Do red bumps still appear after the live scabies/eggs are killed off?

by Alan

I've been using neem daily and (I feel) like I have successfully gotten rid of any live scabies or eggs. (After two weeks of treatment). I itch a lot less and all the bumps are starting to scab.

My question is I'm still in the itching phase which I'm told is common the last few weeks following the scabies death.

However, some new raised red bumps are appearing and causing itchiness. Can brand new red bumps be from when the mite first starting biting 6-8 weeks ago?? (contracted scabies approx. 6-8 weeks ago) Or if you get a bump, does that mean a live mite is biting you which immediately causes the bump to form??

I will continue to treat with neem but it would be so helpful to understand the process of when the bumps form vs. when the live mite is actually in action. This site is a lifesavor, I appreciate all your answers and efforts to help people.

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Neem and scabies mites
by: Birgit

Hi Alan,

The immune reaction is never to scabies bites. It's a reaction to the dead skins and excrement they leave behind as they live under your skin.

My guess would be that new bumps are indicating new activity. Did you eradicate all mites from the house as well as treating yourself?

It's not hard to get reinfected. And what exactly are you doing? "Using neem" can mean so many different things.

by: itchy ri

I don't get bumps as such. I get holes in my skin. I treated with permethrin (yuck) and while the permethrin was on my skin I got new bite marks where I scratched.

I have been using neem oil, shampoo, soap and spraying the house (carpet and chairs)with neem and I still get new track 'holes'. I've put my office chair seat and back rest in garbage bags and change them daily.

I have been washing laundry in hot water and drying for an hour. I've done 64 loads of wash this week for a family of 3 and this has been going on for weeks now.

I just had two new holes come up and found new scabies in the area that I treated with neem (seed) oil. Are they digging their way out or in?

by: kathryn

My dermatologist told me you can't get scabies from bedding and clothing and you won't get them on the face that the bites will continue up to 3 weeks because of the infestation under your skin.

This is only my second week and its bad.

by: Mons

You can get scabies from clothing, bedding, towels, shoes, etc. They will die when not eating, but will live (suggested living time is 2 days to 2 weeks).

Also, you can get scabies on your face. I did. You may have them behind your ears as well.

by: Anonymous

You can get scabies from bedding and clothing. It is the most common way in which it spreads. That is why you need to wash your bedding, clothing, and towels daily. Do not share anything!

Pillows should be put in the dryer on high heat. Beds, couches, and floors need to be vacuumed very well too as scabies can only live for 2-3 days without being on a human body.

This is how people end up re-infecting themselves. Stuffed animals, shoes, and anything else that can not go into the dryer should be bagged up for several days.

The itching continues for weeks post treatment, this is because your body reacts to the remains of the mite and their feces that are in your skin, not to the mite itself. So until all of that is out of your skin you are unfortunately in for a few more weeks of itching.

by: Anonymous

My daughter has been diagnosed with scabies.

Well, the doctors said they are not 100% as the rash is only on the soles of her feet and the palms of her hands but are treating her for this to eliminate it. She had had this rash of 10 days and it has not traveled anywhere else plus she sleeps in the same bed as me and I don't have any symptoms.

I have been to 6 different doctors. Two of them thought it was scabies. The rest have said it's an allergy or heat rash or hand foot and mouth although she has had no fever or ulcers. We have all been treated with with permetherin. We covered ourselves in it last week and again this week.

Also washing bed covers and towels etc. My daughter is still extremely itchy and it's keeping her awake at night. There are no scabs, just a red blotchy looking rash with the tiniest blisters which I think are due to scratching.

Does this sound like scabies? I had them when I was younger but I was covered. I don't understand why they haven't spread to the rest of her body.

Could they still be living after 2 treatments with this cream? Please help!

Please advise
by: Anonymous

I just got the cream for scabies and I applied it head from toe. Afterwards I washed my bedding and all of my clothes; even the clean clothes.

My question is, do I have to keep washing ALL of my clothes and bedding on a daily basis, or do I wash everything every few days?

Scabies in babies
by: Ferrari F. Barbie

My son is 4 month old and we have been dealing with this whole scabies thing for about 2 months.

A week after his shots I noticed a bump that looked more like the beginning of a boil or staph surrounded by small, red, pimple-like bumps. At first I took him to his pediatrician, who couldn't tell what it was and referred us to the dermatologist.

At first glance the doctor thought it was eczema and gave us some desonide lotion. Over a period of 3 weeks it got way worse. 3 weeks later - took my soon back to the dermatologists and found out he had scabies. Before my son was diagnosed it had got so bad to the point where his entire body was covered in huge mounds of the little red bumps developing into larger ones.

My point is to ask the doctors to do a scabies test in such a scenario before prescribing medication. It is very simple and you will have your results very soon!

Through the worst of it now (I HOPE)
by: Anonymous

Hey everyone, the bleach and water work 100% ... Not sure how good it is, but I am definitely seeing sign of improvement. I did permetherin 3 times and it didn't do much. I did Ivectermin/Stromectol and it helped. Here is my cure:

Bed bug spray EVERYTHING -- it has permetherin in it. If you have it in your scalp use CVS 1% Lice shampoo. Shower every night as hot as you can stand it, dry off and spray with water and bleach solution.

Spray the bed with bug spray, get in bed. Leave Window open to circulate air, fumes I am sure are not good for you. Wake up, shower and scrub gently with a KITCHEN (yes, I said KITCHEN scrub pad to remove dead skin, and dead Scabies and whatever they leave behind), spray again. Spray everything with bug spray and bleach/water solution - wash everything daily.

After a few days you should see sign of improvement. This has ruined my summer 2011; I have been in despair... So down over it. Cost $$$ and I have had it since the beginning of May... it's now August.

I have red marks all over my chest and upper legs, and some inside my arms. But it gets better. God knows what all these chemicals are doing to my body, but I was desperate, I am hoping I am through the worst of it now.

Still Fighting These Invisible Pests
by: Anonymous

I have been actively fighting these little creatures since around the first of January. So far I have been to two different doctors. I was first given Permethrin 1% lotion which didn't help. I was then given a script for Ivermectin which didn't seem to help either. After all this I have also used two tubes of permethrin 5% cream.

I thought it was going to do the trick but today I noticed several holes in my skin. I even tried putting sulphur on my body which was a mistake for me as I apparently was allergic to it. I washed loads and loads of laundry and also used the dryer on high heat.

The dermatologist I went to said he didn't think I had scabies. I also tried taking bleach baths
every day for about two weeks. These bugs seem indestructible!

by: Anonymous

I went to the doctor 2 months ago with this rash. She told me she did not know what it was. So, she was asking me all sorts of things. Well the outcome was to see another doctor at the surgery. I was told I had scabies. I got a cream for myself and my husband (he went mad). Now in my 3 months treatment, I am going mad washing everything, cleaning day in day out and hoovering everyday.

Now I am putting tea tree oil on me every day. I just dont know what else to do. I still itch and the bumps sting still. Why does it take so long when you do as the doctor says and still get no relief? I hate them. It makes you feel so dirty. I think the tea tree is helping but my skin is so sore and I am slapping handfuls of cream on all the time.

Can you please up date this page so every body can get more infomation on this nasty scabies rash?

Clove Bud Oil Kills Them
by: Anonymous

It also clears up the red welts pretty rapidly. Dilute carefully for a baby. Tea tree oil actually has not been proven effective. CLove bud oil has been!

Also traditional chinese medicine (yes, people have been dealing with this for thousands and thousands of years) Rx:

Sulfur powder paste (5-10% for children, 20% for adults), mix with vaseline. Apply to all infectd areas (best to take time off work, stock up on food and do all over as they are actually going everywhere but show up only on the thinnest areas of skin) and LEAVE ON FOR FOUR CONSECUTIVE DAYS WITHOUT RINSING OFF. Apply more layers during the Morning and night. Repeat this procedure in one week.

by: Anonymous

I got scabies 3 weeks ago. I have been using lyclear it seems to be doing good so far but I have been iching only at night on my hands while the rest of my body has healed and the scabs have come off, thank god! But I used about 3 tubes over the last 3 weeks which the doctor says not to. But my hands have got worse and my feet are the only place now with the bumps on it.

I also got it on my mouth, ears and eyes which has only just going away... My skin is coming off my hands now so all the little bumps and bites are going away too. But the only thing is that none of my family got any and I share a house with them and a bed with my daughter sometimes. But I got this from my boyfriend only when we were sexually together and took 4 weekes for the bites to come out. He was worse than I was but I think were on the mend and can finally say good bye to the seven year itch.

by: Anonymous

Have you been using neem under your nails? Scratching picks them up and spreads scabies across your body, so treat under there too.

by: Anonymous

From my knowledge, personal experience and several doctors I have come to believe that scabies are a virus that only live on the human body and cannot transfer between people by any means other than physical contact, I am a 15 year old boy and have had scabies for 4 or so months and they HURT when they burrow into your skin and it is highly irritant to your skin when they leave the burrowed space with severed dead skin and other stuff they leave behind. But they do NOT jump or drop from the human body which they are currently infesting. Just to clarify once more I have been living with my brother, sister and mother for the entire time I have had the Scabies and none of them have got infected with them because I am rarely out of my room if I am home at all. Hope this helped some of the other unfortunate victims of Scabies:)

Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil
by: Anonymous

This is a growing issue as I have read countless stories. I heard over 300 million Americans are suffering from this and are too ashamed to come forward and tell those around them that it has become an epidemic.

Tea Tree Oil, Neem Oil and Coconut oil after a shower seem to be doing the job. It will take testing the mixture a few times to get it strong of a mixture but apply throughout the entire body even hair everyday and you will start to feel relief. I have been doing this for a few days and so far so good. Continue to wash everything. I have also resorted to steaming everything including pillows and bed.

by: Anonymous

So my friend was diagnosed with scabies after having it for 4 months and now I'm almost 100% sure I do. The skim test the dermatologist took showed nothing but I think it’s because it’s too early to tell. I can see the bites and it feels like they are just crawling; they’re driving me insane. I got the cream for it and applied it twice. I'm thinking it either didn't work or I got re-infected. Without health insurance though I'm afraid I can't keep affording all this medicine. One thing I forgot to do was vacuum my car. Maybe that's it? Help me please!

Oh My!
by: Anonymous

Hello, Yes its started on my feet and hands first....then I noticed I itch like fleas on a dots appeared on my wrists, soles of feet, then everywhere else..My Dr. said I got it bad...been treated 3 times already and new spots appear...I’m thinking of having this professionally taken care with isolation in a hospital or where ever I’m to go....good luck out there, they are hard to get rid of...NOT EASY. Sincerely, miserable.

Exposed for three weeks, But there IS hope!
by: 907mama

My 4 year old son and I both got the same horrible itchy rash, which was diagnosed as scabies after three weeks of exposure. We were prescribed Permethin and told to do the usual things (wash clothes on HOT, dry on HOT, bag things you cannot wash) to kill the buggers at home. It has been about 5 days now. He has been treated twice (on doctor’s advice) due to the level of infestation. We are both healing!

We each break out with red bumps still, but only about one a day and they are much darker, smaller and non irritating. Our itches are at a minimum and we can sleep again! I continue to change the bedding nightly, not use the same towels, keeping everything (including our mattresses and his stuffed toys, non essential linens, etc) in their trash bags, vacuuming and cleaning the carpets daily!

The Fight for My Life
by: Anonymous

I had scabies for 3 months. It was terrible. My doctor gave me prmethrin 2xsand ivamectrin. I can still feel them only at night, feels like my hair is moving. So may need to get more medicine of which my doctor refuses to give me. I now am having inflammation in my blood vessels and veins; venous insufficiency and poor blood circulation. I think I am having an auto-immune reaction to these things. Can anyone out there help, and knowledge to share on this?

It Might be Scabies
by: Anonymous

I started getting severely itchy in early September. By late September I woke up with hives all over my legs, so I tried to self medicate thinking it was due to stress, but they just kept coming back worse and worse. I had to finally go to doctor in late October, put up the white flag as he said I had hive. He gave me steroids and they worked for the time I was on them, but then after no steroids, hives came back worse than before. Next time when I went to the doctor, I even had lips swelled up three times their size. He gave me steroids that were 20 mg instead of 5 mg pills and that worked for several weeks after off the steroids. But next time same thing happened. I went on Friday to the doctor and he said maybe I have scabies???

And he said AGAIN that I didn't. I had broached this possibility to him before. I begged him for medication for scabies anyway, what could it hurt, put it on Friday night, woke up with my body covered in the worst hives ever, plate sized!!!! I am at a loss. Don’t really know if I have scabies, but others at work having "hives" now and we are all miserable. I thought I would give the permethron a try, but I just might have been allergic to it... miserably at a loss here.

we have scabies
by: Anonymous

My 7month baby my boyfriend and I all have scabies I never had anything like this in my life we have The permthrin cream an that shit still got us itching and gave us marks like it's worse dan before I washed everything N it still don't work the only thing I can think of now is to Go to the emergency room for this shit that's crazy it gotta b away it can get these things away N lil to no time they worse than bed bugs smh

Dont underestimate these things
by: Anonymous

Im single guy and live alone. Ive had these misery causing parasites for 3 months now. I self diagnosed after flea bombing my home 3 times and researching bed bugs and numerous skin allergies.

I got Lyclear (5% permethrin) over the counter at the pharmacist and was just soo damn happy that i now knew what it was and that an end to my iching nightmare was in sight. . . WRONG !

these things are tough and resistant so DONT unerestimate their survival talents!. Im now on my 3rd tube of lyclear, 4th packet of antihystamines and 2nd tube of anaesthetic antiseptic cream (bites got infected) and realized that i am now in a war that i have to take WAY more seriously.

Its finally getting better and a few tricks i used to make life easier (for a single guy that hates cleaning etc)were as follows;

1) put all your clothes in the cupboard except for 1 change of work gear and 1 set of casual home stuff.
2) do the same with towels, just use 1
3) use a sleeping bag approapriate to temperature conditions and put away ALL other bed linen. . . (after a week u know all these items are safe)
4) u can fit all those items + your pillowcase into 1 hot wash / day
5) vacuum clean where u sit at comp or watch tv and wear socks cause your feet are in the same spot as the day before. (cant jump or fly and slow movers? so i aint cleaning whole house daily)

Things to remember;
1) try not to feel "dirty" its not your fault, they dont care how clean u are when they make a home of your body.
2) be honest about it with friends that you have the possibility of infecting
3) pray to whatever person, being or effigy you think can help you, cause your in for a long, tough fight.
4) try not to hate the ex that gave you this wonderful parting gift !

