Neem oil works for my and my husband's scabies

(Westminster, CA, USA)

We used the pure neem oil for the weird itch of the scabies. There was a noticeable relief the first night, almost gone the second night. We slept very well the third night, hardly noticed any itches.

The only thing is we had to get used to the unpleasant smell of the oil at first.

Neem oil works for us. Unfortunately, it is not convenient to get the neem oil fast. It is not readily available everywhere, you can only find it just at the special health food store or online.

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Neem oil
by: Anonymous

Hi, i hear neem oil is very potent and that "it goes a long way." So I have been mixing 6 drops of neem oil with 4 spoonfuls of organic coconut oil. Should I instead rub straight neem oil directly onto all of my body? Is that how your husband did it? Also, how long was he doing this for? Is he cured? And how was your cleaning clothing, objects, linen process?

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