Scabies for a year

My boyfriend and I have had scabies for a year: 12/2009-12/2010. I have no idea where we got them from. It affects him a lot worse than me because he has allergic reactions to them and also has psoriasis.

I went to my doctor and he gave me permethrin, which I thought killed them but they just came back. Of course, going back to the dermatologist he insisted that permethrin kills everything and that I didn't have scabies. Why don't dermatologists know ANYTHING about scabies? I've been to several and none of them gave me any correct information.

We ended up buying a huge bottle of Neem oil from Amazon, and we also bought a 4 oz bottle of tea tree oil as well. We mixed the two together along with some baby oil and put it on day and night. Neem oil smells pretty bad! Also, I've noticed that whenever I'm in the sunlight the neem gives off an even funkier smell. (It's possible!).

I am doing some research on "natural remedies" you can buy, but I think I'm just going to buy all of the ingredients in the oil. Looks like I should get the following and mix them together:

Neem oil, tea tree oil, karanja oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, olive oil, fractionated coconut oil.

Olive oil is known for its insect-smothering abilities. And coconut oil is known for its skin penetrating quality. I think that adding coconut oil to my mix will really help out because currently the oils just sit on top of my skin and the scabies burrow down to get away from the neem and tea tree oils. I'll keep updating on how it works out.

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Natural oils for scabies
by: Birgit

Thank you for your submission and please do keep us updated.

I had to edit your text since the explanations of the oils were copied from somewhere. (And I don't want to violate anyone's copyright.)
I did notice that it appears that oil combination is recommended for head lice rather than scabies.

If it does not work for you I would recommend you try the classic neem treatment for scabies, which mixes neem with tumeric/curcuma.

In India usually the neem leaves are used, and fresh tumeric root. But I just published another submission from a reader who has mixed curcuma with neem oil to treat scabies on her pony. And with impressive success.

You did not mention what exactly you have done so far to eradicate the mites from the house, but I assume that you are doing that in parallel. A deeply entrenched infestation like yours is very, very difficult to eradicate. You will not beat scabies unless you thoroughly treat and clean your environment as well.

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