Dont Underestimate These Things
by: Anonymous

I’m single guy and live alone. I’ve had these misery causing parasites for 3 months now. I self diagnosed after flea bombing my home 3 times and researching bed bugs and numerous skin allergies.

I got Lyclear (5% permethrin) over the counter at the pharmacist and was just soo damn happy that I now knew what it was and that an end to my itching nightmare was in sight. . . WRONG!

These things are tough and resistant so DONT underestimate their survival talents! I’m now on my 3rd tube of lyclear, 4th packet of antihystamines and 2nd tube of anaesthetic antiseptic cream (bites got infected) and realized that I am now in a war that I have to take WAY more seriously.

Its finally getting better and a few tricks I used to make life easier (for a single guy that hates cleaning etc) were as follows;

1) Put all your clothes in the cupboard except for 1 change of work gear and 1 set of casual home stuff.
2) Do the same with towels, just use 1
3) Use a sleeping bag appropriate to temperature conditions and put away ALL other bed linen. . . (after a week u know all these items are safe)
4) U can fit all those items + your pillowcase into 1 hot wash / day
5) Vacuum clean where u sit at comp or watch TV and wear socks because your feet are in the same spot as the day before. (can’t jump or fly and slow movers? so I a not cleaning whole house daily)

Things to remember;
1) Try not to feel "dirty" it’s not your fault, they don’t care how clean u are when they make a home of your body.
2) Be honest about it with friends that you have the possibility of infecting
3) Pray to whatever person, being or effigy you think can help you, because your in for a long, tough fight.
4) Try not to hate the ex that gave you this wonderful parting gift!

Scabies War
by: Birgit

Sounds like a solid strategy. I wish you lasting success and thanks for sharing!

Scabies in the Ears?
by: Anonymous

I'm on day 3 of nix for scabies I don't feel crawling but I'm getting bit on the inside of my ear lobe,(I think.)I have 2 old bites, when I got out of the shower I felt something irritating and scratched lightly and it was bleeding. No one else seems to be infected. Is this after effect of the cream or am I still infected. Also I haven't really read anything about this bug biting the ear lobe? Does anyone know?

Does Anyone Have the Answer?
by: Anon

I think I must have had these things for some time before I realised what it was. My legs itched like mad every night when I went to bed and felt like they were on fire. I would get up and smother them in cold cream which seemed to help but one night it was so bad I got up and went on the internet and realised that my symptoms looked like scabies. I have used Lyclere twice (and made my husband do the same even though he has no symptoms) but the relief only lasted a couple of days. I am getting through loads of tea tree oil, castor oil and orange oil (which incidentally do not put orange oil directly on the skin it burns like heck). I am changing the bedding, clothes, and towels after only one use and washing them on the highest temperature I can and drying them with a hot tumble dryer. After 4 weeks of this I want to cry -I feel exhausted. I have no idea how I can have got these unless it was at a beauty spa or just from sitting next to or hugging someone with them. My husband seems ok (and I did wonder if the fact he is on Warfarin is protecting him). If anyone can tell me how to get rid of these things - at all stages of their life cycle, I really would be very grateful.

by: Marie

I started itching in May of 2012. I thought it was fleas from my dog or mosquito bites (I live in Mississippi). I saw a FNP after months of itching and she said I had an anti fungal infection. WRONG! She treated me with meds- itching cont'd all over my body- with my scalp being the worst spot. 2 months later, still miserable, suffering from sleep deprivation and depression, I go to a dermatologist and he says I have infected hair follicles on my scalp and completely ignores the fact that I'm itching all over. He treats me with doxycycline. I take all of this med and still suffering. Terrible itching on wrist, feet, under toenail's, legs, thighs , buttocks, wrist, and scalp. I had decided that this would be something I never get rid of. At this point I don't even realize that it's scabies. Finally, after 11 months of agony, I diagnosed myself after reading about scabies online while scratching and crying at 4:00 in the a.m.. I wait for the urgent care clinic to open and went to see a doctor for the appropriate meds to cure scabies which was perm, Ivermectin and steroids to help with the itching. So far, no new bumps and I'm on day 5. I have covered my bed and couch in plastic, I freeze my hairbrush and shoes every night, wash bedding everyday. I never wear the same thing twice without washing. WEAR GLOVES! I wear gloves while changing bedding, cleaning, etc. He told me to take the Ivermectin 7 days after the perm if the treatment was unsuccessful. I took it today just to be safe. No new bumps yet! I suffered from this for 11 straight months! I was misdiagnosed 2x. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. If you are itching late at night, notice clusters of bumps and hives, go to the doctor immediately! These mites can take over your life, cause depression, restlessness and just about drive you mad! There is hope! You just have to plan- what to wash, what to bag, what to freeze, etc. GOOD LUCK!:)

by: Marie

I started itching in May of 2012. I thought it was fleas from my dog or mosquito bites (I live in Mississippi). I saw a FNP after months of itching and she said I had an anti fungal infection. WRONG! She treated me with meds- itching cont'd all over my body- with my scalp being the worst spot. 2 months later, still miserable, suffering from sleep deprivation and depression, I go to a dermatologist and he says I have infected hair follicles on my scalp and completely ignores the fact that I'm itching all over. He treats me with doxycycline. I take all of this med and still suffering. Terrible itching on wrist, feet, under toenail's, legs, thighs , buttocks, wrist, and scalp. I had decided that this would be something I never get rid of. At this point I don't even realize that it's scabies. Finally, after 11 months of agony, I diagnosed myself after reading about scabies online while scratching and crying at 4:00 in the a.m.. I wait for the urgent care clinic to open and went to see a doctor for the appropriate meds to cure scabies which was perm, Ivermectin and steroids to help with the itching. So far, no new bumps and I'm on day 5. I have covered my bed and couch in plastic, I freeze my hairbrush and shoes every night, wash bedding everyday. I never wear the same thing twice without washing. WEAR GLOVES! I wear gloves while changing bedding, cleaning, etc. He told me to take the Ivermectin 7 days after the perm if the treatment was unsuccessful. I took it today just to be safe. No new bumps yet! I suffered from this for 11 straight months! I was misdiagnosed 2x. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. If you are itching late at night, notice clusters of bumps and hives, go to the doctor immediately! These mites can take over your life, cause depression, restlessness and just about drive you mad! There is hope! You just have to plan- what to wash, what to bag, what to freeze, etc. GOOD LUCK!:)

I know your pain -
by: Sassylady

Part 1 of 3. I, too, have been dealing with this for 5 months. Let me say my dogs have had sarcoptic mites before and I got them and was successfully treated with 2 treatment of permethrin cream. However this time, I think the mite got so bad, so entrenched in my home and pets before I recognised it was a mite, that it has become very hard to kill and after 4 treatments of permethrin on myself, I believe they have become resistant to that pesticide.
This time the mite, I believe, was first brought to me by my cat who NEVER goes outside or even to basement. Have no idea how she got it. I didn't recognize it but thought that all her fur on the bedspread was that she was shedding heavily (in small clumps) but when my dog started itching...I immediately recognizee it as MITES. I immediately put Revolution on all dogs and cat. Retreated them in 2 weeks. Now I realize I have them too. I treated with cream 5% permethrin 4X and each time stopped the itching and crawlies for almost a week but then they would come back before re-treatment the 7th day. Yes, I was rigorously cleaning the house. Then I bought products from Naturasil all contain sulfur and oils). I've been using that for 10 days and each day the itching and crawlies got better (less of them). But let me tell you by the time you follow their bathing and lotion instructions, the body prep takes you 1-1/2 hr per night (or morning). And I am washing linens every day in hot and drying in hot; same with clothes that can be done in hot. So now all that makes it midnight or later before I get to bed. But it must be done. I dry cleaned my coats and put my jackets in plastic bags and tie off, putting them away for 2 weeks or more. Then I bot a clothes steamer to use on the clothes I couldn't wash in hot. Will use steamer on mattress this weekend before putting mite sealed bag around mattress. I spray mattress and inside my car daily with either Adams carpet spray or Benzarid. I vacuum the rugs(and put the bag in a tied off plastic bag and throw it in garage outside) and sweep or mop floors every few days. I spray and then wash down counters, toilet, door knobs - anywhere I touch frequently. It is now the first week in April and I am still dosing my dogs and cat weekly. It won't hurt them to treat them with Revolution that frequently and it helps keep the mites down in the house and them from getting reinfected. See next post for continuation.

I know your pain - Part 2 of 3
by: Sassylady

Part 2 of 3. This is an exhausting regimen - but I see progress being made. I just reordered the creams and oils from Naturasil as they are gentle and "slowly" but progressive effective for me...and unfortunately expensive if you have to use them for a prolonged period of time. Yesterday was the first day ever I never felt any bites or crawlies and it is not 12 more hours since last body prep and no crawlies or itching! What I did, after MUCH researching and reading, printing out material and indexing it in a binder - was decide to try some of the products they make for animals. I bought Sardex II (29% sulfur and benzyl benzoate 71% - both of which are well know as treatments for dog, cattle or horse mites). That is working for me. After a long soaking bath and using 10% sulfur soap, I spray Sardex II on my body straight from the can and rub it in (don't get in privates or face). I make sure I am TOTALLY dry when I spray it on or it will sting like crazy. It has the consistency of a thin oil. So I spray it down my leg or in my hand and rub around. I cut my hair short (pixie short) and use it in my hair. It is oily but looks like a hair dressing. Very little odor - no one has noticed. I do not put any on broken or raw skin or on my face. I use a Naturasil topical or cream for those areas. I am very careful to stay away from around the eyes and do not use in any mucous membranes. I use the naturasil cream for those areas. See next post for continuation.

Part 2 of 2. I then made the mistake of using "Nu Stock", a product again for livestock, straight out of the tube - it is about 70% sulfur, 25% mineral oil and 2% pine oil. I put it all over my body and even carefully on my face...big mistake. Everything was fine immediately after application until I woke the next morning. My eyes started stinging like crazy. I washed my face and scrubbed eyebrows, etc. The eyes watered all day and the skin around them became very sore from the dabbing of the tears created constantly by the irritation of the sulfur powder eminating off my body all day long.(No one could see it but my eyes told me.) When I got home from work, I took a bath and washed all the Nu Stock off of me and that sure helped. I did not shampoo off the Sardex II from my scalp. I then dried off completely and applied Sardex II (aerosol) to my body below my neck. If this Sardex II treatment doesn't work, I may reapply the Nu Stock but it will be cut to 50% Nu Stock, 50% aloe vera or 50/50 Nu Stock and Jergens lotion. See next post for final part.

There is hope -
by: Sassylady Part 3 of 3

Part 3 of 3. But... yesterday for the first time there was no itching, no bites and no crawlies!! I am elated after months of this. I expect to continue using the Naturasil on specific bites or itching or crawlie areas, and the lotion on the tender areas, the topical liquid to the pubic area, and bath soaks with Naturasil sulfur soap and their topical liquid while then using the Sardex II on my scalp and body after the bath.
This is very exciting to me. I feel as I am making real progress. I will continue this regimen for another week or two just to make sure as it seems there is a 14 day cycle and the mites are on your body in all stages. There is much conflicting information out there on what kills what stage.

I am not advising you what to do-I am simply telling you what I have done and what effect each step has had. Read, read, read and research. Then make your decision how to proceed. Obviously I was somewhat desperate in order to use animal products, but I have run a dog shelter and encountered sarcoptic mites before so I feel what I might bathe my dogs in and spray on my dogs, more than likely, I will survive too. Know your allergies too. I have found sulfur to be very effective for mites. It can be dangerous to breath in, etc. so read, read and read some more. Believe me - there is much misinformation out on the internet, and some of that is in this blog... so read, read, read and get a consensus of opinion before you decide which way to go. Best of luck to all of us. You can purchase all the products I use on the internet or at local pet or feed store.
Do not do what I did because you like my results. Read, read, read and decide what is right for you. That is how I arrived at decisions on what to do to fight these mites.

Do Red bumps still appear after the live scabies/eggs are killed off?
by: Bonnie

I wonder if the scabies keep spreading from the shoes we wear. I am losing my mind from all the laundry and bagging of my clothes for 3 days for two people. We keep running out of clothes actually, and we can't keep changing our shoes everyday as we don't own enough. The cost of water and electric is killing us. We are being treated with Ivermectin and we still got a few new bumps and itching continues at night. We have good days and bad days. Scabies is a night mare and we have no idea how we caught it. We never see burroughs in our skin, only the itchy bumps. Could this be some other parasite?

Scared, too young to die, and hopeless
by: Anonymous


Well last Friday I started breaking out more than normal, take note that I am a hormonal teenager, and it was hurting. I figured it was a spider bite and I should just put some hydrocortisone on it...WRONG. Tuesday I was at school in English class and THE BUMPS WOULD NOT STOP ITCHING. I was dying, and wishing to go home, but no one could pick me up. Wednesday I missed school.

I was in pain. The doctor looked at it for a matter of 5 seconds and states "oh she's got scabies, no big deal" my mom started to panic. I could hear the nurses talking about me outside. "oh she's got scabies, you think she's a virgin" "we better check that man of hers!" by the way I'm 12 years old and haven’t even kissed a boy yet, let alone sex. Anyway, the doctor prescribed me perthemin 5% or whatever it is. So I was like great and like he doctor said no big deal. So we went home, put the medicine on me from head to toe, and waited 12 hours. OH MY GOD. I woke up that morning feeling as if I were about to pass out. He room was spinning and I kept falling.

I got a really bad headache in one spot of my head, diarrhea and abdominal pain. As I read the back of the tube, these were extremely rare side effects and should get medical help right away. I went to bed not wanting to make my mom spend money as my lovely drug addict father cut it off and let me die. (kiss my ass on father’s day) so forget that, I tried going to bed and I was ok when I lied down and then when I got up I'd fall. I was still eating and stuff and taking 2 hot showers a day. Did nothing! Friday (the next day) I was still sick. Headache stomach ache kind of the feeling when you eat too much chocolate. I lied down and watched TV all day sadly. At night I decided to sleep on the floor not wanting to ruin my mattress and made a fort. This was great until I felt like I was having hot flashes at 12. I don't think so and severe itching all over my body. I could still feel those bastards biting me all over my body. I went back in my bed not even caring if I ruin my mattress and sleeping there.

