enough to eliminate these pests?

I live alone. If I continue to apply neem oil daily, and forget about washing & drying the bedsheets daily, spraying the mattress daily, spraying the sofa daily, etc., etc., won't I succeed in eliminating the mites anyway? Because even when mites climb back onto me at night from my bed, they're not going to succeed in reproducing! They'll ultimately die of old age and they won't have any offspring, right? So they'd be eradicated anyway whether I go nuts with cleaning the whole house daily like an operating room or not.

To me, it seems that the real issue is keeping "friendly" (non neem-using) human hosts away from your home, your bedding, your clothes, etc. as you eradicate the mites. Because if someone were to come over and spend the night in my bed tonite (2nd nite of using neem), mites could infest them as they sleep. They could get up in the morning and leave town for two months, over which time both myself and my home would have become free of scabies mites (provided I have no visitors) as I continue to use neem oil on my skin daily. So now two months later, if this same person returns (now infested with scabies) to my scabies-free home, and sleeps in my bed, I would get re-infested again!

Am I correct? No human host = no reproduction and therefore eventual death of the entire mite population. And that this is really why neem works. It doesn't kill them in one go. It just effectively prevents them from reproducing, so the population just grows "old" and dies out. Please correct me if I've misunderstood. Seems to me that a sort of "quarantine" is really what's required, rather than Howard Hughes-style hygiene.

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Eradicating scabies with neem
by: Birgit

There is theory and there is real life. In theory you should be able to eradicate scabies by using neem only on the human host.

In real life we see that re-infestation occurs, so getting rid of all mites in the house as well is a sensible measure and speeds up the complete eradication.

Scabies mites keep breeding
by: Anonymous

I'm also using neem for scabies and it's my understanding that to be affected by the neutering effects of neem, the scabies have to be on your body when you do the treatment. If you don't change your bedding/clothes etc. then mites that haven't been exposed to neem can jump onto you after treatment and hump like bunnies.

I've been taking neem leaf capsules hoping that they would be enough to stop any scabies reproducing on me (after 2 months this is the supposed effect) but no joy so far (been about 3 months). It has, however, made the scabies A LOT less uncomfortable and has reduced the amount of itching/bumps dramatically so I recommend it.

Good-bye to crazy cleaning regime!
by: Dani

I figured out why my family remained scabies free whilst I was clearly infected. I contracted the mites from someone else's dirty laundry that had been infested with scabies elsewhere outside of my home.

I'm an avid user of CPTG essential oils & have been for the past 9 months. I use them daily on my children (melaleuca in particular & they've never had head lice either!) & I continually have my diffuser running within our home & only recently realized that many of the oils I use are highly anti-parasitic.

They work as a preventative as well as a cure!

My kids even sleep in my bed & remain scabies-free. NO hot washes or excess cleaning required. Just add a few drops of oil to the last rinse cycle of your washing machine (for every load of washing you do) & add a few drops of oil to water in a spray bottle to spray lounges, rugs & carpets etc. You can even spray your washing while it's hanging on the line if you forget to add to the rinse cycle. The oils DO NOT stain & apart from an absolutely beautiful aroma, you won't know that there is essential oil on your furniture, bedding & clothing. A diffuser will continue to do the job for you while you are not spraying the oils with a spray bottle.

I have been using neem oil on my body together with all of the above mentioned essential oil methods & am now scabies free. I am totally ecstatic that I kept my young children, family & friends from being infected by simply loving using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. The essential oils you use must be 100% CPTG all the way, or it won't be successful. You can check out these awesome, natural & highest medicinal quality, scabie killing essential oils at

Cinnamon, cypress, on-guard, purify & terrashield are also excellent CPTG essential oils that help eradicate scabies from your home environment. If you have any questions regarding use of the oils

I'm only too happy to help.

Let's STOP the scabies madness!

Essential oils
by: Anonymous

Which CPTG oils do you use? And how? Do you apply all of them at once every time after a shower? Please help - I want to prevent my family and 4 year old niece from getting scabies! Also, for the spray, how much water with how much neem oil?

Bugs on White & Black & Brown
by: Kim

I have had bugs on me for a while now and would like to know how to use Neem oil on myself and cleaning with. Thank you.

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