Neem oil for bed bugs or scabies

by Kevin

I have been told I either have bed bug bites all over my body or it maye scabies and I honestly can't tell. I am at my friends' house and they are so ignorant to the fact that they have to clean and or throw out the mattresses because they had bed bugs for a long time. I did not know till I found out recently.

I am going away to trade school in a few weeks and my doctor gave me activin 5 to calm it down in case it is scabies. I am going to buy neem items tomorrow but I won't be able to clean the mattress and house due to my friends being ignorant and thinking it's okay or just not giving it the seriousness it should have. So should I use the neem even if I have to lay back down on the mattress and couch for 2 more weeks or just wait?

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Absolutely use neem!
by: Birgit

Hi Kevin,
Yes, you absolutely should use neem! The sooner you start the better.
You using neem on yourself will not eradicate the problem from your friends' house, but it will protect you. It will soothe your skin, shore up your immune defenses, and if you add a bit of pure neem oil to a body lotion (freshly every night) then it should prevent more bites.

The fact that your friends do have a bed bug infestation makes it unlikely that you do not have bed bug bites, but do have scabies which nobody else has. I would put my money on the bed bugs.

When you do move you also need to be very careful that you do not take the bed bugs with you! They won't be on you if you use neem, but they may be hiding in your things. Make sure you give everything a good clean. (And if it's scabies, the same applies.)

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