It was awful pain from 3 am on. It's now 4:27 am and I can't stop crying reading all these stories. I'm afraid I will have to live with this along time. My school already made a nickname while I’ve been gone... Tick face. I really don’t care. At least I shower everyday unlike these people only using water once a week. GROSS. Anyhow, 6am I'll be in the ER. Thanks for that papa. And thanks you pesticides living off my body for making my summer hell.

Finally Rid of Scabies
by: Anonymous

While I was being treated with Ivermictin, took a long 3 week vacation. Stayed at several different nice hotels and went where it was hot, there was an ocean, pool and hot tub nearby to swim. I soaked in the sun using a 50 UV sun protection. Greasy Tanning Oil suffocates them, and the salt from the ocean helped give relief to my skin. The hot tub helped push them out, not kill, because only 120 degrees kills them, and the chlorine from the pool helped provide relief as well. I left my car closed for 1 week in the heat of the sun. The 140 degrees in the car killed anything alive. I took two showers a day and washed with sulphur soap. I used Neem Cream and Tea Green moisturizer after every shower. I used the sulphur ointment for spot treatment on sine if the really bad itchy red spots. I slept on satin sheets because cotton seemed to irritate my skin. I returned home after 3 weeks and everything was dead. Scabies don't live outside, they live on human skin. They die after 72 hours of not feeding. I tried using all these neem crams and tea green lotions, but they don't kill scabies, they just provide relief and if the scabies don't like the smell, all the better. Not everyone has the luxury of doing this, but it worked. Get out of your house for two weeks and stay somewhere else while you're ridding yourself of these parasites if you can. It was a nightmare trying to do things the hard way by disinfection my house, furniture and clothes because I think all I was doing was re-infecting things when eggs were laid. Also taking the parasitic pills really helped. I took 3 separate doses not just one. The second dose was a week after I took the first dose; third dose was taken 4 weeks after the second dose. All these things were done in unison and it finally worked. I'm free because dealing with Scabies is hell.

Beating scabies with a vacation
by: Birgit

Great strategy, thanks for sharing!

Scabies Treatment
by: Anonymous

Use vaseline on your body to keep the mites from burrowing.

by: Anonymous

Just wanted to clarify about several things I know for sure about these mites -

1. it's written in numerous places that you can't get them from your cat or dog as some wrote here (its different species on them)

2. They don't live without human host for more than 1-3 days (these are scientific tests, so I'd trust them more than what someone believes they can survive)

3. Your immune system actually fights this - that's why some people don't even get it, while some require strong antibiotics to get rid of them

4. it's extremely easy to get it from someone - handshake can be enough, but it can crawl from your clothes etc. also

5. A good sign that you have a weak immune system is that it has started to bite in your head, or worse - even in face, they usually bite in places like this only to an immuno-compromised people.

6. You really can't give a little finger to this - you must treat it like a life of death struggle to eradicate them

I had scabies for months, which I got in a low rent house - there were also fleas there, which I irradiated, and since I did know next to nothing about scabies I went for months fighting which I thought was some extremely hardcore fleas (you don't see fleas often also even if they bite you regularly, so it did not surprise me much that I saw no more fleas)
I'm only now starting to get free of this (or have already got free - went for a few weeks without new bite signs and the horrible crawling sensation) - I moved back to living with my mom because of the biting, not knowing what I was carrying, and she of course also got infected, though we had next to none contact and I visited here downstairs-rooms rarely - and having more than one person infected in a house about doubles the difficulty in eradicating them as long as there is at least a slightest contact.
So I eradicated them with some 7 seasons of full body permethrin cream, some 4 seasons of tea-tree oil (also almost full body and regular use to lessen the itching) - salt and soda rubbing, hot water, and physical workouts to strengthen my system. Also the itching continues for weeks after killing the mites - additionally you can get neurodermatitis from this and other problem - many of these topical treatments damage your skin which can cause additional persistent itching.

Also I'd suggest for people to speak as much as possible about this - it will help you get rid of them faster by getting an advice, and learning that most people have had it somewhere in their life - it is the shame that works on the side of those horrible, horrible parasites

It could be bird mites, hookworms, or the mange
by: Anonymous

Don't take a diagnosis of scabies for an answer unless your itch has been looked at under a microscope. I am suffering for 5 weeks now and have been treated 4 times with permethrin, 2 times with Nix and both head to toe. I have been using coconut oil, olive oil, peppermint oil, peroxide, borax, ammonia, Windex, rubbing alcohol, sulfur 8 ointment head to toe, oatmeal colloidial bath, black soap, baking soda in the bath with borax, peroxide, and Epsom salt. Lavender oil, soap, lotion. Sprayed the whole house and yard with indoor/outdoor home defense, Nix bedding spray, bug bombs twice for bedbugs and then roaches, sprayed flea and ant aerosol, using Lysol, sprayed walls and carpet with dawn dish liquid and peppermint oil, and I am still infested. Next I will try diatomaceous earth and Bio Kleen Bac Out to see if that will help. I have even thrown out poison bug pellets in the yard. Seven dust and flea powdered the house. Washed everything in my home that was washable and electric bill skyrocketed. Four ER visits and only one doctor said it wasn't scabies. The other three refused to look at my tape test samples that I had already examined under my own microscope. Instead, these doctors took pride in humiliating me. Save your money, don't go to the doctor and fyi, they won't help you even if it is in your eyes! I have bird mites. They are incredibly hard to eliminate. I am going to spray Lysol on everything and I have everything bagged up, even pillows and mattresses zippered up in bed protectors. I have sprayed my car many times, mopped with ammonia and then bleach. My landlord will not help and the pest control people will not deal with it. I have to trash all of my belongings and move. Also, wearing satin, silk, slick polyester and rayon really helps reduce the biting and spreading. I am still fighting my heart out. There was a bird nest about 5 ft. from a window where an intruder broke in about 2 months ago. The landlord never fixed the screen and I believe this is where the bugs gained entrance. Keep fighting. I know things seem hopeless but I have faith in the good of humanity that I can beat this. I have had red bumps to continue to appear and when I use the oils, it purges bugs and debris from the skin. Do yourself a favor and don't go buy a microscope unless you really want to know what is on your skin and those pieces of fuzz are alive and moving I promise. I keep hearing that you should fix yourself internally too because of the insane amount of parasites we all harbor. Scary!

Hate Scabies
by: Anonymous

Scabies; I had suffered this infection for almost 6 month. I've seen the dermatologist for 4 times. Got injected 3 times. The itching has relieved in the past 10 days after I applied the first tube of permethrin but it is starting to get worse again after I applied the second tube....WHAT!! The second dose should make you feel better right....?. Washed my clothing and bedding with hot water. I'm not sure whether the scabies are still alive or is it the permethrin that gives me the itching. New bumps also appear. My doctor said to see him again in 1 month but I can’t stand the itching. How the hell am I going to get rid of this thing? Should I see my doctor earlier?

by: Liz

I am not sure why the permethrin package says to do treatments every 7 days when these things lay eggs and can hatch in 2. I find I am itchy with a vengeance two days after treatment. More welts at night. This week I am going to great every two days. I also purchased lime sulphur dip for my dog. Has anyone used this on themselves? I hear it is the best thing for scabies.

Scabies help!
by: Anonymous

I'm 13 and female , I came out with itchy bubbles on my left wrist two weeks after I came bak from my holiday in Southeast Asia where I stayed for 7 weeks! First the gp thought I had some other virus and they gave me this green tablet and an ointment. Then bcoz it didn't stop I went again they gave me another tablet but that didn't help either. I went 4 a blood test, then I went for another check up and this time it was a lady. She told me I had scabies an gave me a leaflet but I had already figured I had it ,the night b4 as on one my aunties is a doctor and she told my mum. But a few hours ago I completed one treatment and I feel like it had gotten worse I know I should stay patient bcoz it's only my first time. I also haven't slept in a long time and cannot eat properly ! My hands look horrible as do my legs and inbetween my hands (the finger webs i think) It's gone crusty :/ help will this ever go ?! I have been so worried and I live with my two younger sisters and my parents and I think they might e getting itchy soon.

oh my gosh, why me? why any of us?
by: Anonymous

Yep... I have "the bugs" as well... Yep, I am ashamed, hoping no one finds out lest they think it makes me a "dirty" person. 1st dose of Perm 3 days ago and from the comments here, I'm not feeling too hopeful. Ivermectin is a pretty serious drug. When I was a vet tech and when we administered this to a dog for the first time they had to stay the day with us for observation. Also, this BS that you can't get it on your scalp... I can't see any bumps yet but I am fighting the urge to claw my head. I dye my hair and I am so afraid that if I use dilute the perm cream with a bit of water or conditioner that it may totally jack up my hair color or have a wierd chemical reaction and melt my hair off. I have an appt to get my roots done this Friday and will quietely tell my beautician she needs to wear gloves the entire time to protect herself. Anyone know if Lice treatment would work on scabies and color treated hair? I'm only day 5 into the scabies world and I CANNOT let this drag on for months, like you brave people have had to endure! I cannot! I had it in grade school and I remembered it only being like a 2 week thing? I'm not due to reapply the perm until the 17th, any alternatives I can do between now and then? Please? My ins deductible is met right now but starts over Jan 1st so now would be the time to do something radical! Help? Suggestions?

scabies hell!!
by: Anonymous

First doctor we went to told us it was an allergic reaction. the second didnt know what it was. the third doctor diagnosed the rash as scabies and we figured out my son got it from the school borrowing him a pair of gloves to wear from the lost and found (how nice?! NOT). The fourth doctor gave us perm 5% & only a week dose and told us we needed to bag everything for a week and clean house with straight bleach. the fifth doctor gave more perm and said dont waste your time cleaning and use perm once a week for 2 weeks. the 6th doctor told use to continue perm and the mites can only live off from a host for 2-3 days. this all started December 3rd and now at January 20th, im going NUTS! The cream sucks and obviously doesnt work!! I thought they were going away and i have new bites today! We have 3 kids and us and im going NUTS! I can feel them crawling and biting. it hurts. im so damn hopeless and absolutely tired of them taking over my life! We even threw out my sons bed (he had them the worst) & took everything out of his room. but we still have the damn bugs. we bought tons of bed bug spray and that did NOTHING

After 6 months, I feel like a pro (part 1)
by: You're a warrior!

To the question, you're body is purging a lot so yes you can still get hives and bumps and itchyness even if you have no live mites anymore. I personally feel like it's all about that certain kind of itch, it feels deeper, more maddening, crawling, or just like you can sense some invasive presence, you can tell it's because of the mites. Then there's satisfying itching that comes with getting stuff out of your skin. It feels more surface level, before I did any treatment when it was bad, I could feel it in my gut some times when I scratched like it nearly made me gag and and i could keep scratching till i was bleeding and raw, burning hot water felt orgasmic(when they were there my body wanted to harm itself) now burning hot water hurts and I'm itchy but if I scratch a certain amount I reach a limit. I'm trusting in the healing and purging process although it's easy to slip back into fear and go OH GOD DO I STILL HAVE THEM!? Stay cool. It takes time.

After 6 months, I feel like a pro (part 2)
by: You're a warrior!

I want to say, allow yourself to remember the lessons that you're getting from this experience! We grow a lot from our suffering and the body awareness and lessons in self-care that you get from getting mites is some times exactly the journey we need to go on. Also remember how removed us first worlder modern humans are, parasites are natural and if you got this from travelling, it's a small price to pay from being out there in the world and meeting new people. If you have had it that long and it's really bad then you might need to go extensive and do 2 maybe 3 Permetherin treatments a few days to a week apart from each other. After winning the battle, I took lots of baths to draw out toxins and cleanse. Epsom salts, Sea salts, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, rosemary, turmeric and nice essential oils also help a lot. The itch comes not so much from bites but allergic reactions to the toxins in your skin from it. Bathing in ginger powder helps with allergic reactions, skin irritation, body aches, clears congestion, among other things. Bleach baths seemed to help a lot, I'd take a body brush and a spray bottle with 1 cup of bleach and 3 cups of water and spray the brush and my body and scrub as much as my skin could take to get as many mites, and feces and dead skin and possibly eggs(not sure if they might be too far down) out from my skin and sanitized. Afterwards you feel like you went swimming at the pool. I take "Perfect Skin" tablets with vitamin e oils and and fish oils and all kinds of things to help your skin throughout this extensive process. It's super important to stay hydrated best you can these days as well! Your body is doing it's best to flush out a lot of garbage between the affects of the parasitic infection and the chemicals or medications. I suggest doing a herbal cleanse after you're done with any chemical stuff you may partake in to get that poison out of your system after it is no longer serving you. pamper yourself with yummy bath times and healing teas. From drinking the tight teas you can love up your kidneys and liver as well, which are directly linked to skin health, with peppermint, turmeric, chicory, dandelion, yellowdock, green tea, uva ursi, man soo many herbs are good for the liver and kidneys.
Good luck, hope you feel stronger after all this, you are a warrior!!!!

by: Anonymous

I also was diagnosed several years ago with hand/foot and nothing relieved my itching. My husband never broke out, after many doctors and test A doctor in South Louisiana diagnosed me with Licus Planus. After I dose of meds I noticed relief!

