Is there itching after scabies are killed off?

(Southern CA)

My question is, is it possible that I have killed off the scabies, but the poison left still causes itching for a couple weeks? Here is my exact routine: I take a hot bath in neem so my pores open up. I pat dry. I scrub (with gloves) 3% HP my entire body or those areas that specifically itch. I then see tons of "white spots" throughout my body. I then apply carrier oil with neem. I get lots of itch relief but I have to do this process each day. (This is my third day). And yes, I am washing all bedding and clothes, etc.

Please help me understand if the itching is always caused by a live biting mite or the poison left behind. PLEASE explain the white dots. Other people are doing similar things so this answer will help so many. Thank you.

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Scabies itching
by: Birgit

There is no poison. Scabies mites aren't poisonous. What causes the itching is the immune reaction against the dead skins and excrement left behind by the mites as they live and tunnel under the skin. And yes, the itching would continue until your body's immune cells have cleaned up everything.

I am not a doctor and I have no idea what 3% HP would do or why it would cause white spots. I suggest you ask whoever recommended you use 3% HP. This site is not about any and all scabies remedies, just about neem oil.

My guess is it is the HP foaming as it eats up the dead matter of the scabies and maybe your dead skin cells. It also foams when you put it on wounds as it eats away all the dead debris. But that's only a guess.

White Spots
by: Lisa

Did you find out about the white spots? I had scabies too and now have whites spots (I am tan) so I was wondering if the dead cells just fell off and the new skin isn't tan?

Itch & White spots
by: Anonymous

I am not sure if I have scabies but what I have read till now it seems to me I have scabies. I got it on my legs first. It is more itchy and visible in winters. I started swimming in summer and I got them on my hands also due to it. I have very visible white marks on my hands due to this. I don't know how to get rid of them. Please reply if anything worked for you?

White spots
by: Anonymous

White spots that look like large zits?
I have those too and can't find info on that anywhere, but I have 2 guesses:

1. The life cycle of a mite is 2 weeks. The white spots could be dead matter and waste that the body is trying to push out.


2. They could be tiny infections from scratching.

by: Anonymous

I have got scabies and the rash is dark red. Does it mean that the scabies are dead?

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