Please help!
by: Anonymous

My son has had three scabie breakouts since January. Each one I did the cream along with neem oil and tea tree oil and the whole nine yards of cleaning and washing daily. Each time I thought we got them because 5 wks went by with no bites and then WHAM more bites. My question is, is it coming from someone else or is it possible that they were never gone to begin with?? Thanks in advance

Try Witch Hazel
by: Anonymous

My son brought this home not knowing exactly where he picked up the mites, but he scratched and it spread over his entire body. We took him to 2 different doctors and both misdiagnosed and gave him antibiotic and itching crème which made it worse. Only after research did I figure it was mites on him. We did find a dr who gave us the crème for mites, I think it may have worked a little, we tried all the essential oils, very slow progress. Also sulfer lotion called nu-stock, worked but slow. I tried witch hazel and it immediately made the mites come to the top of the skin and wipe off into the sponge. This is the only product so far that has 100% killed them, and forced out of the skin. This has been a nightmare washing everything and trying not to reinfect. If you a suffering through this go buy a bottle of witch hazel in the facial cleansing isle and use it to kill these things!

by: Anonymous

I am 21 years old and got scabies from my ex gf 2 months ago and she just told me yesterday that I may have gotten scabies from her. I've been itching like crazy especially at night and I just got the permethrin cream yesterday and covered my body with it last night. I woke up to more itching then I had before the cream and I can still feel the scabies biting my legs and arms, how long until these rashes and biting goes away. I washed everything and my doctor told me to be patient but I feel like the bugs are still here. Does anyone no how long it takes for the itching and rashes to go away. I'm going insane.

here's my scabies story
by: Anie

I was diagnosed with scabies on july 28 2014. The day my life changed forever! It's true one's cleanliness has nothing to do with catching these parasites from hell. To those who are suffering from it or just found out they have it here's what i did. The first night i applied the permethrin as directed the next morning got up took a warm bath washed every single piece of clothes in my room. As the two weeks passed by i had been cleaning like a crazy woman. On the third week i bought a dog soap. Yes! Dog soap! It has permethrin in it. I left it on my body for about an hour. Now i am on my forth week. Now i am only left with the post scabies. How i deal with it is i use hidrocortisone and calamine lotion. Please guys don't give up.... It gets better. & a very huuuuge thank you for the helpful tip from the people who post their experiences on these sites. Good luck you guys. And remember to clean clean clean. Oh ps. Keep cleaning your phones with baby wipes put a little bit of clorox on it. XO

by: Anonymous

Iv had this nasty issues for 3 months i cleaned laundry couches bed carpet everyday for a week i did the permethrin cream 3 times.and i was still getting new borrows. then i. Started taking Bleach baths w/ 1/4 cup of bleach i take 1 a day i lay in it for 10 mins been doing it for 7 days finally think there gone :)

3 week vacation
by: Anonymous

To the person who wrote that they got rid of scabies by "spending 3 weeks in a nice hotel, swimming in their public pool, using public hot tub and sleeping in the hotel bed in order to allow the ones at her home time to die," Did you tell the hotel that you had scabies while you were staying? Any concern for the next occupant of the room? I would not wish this on my worst enemy much less an innocent stranger. It sounds like the vacation that each person here could use- scabies eradication is a constant, exhausting and often painful process. I'm glad that you are feeling better but can't help but wonder if you are the source of the mites that are ruining one of our lives.

by: Anonymous

It started with a rash on my back, dermatoilghist said it was dry skin they gave me a compound medicine it helped but never went away for about 3months I've been itching all over with red bumps appearing but they say it's not scabies but itches terrible when it clears up it leaves a brown looking freckle an that don't itch ,I have used the compound med but everyday I get more spots an I've bleached everything didn't find any bed bugs,it's driving me crazy

hate it
by: Anonymous

i have been itching for a month now keeps me up all night and just very fustrated, thought it was a allergic reaction from something switched my laundry detorgant and everything but recently just been diagnosed with "SCABIES" doctor gave me permethrin 5% i took a shower then applied it on me and like it says on the tube after use you will be itching more, i have more bumps on me than i did before but not as itchy its been 3 day since i did this then i have to repeat it next week i feel more relaxed and not as itchy i mean here and there yes. I think that the bumps we get after the first application of the cream are just the feces of the mites being drawn out of us " got to think of it as its only going to get worse before it gets better "

Still in process
by: Jackie

I've had scabies for the entire 2014 year. It has been hell. I live with only my daughter. We sleep in the same bed or did for 5 months before I knew what I had. She hasn't contracted it. She is all over me ( she's 7). I've had to change our relationship because I can't be my playful loving self in fear I might just give her this awful beast of infection.
There is so so so much more as my life has changed due to this but this is what I have done.
I believe it sarted Dec 2013 - Jan 2014 (definitely) I wasn't diognosed until May 2014. Long time for these parasites.
3 treatments of Premethrin 5% (thats 6 applications).
One dose of Stromectol (6 pills). Now on second dose, 5 days in...I've had my private area clear some but have gotten whole new large areas of all kinds of red bumps. They come and go frequently.
Also - my entire head and lobes of ears have been infected. They say can't live in hair - only elderly and infants - NOT TRUE.
In the mean time and in betweeen treatments, I have used clove oil and neem oil with little help. These may work if you catch the diagnosis early (within 2 months or so). Neem kills eggs, clove kills mites.
I've even taken 3 baths in cayenne pepper. Oh yeah!
I , in hind sight don't recommend baths because they reinfect (can swim) new areas unless you have something that will immobilize or kill them in the bath water. I used epsom salt and baking soda most often but doesn't do the trick.
The mites love sweet smells.
Ah... one thing that will allow you to have an entire nights sleep with NO ITCHING - I promise... Get an aloe leaf, take a tbsp of gel (try for sap more so) into 16 ounce glass of water. Blend in blender for best results. Its a little bitter but so worth it. If you have cancer (currently), ask doctor. And you can do this no more than 3 days in a row...wait 3 days...go again. It will clean your blood, clean you out (about an hour after drinking) and lower your blood sugar. But for our purposes, no itching and an entire nights sleep. They have bottles sold at Walmart already made up but I never tried them and boycott Walmart.If Walmart sold the cure, I'd have to start my boycott another day.
I'm making an appointment for Infectious Disease tomorrow. I will keep posted.

things I've learned about SCABIES
by: Anonymous

1st: It's not only transmitted sexually. I've red stories about kids getting it in school (little kids, before sex), and about a guy who though his house was infested by super fleas and after a long fruitless battle decided to move out of his rental and in with his grandma and guess what? it turns out he had scabies and his grandma got it from him (and I don't picture them having sex) also it's common to get it in hospices (those people wish they were still having sex) and myself I sleep with my wife every night and she is still symptom free.

2nd: almost every story of scabies includes months of mis diagnostics by dermatologists, this is not only expensive but also prolongs the suffering. This is not to say you should not trust your doctor, but be warned that they are not now it all's and there may be a number of more frequent skin diseases that look simmilar, so in conclusion: ask him/her to look at a skin sample under a microscope. If no scabies are found ask to look again, if still nothing try a different doctor and ask again, repeat until convinced it's NOT scabies or until it is finally diagnosed.

3rd: Almost every success story of curing scabies goes FAR FAR beyond the Dr. recomendation (use this permethrin cream all over your body, twice and you'll be free and clear, yeah right! we wish!!) people have had to change their whole lives, go trough strict regimens and use multiple lines of attack. In conclusion: do your own research and attack this head on as radically as you can tollerate, don't give this bug a chance!

4th: tons of stories about people suffering from this for months! I've only had symptoms for about 20 days and already my life is miserable and I'm not discarding loosing my job over this (international sales, so I travel and have to be in front of very important people for a living)

5th: you CAN get ivermecting from a farmers coop (10 doses for U$4.99) and it is the same ivermectin you would use for humans, BUT the problem is that as it is packaged for horses, it comes in a oral paste inside of a syringe (not for injecting but for dispensing into the mouth of the horse) that you can somewhat easily dose into 250 pounds doses (if you weigh 250 pounds your in luck, the seringe I bought is good for a 1250pound horse so you have 5 doses there for $4.99) but if you're somewhat smaller (I'm 140 pounds) its hard to gauge the exact dosage, and 10% or 20% overdose won't hurt you (unless you're allergic to it, in which case no percent is good for you) but you have to know you will probably get a higher than recommended dose or perhapps (worse) a lower than recommended as, again, it's very difficult to measure small doses correctly.

6th: you can also get permethrin at a farmers coop, but you will have to dilute it to get it down to 5%. I used it at 7 or 8 percent (same as with the ivermectin, it's hard to get the perfect formula unless you have laboratory measuring equipment) and I prefer to have a higher dose than a lower one. Unfortunately the brand I got had kerosene as a carrier, so not only it smelled very strong but you have to be VERY careful to steer clear of your private parts or you will regret it dearly (trust me, I know). This will cost you about $20 for enough permethrin to treat an elephant, two zebras, and still have enough for you and the whole family (that's after cutting it down with your prefered moisturizing lotion).

7th: Nu-Stock seems to help. A lot. just go to Amazon and read the customer reviews. This product has been on the market for over 40 years and per FDA regulations it's not labeled for use in humans, but it is certainly not harmful to us either it's just that etting FDA approval costs hundreds of millions of dollars and sulfur cannot be pattented and therefore noone is gonna pursue FDA approval for it. (as of today October 1st 2014 it costs U$15 for a 12 ounce bottle and even if you cut this 50/50 with something else which should leave you with a 36.5% sulfur lotion this is more than enough for the whole family.

8th: Read, Read and then Read some more. Do not rely on your doctor alone, those guys have a profit motive and will never tell you to do things for yourself, they will only tell you to do what they tell you to do (it's also a liability issue) and never do what you see anybody else doing online, it may not work for you or it can even make it worse if you react badly to any of those products.

9th and final: Permethrin is lethal to cats. I have two cats and a big house, I tried to keep them away from the undiluted permethrin solution, and from the diluted lotion I'm using, and they are still perfectly fine, so no need to go crazy about isolating the cats, but make sure you don't go treating your house with it either because those guys are constantly licking themselves and it could get serious for them. Dogs are fine. Fish and reptiles are also sensitive to them, it will kill them.

Good luck, and keep reading, find what works for you!

by: Anonymous

Hello I have scabies from head to toe in my mouth, eyes, ears, nose and whole body. Use 8 treatments of permethrin and 2 of eurax did not work. Use 1 dose of 3mg pill of stromectol and did not work. Left my house for 8 days because it was infested,. They do not die in 3 days I came home they were alive everywhere especially in bathroom and yes you can see them. They are small but you can see them. I just went to a research hospital they gave me 35 stromectol pills 5 3mg pills a day for 7 days this is the dose you need if covered with them. Also must leave house for 2 weeks so will not get reinfested your houses are infested get wipes and wipes everything you will see them small and black. Must leave homes for 2 weeks and get this dose of stromectol.

if you can see them then it's not scabies.
by: Anonymous

Scabies are 200 to 400 nano meters, you cannot see them with the naked eye, period. If you can see "them" then you probably have bird mites, which are certainly visible if you have good eye sight, and the mites are against a dark background. I read that bird mites are 10 times more difficult to eradicate than scabies. Do tons of research, this is a very difficult battle and good luck.

by: Anonymous

You can see scabies. I am infested with Norwegian scabies and because I have millions on me they are everywhere.they were identified as a scabies mite. I have read millions of post where people can see them. They are as small as a pepper grain.if you really look you can see them. I have a low immune system so they took over my whole body and they do come to the surface of your skin at night. This is when they are active.I thought it was bird mites at first because I can see them but it was not it is scabies a bad case of it. They even went in my eyes and mouth.

common sense doesn't apply
by: Anonymous

So I wrote a previous comment describing my ordeals. I said I would comment back. Well...I think this may be very helpful to some.
I had taken my second dose of Stromectol 8 days apart. I am now a week into it.
The first few days after the second dose, I was the worst I had been in over 9 months. I got breakouts of clusters of bumps. I began to get new kinds of bumps (odd shaped others larger but no redness). I had a large masss in my damn ear lobe!!!
I had an extremely stressful week to add to it. I keep my head most all the time and don't sweat even the larger stuff but I began to lose my mind. I was getting bit by mesquitoes and the were massive looking! I truely was a wreck! I didn't know how to handle my emotional collapse and began getting massive hives on my legs, similar to the mesquito bites but red instead of skin colored.
Stay with me...
A friend came by with some chewable sleeping aid and talked me out of going to the emergency room on the fourth day of my second treatment.
That night I slept soundly and calmed down to my normal self. Everyday since this breakdown, I have done nothing different except calm back down and I am healing!!! Monday was about to go to the emergency room. Friday (today) most all my bumps (new and old) are dried up. I have very little itching and absoluely no biting sensations.
I want to explain this because it has been a rollercoaster ride for me. One day, some bumps are drying up only to come right back in the same spot and more. I think the medicine is working, then get new marks - how could it be killing these mites when I have many new marks? Common sense would say, they are hatching again and the cycle hasn't stopped. It would also say the oral medicine's effect would lessen over time rather than a week - 4 weeks begin to take action. I don't understand it but I haven't gotten new marks for 3 whole days and very close to having all my types of bumps gone or dried up! Unheard of for me.
If....oh lawd...if I dare leave another comment, it will be because I have lost the battle again. But if you don't hear from me I am cured. Is it possible to be completely cured?!! Hell yes. We will get back to our previous lives one day sooner than later! Believe and keep your minds positive and as stressed as humanly possible.

Plz help !
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm 13 and i can't stop itching ! My scabies before I took the treatment was not bad I had a couple of bumps here and there and you couldn't really see them but I went to a dermatologist and she gave me treatment (the cream ) I kept puting on the cream once or twice for 2 days the second day it got worst ! My whole body was covered with bumps ! And I've been like this for 3 days and I don't get any sleep at night. At night it's the worst I think becz I can't stop itching !! I have been putting on Allegra but it only stops the itching for a short amount of time. And I'm getting scared becz I have been researching and they say that these bumps last for years . I need help I have been missing school too . Plz someone anyone! :(

Be Patient
by: Anonymous

Hi yes it will keep itching its normal they don't just leave your body in fashion... Be patient and it will eventually go away.

OMG I was dying!!!
by: Donna

Sometime in June I started itching...I finally was at my wits end thinking it was going to go away. My Dr said it was an allergic rash to something. And he went down the whole list abt pets, new detergent for clothes question, new meds. None of sent me on my merry way with anti itch creme. So mth goes by still no relief but getting worse. Saw a dermatologist. At first she wasnt sure although the word scabies came up. She gave me an antibiotic and again anti itch cream. I finally looked up scabies thinking that is only for dirty conditions etc. NOT!!!! Omg I was looking up anything on the internet and the pictures were exactly what I had all the side effects. So c the derm Dr again she does a biopsy to confirm what I truely believe is scabies. Well 300.00 later and she said it came back neg. At one point she percribed Permethrin. Used 2 weeks 7 days apart. Somewhat worked but Ive had this going on 4 mths who knows how many times these mites have multiplied! Finally got her to give me Stromectol although she says doesnt like to give because it can cause seizures. Ive never had side effects from anything or have an medical condition. These pills are taken again 7 days apart. I was give 4 for each time. According to the internet I should have had 6-7 each 7 day period according to body weight which is why it still didnt clear up....she then prescribed 6 pills only one time and then wanted to see me.During this time I ordered soap with benzyl benzoate with tea something in it and benzyk benzoate u mix with water and I sprayed that on. Oh yes at some point did a bleach bath too mixed with water. I was getten desperate as the words infestation and mites really was creepin me out the longer this lasted. Its been weeks now...still use the soap as I am now paronoid and as a precaution.These thing were relentless!!!!!!I feel ur pain those suffering with this.

losing this battle
by: Anonymous

It has been 4 months. I am infected head to toe. They are in my mouth my eyes my nose and my head is infested bad. Everything on my body is infested. My house and car are infested beyond belief. They are little black specks everywhere. U can see the bugs under a microscope. I cannot get a positive id on these mites anywhere. I have tried every treatment u can think of and scrub my house everyday and bomb my car everyday. I lost my job over this yesterday and I am very scared. I have little girls I am so scared they r going to get this. I am depressed and feel my life is over with no way out.I have no more money and no way to leave my home. I don't think it's possible at this point to get them out of my car or house. I can't live this way much longer.

To: Losing this battle....
by: Anonymous

I, too, have a little one and have had this for many, many months. My advice is to stay as calm as humanly possible. Your stress level can only cause your body to show signs with this Scabies thing. I know it is asking the world to do so, but if you don't find a way to make yourself believe all will be ok, it will continue to progress.
Do whatever it is that makes you feel just a tiny bit better. Taking Benydril (Spelling?) helps because not only does it help stop the itching, but whe stressed out BEYOND BELIEF, it helps your skin - as to not feel completely covered.
I sleep in the same bed as my daughter. We have a one bedroom, small place and I have had this since Dec 2013 - Jan 2014. Don't flip out because it has been a long time. For the first 4 months, I hadn't even been diagnosed yet. I didn't know I had it and of course wasn't taking any precautions for my daughter. She hasn't gotten it.
Fear comes over you. I know. Believe me, I know. I'm a single mom on a very fixed income and have spent so much money on this that I am nearly 2 months behind on my rent. I am not one to be behind on rent, at all.
I can say that "common sense" may be out the window when it comes to trying to understand if it is going away or not. One day I was covered in bumps and so stressed, I also began hives. I was headed to the emergency room because I was that desperate. (I had been to a ever-so-lazy ass Dermatologist and 2 other doctors prior). A male friend came over and brought me some Benadyril chewables, talked me down a bit and I slept for the second time in nearly 10 months.
If you want the itching to STOP (which is important for many reasons other than relief) - This is cheap and will give you absolutey NO itching. Buy an aloe leaf ($0.89) at local farmer's market. Cut and take a tblsp of sap and gel (as much sap as you can vs gel-like substance) and blend with 16 oz glass of water. Drink it. Do this for only 3 days most then take break 3 days -do again if you wish. These scabies hate bitter. They love sweet. Make your body bitter as you can. Stop sugar as much as possible. BTW, stopping sugar for most all diseases is always the anwser. Sucks, but true.

1. Calm yourself/ mind.
2. Benadryal
3. Aloe and water. Drink. (Stay close to bathroom for no more than an hour). It will clean you out too. It's more gradual than a laxative but be aware.
4. Make your body bitter. Stay way from sugars.
5. Stay calm and positive mentally - lie to yourself if you have to. make yourself believe - we all do that in other ways - do it now!

I am still not sure of most of the side effects but I took Stromectol - 6 pills (it's according to your weight). I am on my 3rd dose over the last 3 months and I am almost over it. I will say that I have had reactions (all kinds of bumps) after taking this. I took it on a Thursday - by the following Tuesday, I was a wreck because it seemed I was being reinfected. I wasn't. I waited another day or two and like magic - All my bumps were drying up. But it was a process...still is because it's not like a scratch or pimple. It will take it's processes to get rid of what these shit heads leave in our skin. I've had what looks like cysts form and go away. I've had white heads form from some. I've had what feels and looks like hives form from others. Your body is doing all it can to rid itself - it won't make sense. Just stay calm and know your body knows what it is doing to rid itself.
I am sorry you lost your job over this. My life, as I knew it, changed dramatically, as well. It is a moment in time and will change again. May you be well!

by: Anonymous

treat yourself to a vacation :)

by: Anonymous


creepy crawlers
by: Anonymous

I have had them only for one week and I feel like I have killed them. I used permethrin all over and Rid spray and shampoo on my hair and skin. I also used foaming bleach spray all over my body after each shower. I have also washed bedding and dried everything on high heat. As a result of my consistency all of my bites have turned black and barely itch at all. You guys have nothing to lose try it. v.

caught it from work !
by: Uughh ..scratch me now !!

I'm a nurse and I caught this hell mite from work . My job covered it up for months saying " it's definitely not scabies . I've seen 5 dermatologist 2 said scabies and threw a cream (Premetharin ) at me the last gave me Ivermectin and the cream . I have had 2 biopsies 6 topical treatments 2 steroids oral doses which include 3 different taperings of prednisone and dexamethasone, attarat and Benadryl to only find I had scabies. I have one patient with Norwegian scabies . It's sad because he can't scratch or speak . My job literally ignored complaints and warnings of this epidemic rating up our patience and staff . So I'm trying Neem hopefully it will relieve this itch !

by: Anonymous

Got scabies, done EVERYTHING!! Still had them. Cleaned everything BUT the dog!! Animals can't get scabies, but they CAN carry them!! So wash animals and treat them with a flea spray then isolate them from you for 3 or 4 days. I've done it all. Still have them after 2 treatments and endless cleaning!! I sprayed my car too with Hot Shot files, tick and lice spray along with carpets and furniture.

losing this battle
by: Anonymous

It is now months since my last post and I am still infested head to toe with mites. They are all over my house as well you can see them.I cannot get a positive I'd on them me and my house are infested so bad I had to send my little girls away to be safe. No one can help me and nothing works to kill them.doctors think it is a joke.I am about to goto the news and take this national you can't tell me there is no cure for this that I will die in isolation this way. It is not scabies. Don't no what my mite is. God help us all. I live isolated in such depression now. My life is over.

this is the worst part 1
by: Anonymous

I've had scabies for around 3 months now and it's utterly shit. I think I got rid of it for a bit but I think I gave it to the girl I was seeing and then got it back. The medication (permithrin) just seems to paralyse it for a bit and the itching is more bearable then comes back. However, I do not get these red bumps that people talk of; instead when I scratch I come up in these skin coloured bumps and more often these sort of long, straight skin coloured lines. Treating it has been a complete bitch and made harder by the fact I am a student; I live in one room and laundry is very expensive and time consuming, so I sometimes just have to resort to sleeping fully clothed on the floor.

this is the worst part 2
by: Anonymous

It's hard to have a positive outlook on it; my friends and family are very ignorant on the subject and treat me like im carrying ebola, mock me or judge me. It's frustrating as I caught it completely serendipitously (I definitely had no 'prolonged physical contact' in the relevant time frame). Permithrin was a waste of time and it seems the bastards have grown immune to it due to my bombardment of them with it. I'm using melathion (derbac m) now which I hope will work and if it doesnt I will move onto ivermartin or whatever it's called. I hate to think how bad this is for my skin but I would honestly lose a finger or friend to get rid of it now. It sounds melodramatic but I'm sure the majority who are driven to post will understand. Good luck.

It's finally coming to an end...
by: Anonymous

I commented months ago but wanted to give update.

I HAD scabies for over a year. Now that doesn't mean YOU will but the "cure" isn't readily apparent for our medial community. They send you off with a cream 1st and ONLY, most times. The cream is a joke. You can't tell me these doctors don't know the basics about this. We are not the only patients in the country to get this f'n bull.
I switched dermatologists for the third time this past Feb. Went in and said "Please help me, I have scabies and have had it since December of 3013!" She instantly says, "Well you haven't had it for quite sometime now." "EXCUSE ME?!" Then why am I itching and scratching like a flea infested animal? She then tells me my skin has been through a dramatic episode. Your skin will itch for a few more months and the "living centers" of these f'n mites will turn into hard pea-like bumps. Yeah, that still itch!
If you've had this for more than 3 months and have known it (meaning you have been treating it, somehow), this advice may want you to slap me in the face but it is the most important knowledge in order for you and this process to turn around. Okay... this scabies bullsh*t causes one to mentally become incrementally INSANE. No matter what you are doing for treatment, take OTC meds to stop the itcing. I would take these purple dissolvable sleeping aids at night and I actually had a good night's sleep. They are generic but they worked like a dream! Get to a place where you can feel relief of any kind. Slowly TRY to get yourself back to reality (meaning everything other than this scabies issue). I know...HOW? Well, out of complete and utter necessity is the only how I've got.
I know most on here have had it for a long time, but if you are just being diagnosed, YOU MUST INSIST on a doctor that will prescribe BOTH the Permithin cream and the Invermin (Mine began with a S, but I forgot the name). It will be 4-6 pills all at once depending on your weight. If you have liver issues, you want to let your doctor know ASAP beforehand.
Do both simutaneously! The pills are no joke. I believe it is actual pesticide. Not so great but what do you do when your given the choice of being shot or drowned?
It's been a month since she told me I was scabies free. Didn't I get 3-4 red bumps on my lower stomach, again! Hadn't had anything for months like that. They went away and I did nothing to make that happen. So don't flip out when a new red bump appears. Just do your treatment - use ALL your resources to keep yourself most comfortable - stay as positive as humanly possible and know you will come back from this. It is a small part of the big picture of your life. Try not to let it submerge you completely. If so, get out of the hopelessness feelings ASAP.
Some might say, "My feelings have nothing to do with these m' fers eating at me!!!!!" But your wrong in so many ways. It is the platform for your well being. Don't get me wrong, I screamed to the top of my lungs. Picture me on my knees screaming "Why?!!!!! Why?!!!!!!" with my hands up to the ceiling.
I didn't realize how this had slowly taken my sanity. There are stages and most make no sense. Actually with exception of taking both meds TOGETHER, nothing relates to common sense when dealing or knowing what stage you are at.
I thought I still had scabies and hadn't for sometime. I was floored when the doctor said that I didn't have them!
A month later and I am gaining myself back. I still have skin issues but that will pass too. I am able to think beyond under my clothes now. You will too. You will!!!!!!!!!
BTW, I had scabies for over 5 months before I was diagnosed (or even went to the doctor) so I was infested completely by that time. 2 creams x 2 weeks, 3 doses of Stromecol or something like that. Most doctors don't want to prescribe because of the dangers but if they got an alternative that works-bring it on!!!

This is life changing but TEMPORARY. Be well.

My method..
by: Trying

Was itchy for what seemed like a month and a half along with a few room mates so one finally goes to the hospital and finds out we got everyones favourite parasite. This was last week. I did the treatment with "NIX" asap and followed through on cleaning the whole place. Everyone I live with also took the cream. After using the nix I kept noticing more red bumps. So now I'm not sure if I'm reacting to the cream because now it seems worse? So in a panic tonight I boiled water and mixed it with isopropyl, sea salt, sunlight dish soap, and tea tree oil. I cleaned myself with soap in really hot water then used a cloth to scrub my mixture all over. Let it sit. then rinsed and dried and used more permathin (spelling?) cream all over and am going to see how things work out tomorrow. I'll update this with my results shortly...

NuStock for mite from hell !!!
by: Anonymous

NuStock is a 75% sulfer cream used for mange on horses and pets. This is the only topical treatment that has helped me! It is available online. You also have to build up your immune system with good diet and exercise. "Never Be Sick Again" by Raymond Francis is a very good book on diet and health. It is very easy to understand. (In laymens terms.) Available at most good book stores or online. A few years ago I took some different oral (cures) and they made me ill!! This (B)itch mite is real!

Neem oil ointment does help.
by: Anonymous

Before I tried NuStock sulfer cream I used a neem oil ointment on the (B)itch mite. It did help. Pebble

Damn mites
by: Anonymous

I started itching about two weeks ago. I thought I had ringworm because I had it a few years ago and remembered that it looked like tiny bug bites but there was no black tip. I went to two clinics, they both thought I had scabies. I was given cream for me and my partner. We bagged everything and washed our beddings. We did the second treatment lastnight. When I'm working I wear gloves. But I also wear cotton gloves so the latex doesn't stick to my skin. I also used GoldBond this morning. The itching and little bumps came back! Wtf. I'm trying to stay posture as possible but I'm OCD and this is just not great at all.

Chemical Warfare
by: Anonymous

I stayed at a very nice hotel about 2 weeks ago and after about a week developed a rash on this inside of my right forearm and a smaller rash on the inside of my left wrist. A lot of little bumps and they itched like hell. At first I though poison ivy but after some research online thought I might have picked up scabies. Sure enough it started to spread (thankfully not too far) and the symptoms were classic.

I immediately ordered some 5% Permithin cream and some sulfur butter and soap to try to nip things in the bud. In the meantime I used some Aveeno hydrocortisone cream to control the itch. However in just a couple of nights things really took a turn for the worse.

It was still several days until I expected to receive the treatments I ordered and the number of itchy bumps had increased pretty dramatically. They spread, only slightly but the number of bumps increased a lot and the itching was out of control. it was clear I needed to do something to knock them down while waiting for the products I ordered to arrive.

I happened to read some post about some soap that helps that has naptha in it. I also happened remember I had some spot remover in the house that is 100% naptha. So I took the questionable step of putting some of that on some cotton balls and swabbed the affected areas with it. Not that smart but I was pretty desperate.

I repeated this the next day a couple of times. Since the first application the itching has almost completely stopped and the bumps are starting to dry up and recede. I think I must have at least killed a whole bunch of the parasites. I wasn't too surprised because I couldn't imagine anything could survive something like that.

I'm definitely not recommending to anyone to do what I did but I thought the effect it had was pretty dramatic. Afterwords I also happened to read somewhere that what I did was similar to an old-time remedy to treat head lice with gasoline, benzene, naphtha, or kerosine.

Of course these old-time remedies have a couple of things in common. Among them is that they are all extremely flammable and some are pretty carcinogenic. I wouldn't consider any of them particularly safe. But I went from itching to death to practically nothing almost immediately.

Pretty sure I'll die from cancer now :)

I should receive the more "modern" treatments I ordered in a couple of days now and I will definitely go with those including the whole cleaning the house and washing the laundry regimen. Hopefully they will be effective.

Family of 4 fighting scabies
by: Rose

My 8 year old daughter began to break out in a bad rash. Thought she was having an allergic reaction to something so medicated her accordingly. My two year old and I began to break out in this mysterious rash so I took everyone to the ER. They said we had scabies! I was so surprised and scared. I went to fill our prescription and it was 85 dollars a percription and I needed to fill four perscriptions. My husband is the only income right now so I had to find another way. I researched and came across Nix lice treatment or cream can also be used for scabies. It has permithen in it. A lower dose but still effective and safer for my little ones. On top of that we take 2 baths a day. I scrub us raw and then we use sulfar soap. I lather us all up and we sit in it for 10 minutes then rinse good. After we get out of bath I rub them down in Hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection and kill those mites. After that I rub us down with acuaphor to mosturize our skin from the harsh soap. When they feel the itch they know they are not allowed to scratch because it spreads them. I have a huge bottle of aloe vera cooling relief gel that they rub on when they feel the itch coming on. This is next to my bed every night. The Nix cream I used kept it on for 10 hours first time. We are doing are second dose tonight 2 and a half days from our first rub down. We will be doing this again in a week. Hopefully it will be our last time. Tomorrow I will be purchasing tea tree oil to use between now and then. I have washed and sanitized everything. ALL toys were placed in the bleach water in the tub ... barbies and everything. All stuffed animals washed and then bagged along with any decorative carpets in the house... any toys that couldn't be washed or sanitized were thrown out! Clothes, linens, towels washed daily and things bagged that couldn't be washed. Every surface sanitized with bleach water. Vacuumed carpet and sofas daily. Mopped floors daily in bleach water. I have given children only plastic toys they can play with and only a couple to keep them clean. I am in a full fledged war with these things. All I can do is keep doing what I'm doing and put the rest in the Lord's hands. I'm sorry to all that have to go through this and I pray you are healed soon. We don't itch in the day and the itch has lessened at night. I hope this helps somebody else out there.

by: Anonymous

Well folks I've joined the ranks of the victims to these parasitic demons. I'm a medical and a healthcare provider and I've been around shingles and had no worries but I suspect around July 30th/Aug 1 2015 l got scabies from a patient's home with caring for her. Either she or her husband brought them into their home.
Anyway... after realizing I'm itching like crazy I say to my husband I'm seeing a doctor about this rash. My regular doctor is on holiday so I see her partner. I was prescribed a topical cream and pill for the itching and shin sweeping due to the rash. Not much of a difference and I had another doctor visit scheduled anyway, so I go back in and my regular doctor is back.
She talks with me and I tell her my tale of itching and WHERE I was itching. As she hears this she then says it's scabies, just from where I itched and the look of the rash as well. Man I was pissed I was infected. Doctor then prescribes the 5% perm and tells me the low down on washing, cleaning and treatment dosage. I live with only my hubby so he was included. He didn't get it that bad and mine wasn't nearly as bad as what I've read here, but still a pain on the ass to deal with. Just the thing of these demons burrowing in my skin??? Laying eggs?? Damn. First treatment was done for both hubby and me.
It's now August 13 2015 as I write this and next treatment will be done on August 17 2015. After first round I DO feel better and notice LESS itching, and I'm sure the SOBs were killed off with first treatment, but as I've read I have post itch and my body is fighting the debris left by these disgusting mites. Second round will get anything missed. My home and my personal habits are ULTRA CLEAN, so the washing and house cleaning wasn't that bad and easy to deal with. Did not have issues with my head, hair or face, treatments were just from my chin and whole body covered down to toes.
I can't wait to be done with this ordeal... But I'm surviving it and the light is at the end of the tunnel.

College student suffering
by: Anonymous

After 5 months of sleepless, miserable days, I was diagnosed with scabies. This started towards the end of my second semester of the school year so I was already stressed. I went to the doctor multiple times thinking it was bed bugs only to hear time after time that it was nothing, and that I should "just take allergy pills". Well, a month later I go to a doctor at home to hopefully get an answer on what has been terrorizing me and making me miserable, only to hear that I might have eczema, so the doc gives me some kind of treatment that only makes the rash on my hands act up. Needless to say, by that point I was already exhausted. I left for the summer for an internship--in hope of better days. I did not sleep more than 3-4 hours every single night for the entire summer. I visited a different dermatologist who diagnosed me with scabies and prescribed permethrin.

After reading all of these posts, I can honestly say that I'm absolutely terrified that just one treatment won't be enough. I very recently applied the medication (4 days ago), and again yesterday on my hands because that's where it seems to be the worst. I wish I could tell exactly if they died off or not because now the only thing that's on my mind is whether these things will come back again. I'm afraid to touch anything because I'm worried I'll be reinfested. Can anyone please help figure out how to know if these things died off or not? I feel like I've been suffering for so long, and this has made me feel depressed since it's the only thing I can think about...I feel like I can't take joy in anything anymore. I'm terrified that I'll bring this back to school with me. This has been psychologically traumatizing.

UPDATE TO: Recently Diagnosed With The SOBs
by: Anonymous

Hi! This is my update for those who may be interested:

I just applied 2nd 5% permethrin cream to myself & my hubby. I'm now most likely in post scabies phase. Meaning, that I'm likely free of the mites, but my body is now expelling the nasty wastes/leftovers the little SOBs leave. That in itself, can make a person feel like they are reinfected. DON'T PANIC...just be sure to check for any & all new burrowing or bits marks/holes. If you find there are any, then see your doctor again, do treatment again, wash clothes, clean/ vacuum as you did the very first time. Normally the 1st treatment does the trick IF DONE CORRECTLY, & the 2nd treatment will kill off any possible sneaks missed from the first time. CORRECT of the cream will be a key to winning the battle.

Then, post scabies will set in and you WILL itch again..but it will be your body expelling the dead material. I'm itching ( but not scratching my skin) as I type this, but I'm secure that I've won the battle. I have done the treatments, clean SO DAMN THOROUGHLY and took ALL precautions again reinfecting myself. Things are going to be better & starting to feel like now.I shared before that I live with just my hubby. He initially wasn't infected & has had a very easy time of this. He basically has been non affected but had the treatments regardless. He's been so helpful and i check his skin to make sure he is "safe". So far..we ARE wining. I was infected while woking in the medical/healthcare facilities and caring for patients.


I've been exposed to several diseases and infestations (like shingles, bed bugs) but was spared. This SOB mite caught me..but I'm kicking it's ASS. The light is STILL out the end of the tunnel my friend. Hang in there & fight the good fight!!

found a workingcure in one week without pesticides!!!
by: mitehater

They are horrible woke up covered in them two weeks ago after tons of research and not wanting to use pesticides on myself or kids started taking epsom salt baths every night for 1-2hrs. Shower first thing in morning and sometime between 3-5pm after everybath or shower coat myself in tea tree oil bag everything besides one weeks worth of clothes put in garage or attic. Never wear the same thing twice without washing on hot with borax and laundry detergent and dry on hot wash bedding everyday wash hands and arms up to elbows after touching anything that might be contaminated vacuum carpets at least once a day shampoo them if possible sweep and bleach mop hard floors. We have not had any new spots since the first week and have been recovering for a week but I still treat my home and my self like a biohazard I have five kids and living with scabies was not an option for me the amount of cleaning and bagging has been a nightmare not to mention the time and water it takes to bath everyone that much but praise the Lord the I have to scratch myself till I bleed part is over.

Found a working cure in one week without pesticides!!!
by: mitehater

They are horrible, woke up covered in them two weeks ago. After tons of research and not wanting to use pesticides on myself or kids started taking epsom salt baths every night for 1-2hrs. Shower first thing in morning and sometime between 3-5pm. After every bath or shower coat myself in tea tree oil, bag everything besides one week's worth of clothes, put in garage or attic. Never wear the same thing twice without washing on hot with borax and laundry detergent and dry on hot. Wash bedding every day, wash hands and arms up to elbows after touching anything that might be contaminated. Vacuum carpets at least once a day, shampoo them if possible, sweep and bleach mop hard floors. We have not had any new spots since the first week and have been recovering for a week but I still treat my home and my self like a biohazard. I have five kids and living with scabies was not an option for me. The amount of cleaning and bagging has been a nightmare, not to mention the time and water it takes to bath everyone that much but praise the Lord, the I have to scratch myself till I bleed part is over.

Tea Tree Oil
by: Anonymous

Use tee tree oil for any rash or scabies type infections. Once you get scabies, you are more prone to catching it really easy. Instead of taking weeks to show up, it will show up in 1-3 days after you catch it. I had some rash that looked like scabies but wasn't showing in the usual spots, it was more so on my chest and arms. Tea tree oil knocked the shit out of it really fast, whatever it was, and it takes the itching away. I don't know how or why the stuff works but it's amazing.

No one answers hahaha
by: Anonymous

I have seen what seems to be 100 posts or more, each one containing a question and not ONE person give ANY advice to the questioner but each person just continues to tell their own story and problems. I'm not complaining but perhaps someone could answer some of these lol.

Another Update & Respose to Poster
by: Anonymous

Well I'm still demon mite free and feeling wonderful folks. The 5% permethrin cream AND all other protocol was followed to the letter and I'm happy to say it worked great. I understand not everyone will have the same results, but truly, if you follow the treatment protocol you should win the battle and not have to fall for any gimmicky items or home self-help treatments.

In response to the person, that said no one is answering questions, YES I have posted my experience but the answers are also there in the post. Feel free to read it.

Again good luck to those still fighting the fight. Please! seek a clear medical diagnosis, and follow the medical advise to the letter. Try like hell not to self help with home remedies. Take care everyone.

Salt and tea tree oil
by: Anonymous

Bath twice a day in hot water with at least 2 cups of salt. Tee Tree oil comes in an aerosol now. Spray yourself with it after your baths and in between and just any time you feel itchy. Keep it beside your bed and spray yourself during the night if need be. Spray your bed with it and where you sit on the lounge. If you spray, you don't need to wash!!! You can spray it anywhere and on anything. If you have white sheets you will see them dead. Little black spots. Don't stop the day you think they're gone. Keep going for week or so after that, just to be sure.

Terri ly losing it
by: Anonymous

I suddenly started itching one night, terribly. It went on for weeks before I ever had any sores or bumps. When I started getting sores they opened up and made a hole in my arm, I called the doctor. She looked maybe 2 seconds and instantly said it was scabies. I did the treatment that night, cleaned absolutely everything in my house, vacuumed beds and furniture... EVERYTHING! And a week later did the second treatment and did the cleaning and washing again. Nothing felt better at all, nothing looked better, it actually got worse. I think it had been 5 weeks before I saw the doctor, but it was only on my forearm. It never spread anywhere else, my family never got it, still don't have any signs of it, and it's now been 2 or 3 weeks since second application and I finally started feeling and looking better, but suddenly started itching super bad again and my arm looks like it has a terrible rash like poison ivy or something. Doesn't look quite like it did before, but super itchy and there's more and more bumps starting to form. Still only on my forearm, still no signs of it on any of my family members. I'm going crazy. I've been trying to wait it out and let my skin heal from the permethrin, but I can't figure out if this is still scabies, maybe even new scabies, or from the permethrin. I did use a little more on my arm since that's where it was. My arm feels like real tough, dry leather and is itchy, and I know that's from the cream, but what about these bumps and rash? I was scrubbing my arm with alcohol and peroxide thinking it may help after the treatment and still was itchy. I even rubbed benzoil peroxide into my arm and left it over night cause I heard that helped. Then I left it alone and started trying to get skin to heal and was rubbing coconut oil in it and using vitamin e lotion, but when it started getting better, stopped with that and a few days later it's terrible itchy and rashy. What do I do????

Believing is the key
by: Melbourne

Put Permethrin (5%) cream on Day 1.
Take ivermectin twice, on Day 1 and Day 7.
Vacuum as much as you can on Day 1.
Wash sheets and towels on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 8.
Wear different clothes everyday.

Doing those, after Day 8, you will still get bumps.

Don't panic, but believe that they are gone.

Believing helps your sanity, skin, and wallet.

Very Helpful
by: April

After reading all of these cases, I wanted to share my experience. One day ago I was diagnosed with scabies. The doctor looked at my bumps and just said, "you got scabies, here's some cream and pills for the itching." I did the cream yet bumps are appearing all over my body and they were just appearing in my back, arm, and stomach. Now they are on my legs and inner thighs. I've steamed, washed, dried etc. Reading these stories I've come to the conclusion that it's possible I have bird mites!!! See I had just come from Cali on vacation and three days later these itchy bumps appeared. At first I thought it was mosquito bites so I scratched and the bump looked horrible (scabby ringworm). I knew I had to have brung something back with me from vacation and that's it!, I say to myself. Reading up on bird mites it says they can come from trees and oh did I have a lovely time with a tree in Beverly Hills!! Let's just say I'm pretty sure now it was the tree! Well, knowing what I know I will keep posted as to how I rid myself of such infectious overwhelming itchy got me out of mind mite!! God bless you all and keep the posts coming!

Fellow Scab

I have been suffering with scabies since August 2015. I am a health care professional who was exposed to scabies at work in July from a patient who was in denial .After caring for her we were informed 24 hrs later that she had SCABIES.
My story is very similar to many I have read. Thanks for sharing it gave me hope. I have treated myself on numerous occasions without success all with permetrin 5% A dermatologist who I had known in the past treated me like I had psychological issues finally a dermatologist ordered ivermectin for me I did have to take it several times More then I expected I will have taken it three times now and finally I have noticed that my rash has subsided and two days after taking it multiple scabs and brown skin sloughed off my left shoulder obviously they were underneath my skin on my back . I have noticed some rash since but it is totally different then before. I'm playing the waiting game now!

Itchy Skin and Rabies
by: Anthony

Here's my concern: I have read multiple posts where people will say they've been itchy for years and it's driving them crazy. REALLY?

Here's some suggestions:

1. Stop with the home remedy foolishness. It only exacerbates the issue.

2. Go to your primary and get blood work for everything (kidneys, liver, thyroid, vitamin D, etc.) ...EVERYTHING.

3. Visit a dermatologist and let them know what's going on.

4. Visit an allergist and have them run tests.

If you have medical coverage use it to your and your family's advantage.

5. If you're itchy and you don't have breakouts between your fingers, (specific area where scabies occur) chances are you don't have scabies. Dry skin is present from October thru February and you may need to make changes in the house coming in from cold to hot places.

6. Remove all clothes that you wore all day outside when you enter your home and put on fresh clothes.

7. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.

I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on television but I know my body. Know your BODY!

There is way too much erroneous information out her on society media (taking Bleach baths to get rid of scabies...Really?).

Stop the madness.

by: Anonymous

I SOOOO agree with Anthony and the comments made. I have read of too many home remedies being posted and truly... it is NOT a fix-it for scabies. The only way to resolve the issue is via medical consult and treatment!! Yes, you may feel the permethrin cream doesn't work but if you are using it 100% CORRECTLY and FOLLOW THE TREATMENT PROTOCOL TO THE LETTER you should see a huge improvement. You also have to be vigilant and patient in ridding of these demon mites. If you are still battling them after years and years you are doing something WRONG.
I posted of my battle with them and I WON THE WAR. I was infested in July 2015 and rid of them by end of August 2015 following the TREAMENT plan properly. I followed the cream treatment, medical advise and cleaning protocol to the letter. Again, I wish those still fighting them good luck and please TRY NOT TO FALL FOR HOME FIX-IT CURES OR BATHS.

Update to 1st post
by: April

So it's been about 20 days since I've found my first bump and 20 days and 3 cream treatments later I have been breakout free for 5 days now. I'm still paranoid but no new bumps and the old ones are healing with antibiotic lotion prescribed by dermatologist. With the help of this site and a little research I'm healing finally...
Here is what I did: after applying cream the 1st time they moved to my scalp and I was breaking out in my face so I permed my hair and applied cream a second time but little did I know I could not take a hot bath and apply cream so the third application I let the water cool my body and then I waited an additional 30 min and applied cream. I moved to an area in my house that was secluded and had no carpet. I wore flip flops around the clock even in shower. I dried sheets pillows and blankets everyday off the advice of 122 degrees kills them so I didn't have to wash those items everyday! I washed towels and clothes daily and finally I took witch hazel baths which does draw them to the surface and I soaked in Epsom Salt though it seemed to irritate my skin. After all this I washed off with dove shower gel and moisturized with aloe vera and vitamin E oil. I also used spray for car and carpet.
This helped me and I hope it will help others fight these horrible horrible pests!

successful treatment
by: Anonymous

I've been trying to treat it for half year with no success. I used permethrin, ivermectin and it seemed to work only for a moment. Fortunately after applying a treatment, which is described in an ebook it looks like scabies finally disappeared. I applied it 4 weeks ago, cleaned all my clothes and daily-use items and so far no scratches on my skin or any itching. I'd like to share with you a book about how to win with those annoying parasites. I hope, it will help you to get rid of scabies. The ebook can be found online.
PS: Do NOT give up!

Ed.: Feel free to share the treatment, but not your affiliate link to a spammy sales page. I removed it.

make sure it's scabies
by: Anonymous

So, I posted about terribly losing my mind. Now, after 6 treatments, doing various home remedies from online, treating my home with permethrin spray, doing extremely thorough cleaning all day every day, bagging things we didn't need for several weeks, and really just feeling that there was no hope, not getting any better, but worse, I thought I'd call the doctor and go in and demand some testing. She said it's not scabies. I'm going to see the dermatologist and hoping they can figure it out and get it gone. My children's doctor wanted to see if after talking with him and trying to get treatment for my kids and he thought it was an infection in my hair folicles. My doctor dismissed that and seemed upset that another doctor looked at it, but who knows if that's what it is or not. We'll see at the dermatologist, but I'm saying... if you're not 100% positive it's scabies, you could be putting yourself through all this for nothing. Make sure you know what it is. For all I know, it could have been scabies, but now, probably from scratching and treatments, it's something else (probably infection from scratching). But even still, if you know your diagnosis was right but it's not getting better, make sure you do in fact still have it, and not another problem. I've read a lot that scabies can turn into infection from scratching. Wish me luck when I go to the dermatologist.

not scabies
by: Anonymous

Finally, after several treatments and no luck with getting any better, I was sent to the dermatologist who said it's NOT scabies. He asked all kinds of questions about what my doctor has or hasn't done, and seemed angry that she was so quick to push scabies treatment without proper testing or referrals or anything. It's not changed at all and all the treatment did was make it worse. He doesn't believe I ever had scabies. Seriously, make sure you know it's scabies. The dermatologist said 1 treatment is enough to get rid of it, and should not have more than 1 or 2 treatments, and if it's not helping, it's most likely not scabies. I urge you to push for testing or see a specialist if you're not getting better. Probably treating something that's not there.

I got rid of them!
by: Jane

Well I was infested maybe 6 months to a year trying to figure out what it was. Well, I finally got a confirmation I had scabies because my mom caught them too. I bagged all pillows I couldn't wash, washed sheets and blankets, also washed rugs out. Showered with sulfur soap every night due to the itchiness they cause at night mostly. I also made up my own oils and mixed clove oil, tea tree oil and peppermint. Washed all clothes, towels and anything I could, I vacuumed everything I couldn't wash like the sofa. Also over the spray I made I would put cortisone 10 for itch relief. Once you've been infected you can get reinfected and quick too. It only is contagious if you make contact with others. I thought I was done and they where all gone but two days ago I got them again and felt it again so starting my home made ways to get rid of them and I just sprayed with it after wiping my entire body with bleach cloxox wipes. I used a back scratcher wrapped the wipes around it then used a hair tie to hold it and that's how I got my back. Sulfur soap is the answer. I still have some left so I'm about to start that tomorrow. Here's the game changer, the wash I started using was Kleen Green Product Testimonials for Scabies and I sprayed it on myself as well. I'll let you know how I get rid of them again.

When you think they are gone they come back
by: Anonymous

When will it end. I have treated 7 times with cream 3, times with pills, tried sulfur soap and cream, neem oil and tea tree oil, nothing seems to work for long. And the cost is unbelievable just for all the stuff you have to get. Then all the cleaning and I love to clean but enough is enough. What about work and socializing, forget about it. You will give it to your friends, it's so contagious. And I have been to many different doctors and they really are unaware on how to treat it. Maybe because people are too embarrassed to say they have it and scabies treatments have been overused so what they do give you is ineffective. It's just horrible but I guess we have to keep trying and hopefully we will be rid of these bugs. I even left my house for 3 weeks, threw out almost everything I owned and I still have it. Really bummed out.

by: Anonymous

One day I woke up with light red dots all over my wrist and palms. It looked like someone took a pink highlighter and made dots all over. That went on for a good 1-2 months. I went to my doctor to see what it was because it had worsened to the point my wrists were COVERED and it started spreading to my knees. She told me to go to a dermatologist. I saw the nurse practitioner there and she said it was scabies. She said that they do not go on your face yet I had some the first day around my lips and one even slightly on my lip (which was gone the next day). She prescribed me medicine, I followed the instructions (washed and sprayed EVERYTHING) and things got alot better over time. Yet I still have them. Some days have not one spot then the next day DOOM I have them on my arms, top of the hands, and legs. Everytime after I shower or use hot water or am hot at all, they tend to pop up. I don't know what to do. I just FEEL like it's not scabies. The medicine didn't work. The washing and sprays didn't work. It's now been close to half a year of having whatever it is I have and I'm at a loss of what to do. Treatments aren't cheap.

Scabies victim
by: Dianne

I had itching for approximately 3 weeks and went to an allergist, who thought I had an allergy, which she treated with steroids. Steroids worked fairly well against them, but they always came back. Finally went to a Dermatologist specializing in parasites of the skin. She made me go through six lotion treatments subsidized with steroid lotion. The horrible itching and sleep deprivation went away but after the final treatment they came back with a vengeance. I did all the household cleaning and I can tell you that you have to get all the live Scabies and their eggs in the body or it will just keep coming back. I will probably have to go through all the treatments again. Anything is better than the sleepless nights and the constant itching. Don't give up hope, the Scabies just like some people better than others and really get comfortable. You have to get nasty, you have to get mean. You have to tell them to GET OUT!!!!

Scabies for 6 MONTHS
by: Donna

I have had eczema most of my childhood. Once I was tired of being sick & suffering from ASTHMA & ECZEMA in my later 20's (inflammation issues). Once I cut out gluten and dairy my inflammation was now in control and did not suffer from either issue until October 2015. It started off looking like typical eczema little rash. I didn't go to the doctor and just treated it with typical steroid creams. Months went by and it seems to spread and soon I had what looked like hives all over my body.

Went to the doctor and was misdiagnosed twice. He put me on a horrible drug to control the inflammation called prednisone. Started with 5mg with some relief then had to keep raising the dosage to 20mg. This was not a fix just a bandaid, when finally was told it was scabies. I did all the research I needed to know about the prescription creams doctors give for scabies. They are not a miracle cure by any means and very toxic for us as humans.

Keep in mind I allowed these critters to multiply over months thinking it was eczema. I was covered all over except for my face and scalp. My skin hurt to touch and was dry and had red bumps and holes and screaming with inflammation response.

I tried everything possible people had posted on the web that helped naturally, tea tree oil, clove oil, hydrogen peroxide baths with borax, MMS mineral baths and spray protocol, little relief was my experience.
The ONLY thing that started to kills the scabies right away was CASTILE soap, I used liquid Dr. Bronner, doesn't matter what essential oil or you can use any castile soap. First time I used it all over my body and let it soak for 10 minutes. It burned and wasn't pleasant the first few times but every day I woke so relieved the red bumps started go away then the die off effect which wasn't easy but I could now see the light at the end. I was close to hopeless.

It's never as bad as you think
by: David

I had a nasty case. My dermatologist saw this right away and gave me the super dose (six total doses of Permethrin over 3 weeks). I didn't get into my car or my house for three days. I removed and cleaned my mattress. I used my shop vac on my recliners and my car seats. My body looked like a truck ran over it before my treatments but as soon as I started, the horrible burrows and rashes quit. I still had minor itching for 4-5 weeks after my last treatment (three weeks later) but eventually even those went away. Permethrin works. But you have to put it all over your body from your ears and neck to the end of your toes. Don't miss 1 square inch. It isn't rocket science but you must be ruthless and kill ALL of those little blood suckers. If you miss one... it all starts again... so don't get friendly with them. Tell them if they don't pay, they can't stay!

This might work!
by: Anonymous

When you feel them crawling don't scratch it instead get a white tissue and rub against the pores. Look real carefully and you'll see a very tiny black dot. Flush it. Just giving y'all something to help out.

Diatomaceous Earth
by: Cured

After nearly three years I have the cure. Diatomaceous Earth. Mix it with coconut oil and apply all over. Remember to exfoliate daily as the mites die off as it is their skin shedding that makes the itch. Use as often as you need. Take it internally also.
It works!

Scabies are the worst thing ever
by: Anonymous

This has been the most awful bug to deal with.
And I am a nervous scratcher so I have tons of sores.
And scars now. I have even cried to my husband I can't take the itching and they never seem to go away.
We have tried everything, I have been reading up on anything and everything that may help.
And yes you can get them on your ears, face and scalp bad.
I have them on my face where my glasses touch my face and it itches like crazy. I believe I got them at work because I recall two employees complaining that they itch at work on their legs. One girl commented she has some funk on her legs and she was going to the doctor. But this was way before I got anything appearing on me. If I sit outside in the sun and spray white vinegar diluted with water on my skin they come out like crazy. So I spray the water hose on me and or wipe them off.
They do not like white vinager, tea tree oil, or neem oil. I also exfoliate with Epsom salt, they don't like it. I have washed and washed everyday and my showers are two a day. My doctor gave me the cream, it's a waste. He has also given me antibiotics and steroids twice to help with sores to heal.
My house is full at this time me my hubby and son, his wife and their two boys. They are getting a new place so just here a little while another son just finished collage and daughter going to collage. No one has any signs yet except baby has a few bumps I am praying are chigger bits from playing in the grass.
I am totally a mess trying to keep everything clean washed ect.
Also keep your cell phone cleaned. I took my case off, it was nasty. My skin is worn out as well as I am.
I am supposed to go on a cruise but am ready to cancel and it's totally paid for. This is terrible 😭😭😭😭😭

Currently fighting Scabies. Looking for an early KO
by: Anonymous

www. scabies-killer. com
Great website if you have scabies. If nothing else it will give you hope if you have been fighting these little pest for a long time. I've only had scabies for about a month before I showed symptoms. Once I noticed symptoms I went straight to work on them. I'm going toe to toe with my scabies now applying a natural remedy I got from the website and that oil stays on me 24 hours a day for the next few weeks. My only suggestion is never be satisfied once you see results. Stay persistent and continue whatever treatment you're on until you are certain they are gone. I wish everyone good luck. The two most important keys to fighting scabies. Persistence and consistency.

I see that, not surprisingly, the mentioned oil uses neem seed oil as its main active ingredient. B.

I didn't know what hit me! What a nightmare (but definitely real)!!
by: Anonymous

First off, you can see scabies. Maybe not if you have fewer than 100 of them, but you can if there are hundreds or thousands. They're not microscopic to the naked eye but are very small (less than 0.5mm). You just can't see the females that are burrowed deep into your skin (which is obvious). I could see the larva on my skin, and even the nymphs and adult males in my skin because at least they were close enough underneath my skin to see them moving.

Secondly, scabies isn't a virus. It is a parasite. It is similar to a virus in that it can be spread, but I REPEAT it is NOT A VIRUS.

Thirdly, scabies is associated with crowded living and not uncleanliness. Scabies will invade a living space whether it is dirty or not.

Also keep in mind that human scabies is an infestation, not an infection. You can get infected by scratching rashes hard which could create a infection from bacteria in addition to scabies. I definitely admit I scratched, but only from the pimples from the bites and didn't overscratch one area or scratch hard enough to break a pimple. As far as my rashes, I left those alone.

My personal story from how I got scabies is from an infested couch from a house with a "supposedly" fumigation treatment from pest control, 14 person, crowded living environment. There was a dead rat in the basement and only the basement was treated. The pest control guys are retarded because the smell of the dead rat still lingered in the pipes and HVAC which caused scabiesei to invade the home from outside. I had slept in this house many times and never got any parasite. I remember the night it happened because I felt a weird, light static on my face but nothing like a sharp, electric shock that would make me jump and not sleep on that particular couch. It didn't bother me, but when I woke up in the morning I felt that something happened to me on the couch during my sleep and I didn't know what it was.

I probably had approx. one hundred to several hundred male scabei, as well as 15-20 female scabei invade me that night. I knew about the females even before I received symptoms because I saw unnatural looking freckles that I had never seen before in random parts of my body. Turns out those were burrow marks. The problem was that I didn't see anything else that resembles scabies but that until I started feeling them. Sounds bad, but I didn't feel any symptoms for 6 weeks. By the time I started feeling them, they had multiplied and I had several thousand on me. I never forget the 3rd and 4th day of symptoms when I figured I definitely have "more than just fleas" and used an entire bottle of tea tree oil in 2 days with 1000+ parasites that instantly died and came off my entire body. I did get early treatment by day 7 or 8.

Unfortunately, I have fought a rough battle for almost 2 months and aren't completely gone. It took 4 premitherin treatments over a course of 6 weeks to kill all the adults and developing offspring. That didn't kill the eggs though. They just waited 2 weeks to hatch into larva when the permitherin wore off. They are dying with sulfur soap showers but I'll have to see if I need to take one more permitherin application, and ivermectin as Plan B if that doesn't work.

Post scabies is almost as bad as scabies because I get pin pricks at different places of my body at random times from the insecticide cream. Applying insecticide all over my body made me feel like shit. I got headaches, bodyaches, short-term memory loss, and diarrhea from the permitherin for 7-10 days after my first 3 applications. The 4th application was an exception to the short-term memory loss and diarrhea, but still got headaches and bodyaches. I think part of my short-term memory problems was from the thousands of parasites inside me as well, but permitherin has that as a possible side effect.

The thing that bugs me the most about scabies is that it has ruined my life for 2 months. I don't sleep much and am exhausted. My blood pressure has been really high and I had difficulty breathing (although it has gotten better due to way less living parasites inside me). I don't have energy to do anything but work and study in small increments. It affects me greatly, especially as a full-time college student and part-time working student. I take ADD medication for focus and energy for work&school usually because I'm diagnosed for ADD, but I now take it just to stay awake and fight a continuing battle. What makes it worse is that I wish I could tell my managers and teachers that I was in a lot of pain (and now still pain but less severe). I know I can't do that though and it is really frustrating. It was already bad enough having my doctor and dermatologist say "I don't think you have scabies." Fucking pissed me off they said that.

Not only has scabies been extremely painful, but also extremely stressful and traumatizing. I have my good days now, but I get relapses of being bitten hundreds and thousands of times every day for 6 weeks straight some days. It didn't feel good being bitten anywhere, but my legs were the most sensitive area of my body. I would prefer getting bitten in my privates than my legs (which did happen, but even that wasn't as bad or bothered me more than my legs). I can't believe and don't know how I coped with this terrible experience. It's amazing/incredible to think back and ask myself how I put up with it. I don't know how some people can battle scabies for a year or more, yet alone than 2-3 months. Even though scabies can bite any humans, they prefer someone like me who has a very alkaline body and is very hairy. Hair makes it easier for scabei to crawl and known for the mites that human skin pores are nearby. And scabies hate acids, so a more alkaline person is an easy victim and could be more susceptible. Even though scabies suck they don't carry disease, and I'll take this over lice, fleas, or ticks that can spread disease.

I now feel for anyone who has scabies or had it before and is cured. I had no idea what scabies was or how terrible it was. I wish people success in finding a cure and wan't to let others know to never let someone believe you don't have scabies when do. You'll know if you have scabies and I honestly trust myself over a doctor or dermatologist in this particular disease. Not saying I won't take a doctor's word over 99.99% of all medical treatment matters. But I just personally feel that many (not all) doctors and dermatologists are idiots/dumbasses in that particular subject.

Are scabies bumps supposed to get bigger?!
by: Anonymous

I've only had scabies for a few days and I#ve been doing the treatment but the bumps are getting bigger and bigger? Is this a normal thing that happens because I've read through a lot of these and none of them I've seen talked about the bumps getting larger so it's kind of freaky.

My treatment plan
by: Anonymous

Doctor never confirmed it was scabies but prescribed the Permethrin. I treated myself head to toe in every crevice with the cream. (Even face and tried best as I could to get in hair but was difficult.) I left it on 14 hours.
I didn't sleep in my bed anymore nor did my husband. We washed all clothes and linen. Put all stuffed animals/fabric toys in bags tied tight, along with pillows which in 3 days will go in the dryer for an hour on high heat. (Wrap mattresses in plastic it will kill mites.)
Next day after the cream I took a hydrogen peroxide bath. Best to use 35% (1 cup) food grade but did not have so was instructed to use 2 and 3/4 bottles of 3% in regular sized bath. Got out of bath and applied alcohol to bumps I had, about 12, mostly only arms, one on cheek and on fingers. Then I applied more of the leftover cream I had to bumps. Another 14 hours.
That night I bathed in apple cider vinegar. Again out of the bath repeated cleansing with alcohol soaked cotton ball, clean one for each bump, then reapplied cream. This would be the last of the cream but I was paranoid a resistance would be built up anyway. Another 12 hours on bumps.
Think I had a new bump or two today. One on back of hand and face near scalp. Treated with cream as well. After that took a white vinegar bath. (My skin looks great, renewed even younger! The bumps seemed to be healed.) Out of bath again cleaned with alcohol then taped vinegar soaked cotton balls onto bumps at 10 min increments 3/4 times a day.
Tonight I will take another hydrogen peroxide bath. I was prescribed two tubes of cream. In another 5 days I will use the other tube full body treatment (just in case.) Until then I will continue the baths. Skipping a day or two in between hydrogen baths. May or may not be scabies but def something parasitic. I have not hugged my babies in 3 days and it sucks but it would be worse if they contracted this. And of course praying for help works to! I never had severe itching as many say is expected even at night. When I treat the bumps they do itch and burn.
(Oh I also, first day took a HOT, too hot... bath with cayenne pepper, don't know if this had any effect but it was early on in my research. Maybe skip this, it stained tub. My husband was nice enough to scrub it clean but save the hassle, not sure this did anything.)
When I take baths I make sure to get my head under the water, I have long hair and will cut it if need be. Massage the water into scalp and skin. Make sure water is hot as you can bear. This is where I am to date. The bumps are healing even the new one on back of hand which def had some action in it is just about healed. Last night I slept with a vinegar soaked cotton ball taped to it. The bumps have always been tender but the healing ones aren't anymore and are almost not visible. I worry about the new one near my scalp that they may have moved to my head. (Which I prefer to them moving downward.) :l
Today I will wash hair with Selsen blue which is supposed to kill lice, just in case.

Keep fighting
by: Anonymous

I'm a health care professional working with chemotherapy patients. They are immunocompromised and vulnerable to norwegian scabies. Needless to say there was an outbreak I immediately treated myself with permethrin 5% 2nd dose 7 days later. All good... not... They were in my scalp and ears. Round 2 of permethrin. . I'm in my 4th week. Writing this I have at this moment no itching, no more lumps in the last 6 hrs or any burrows. I have done the usual with cleaning and washing for scabies but I have sprayed down everywhere with indorex including the car and my office. This last week I have kept permethrin on my skin solidly for 5 days out of seven constantly reapplying when I wash. I used witch hazel for the first time last night. It seems to bring them out to the surface to be killed easier, but the biggest biggest weapon in this war... my iron. Full heat steam iron towels both sides, clothes inside and out. These little gits survive the boil wash and dryer at full heat but... and this is horrible... when you iron... if your clothes still contain them... your iron fizzes and pops when it catches them... So iron everything both sides inside and out, pay attention to seams, they hide there. pesticide spray... animals must be out of the way. Permethrin coated continuously for days... witch cleaning cleaning... use disposable gloves... clean the hoover and spray it down. This has hopefully worked for me. Good luck.

Scabies Relief
by: Anonymous

I, too, am not a 100% sure the dermatologist has properly treated me. She did the skin test but nothing of scabies showed, but I did have the red bumps, treated with prednisone, Benadryl, she gave me the permethrin. It helped a little but the itch and more bumps kept coming. I have had the bumps for almost 5 months, so I took it upon myself to bathe in Borax, about a cup a bath, bleach, about a cup, peroxide, about a cup, and Epsom salt, with as hot as hot water I could stand. About 1/2 hour baths, rotating your body so everything soaks. I would get out and see dark spots at the bottom of the tub, not sure if it was the mites, or eggs or what. I have gotten rid of all but one of the initial spots that won't go away. It comes and goes on itching, and it was the first spot I got that itched and turned red. Not sure if I am scarred for life with it or not but the bath mixture, and then I would put on tea tree oil and coconut oil, has helped get rid of the rest of the rash. And, it never hurt, my skinned burned me or anything else. It's worth a try. Good luck at getting rid of this thing.

Bleach bath fixed my scabies

Put some bleach in your hot bath. Start from small quantity, keep increasing if it's not making a difference. Sit in bath for a movie length (watch a movie). Your skin for example fingers will get wrinkled for few hours, don't worry about that. Put a thin layer of coconut oil on your skin after bath. Even it's gone I still take bleach bath. It give me a great feeling of being clean. And yes, keep bathroom door open if you don't have exhaust fan! Believe me, it works.

How to apply the tea tree oil
by: Exhausted

I hope I have finally found something that will work. I've been dealing with scabies for 6 weeks. At first I thought it was bedbugs and I threw away my bed and a whole bunch of things around my house. Spraying everything, even my vehicle. I was itching intensely at night, but I was the only one itching so others thought it was my nerves. Then the bumps appeared and others started itching too. Then one sleepless night I found some answers on the internet after reading and looking at pictures. So I went to the doctor. We have done 3 permitherin treatments, 2 sulfur cream treatments, showering twice a day with sulfur soap. It all seems to be working for a couple of days, then new bumps and burrows appear.
So now the potentially good news. I read that tea tree oil will kill them. I know that I have used it mixed with olive oil and it heals any skin condition, sore or bug bite I've ever had. But I haven't tried it till now for scabies because I didn't think that I should use oil because I thought they need dry conditions to die. But I read that olive oil can kill the ones on the top of the skin so I mix tea tree oil with the olive oil and put it all over my body and my hair. So maybe leaving it on all day will suffocate the ones in the boroughs and I'm going to keep doing this for a few days and hopefully this will work. I got a little spray bottle from health and beauty aids section, put in about 35-45 drops of tea tree essential oil and fill it with olive oil. If you have allergies use at your discretion. The permitherin was making me sick and headaches so have to find something not toxic that will work. I've been spraying house and vehicles with sprays and Windex and it helps, but tired of the headache so I'm going to make a spray with tea tree and vinegar. I appreciate all the things I've read that have helped me, so I thought I would share. Good to know that I'm not going crazy because there for a while I thought I was. (Oh, peroxide seemed to dry them out, but still getting new ones and is very drying to the skin and hard to put it all over the body.) Good Luck !!

by: Anonymous

I have one red bump between my finger, I put permethrin cream on, should I just put the cream all over?

messed up
by: Anonymous

This has got to be one of the worst things you can get.

Severe itching at night and hard to kill.

The permetherin cream says it kills them off on one treatment...I did a 2nd one after the first week. Still itchy (OK fine takes 4-6 weeks for the post scabies itch to go away).

Then now I start seeing more small bumps on my skin. I am thinking (F***) not again. dermatologist says I'm likely re-infested...

I DID EVERYTHING, tied my bed sheets up and everything! Except I didn't treat my whole family but we barely have close contact....

There needs to be more research into this and a better solution.

We are all suffering here.

I cured myself with scabies almost 3 years ago
by: Anonymous

So about 3 1/2 years ago I got scabies, I have sensitive skin so I continued to think that the rash and itching was from something else. Then I found out it was scabies, I had them so bad, they were in my ears, my eyes, on my stomach they even burrowed into my milk ducts in my nipples. They were on my scalp basically head to toe everywhere, people say they are invisible or microscopic . They are not LOL. Yes you have to have a microscope to identify them but they can be seen, they are about the same size as a split end on your hair. But the big pregnant ones and the ones outside of your body are a lot bigger, they make them self bigger in hopes of catching onto a host.
I fought them off for close to a year before I finally got rid of them, using permethrin, ivermectin, tea tree oil, sulfur soap and so much more. I went and helped a friend out at her farm about a week ago, as we were leaving the farm she tells me that her hogs have scabies, later that day I start to feel them burrowing! Once you have them you know the feeling. You don't realize how quick they multiply and how quick they spread until you can pinpoint the exact day that you know you got them! I quickly went to the feed store for permethrin and ivermectin and ordered sulfur soap off of Amazon for two day shipping! I have fought them off before and I will do it again!
The sulfur soap works fantastic, I lather it up leave it on for about 10 or 15 minutes and then rinse it off, I then mix a couple of drops of teatree oil with a handful of lotion and rub it all over. Within minutes I can look down and see the little black dots coming out! I learned one thing from last time do not overuse permethrin and do not overuse ivermectin because they will become immune to it! Also, I wear gloves when you do laundry in the shower when you wash your hair, when you're washing dishes, when you're cleaning the house, for us ladies when you are washing your face at night or applying make up during the day. Another thing is keep a bottle of Windex next to the toilet spray it and wipe it every time before you sit down, do the same thing before you get in and after you get out of the bath tub.
It's so hard because I wonder why God would possibly put me through this again. I was so happy for them to be gone I honestly hadn't even thought of them. But here I am again giving it my all. I will conquer these things again and this time I will do better at maintaining my sanity, it was so bad before I literally thought about killing myself!! I didn't want to go anywhere I didn't want to infect my loved ones! But I know I can beat them because I've done it before, pulling out my bag of tricks and ready for war! Also another very helpful tip, buy one of those beanbags that are full of rice or corn that you can microwave! If you have a heavily affected area that has a rash heated up as hot as it can go. Are usually would heat mine up for two minutes flip it over and do it another minute! It's going to be very hot, place it on that area with pressure so if it's on your back lean back on it if it's on your butt sit on it. It's going to burn very very bad, I would leave that on there until it cools heated up and do it again! It does kill them, I used to use a blow dryer until I figure this method out!! Luckily this time around I know if I have an itch not to scratch it that is their way of transportation.
I pray that anyone that's reading this knows that it is possible to beat them, you're not alone you're not crazy! And if you ever go to the farm ask questions first! Best of wishes and good luck to each and everyone of you!!! As long as you don't stop fighting you will eventually get rid of them!

by: Freddy

Are you sure it was scabies? I got treated for scabies for a month+ before finding out I had Morgellons, thankfully I found a forum "How I cured Morgellons" and now on the road to recovery. x

My Story
by: ikillmites

I'll start by apologizing for my English, I'm actually from Italy but I wanted to share my story so maybe can help out somebody who is suffering the same I did.
6 months ago I started notice some strange pimples over my right hand and thumb, at the start I thought was some reaction to the heat we have in south Italy during the summer and I kept ignore the problem. Around one month later I remember coming back from a concert and feeling the itch basically everywhere from like nothing.

I do remember that my knees were on fire and my hips were even worse that I could not believe the pain. Early morning I decided to go to the hospital where they said it was some sort of allergic reaction, maybe to food, maybe to body shower lotion so they prescribe me antihistamine and send me home. 3 days later got even worse then before. This time other then my hips/knees, my arms and torso were on fire, completely red and full of red dots. I kept like holding on cause that's what hospital told me... wait till the antihistamine makes its effects. I hold for like 2 months till I was literally close to the insanity cause the itching.

Meanwhile I was living with my family but nobody was like infected so we kept thinking was allergic reaction. At this point I was desperate. It started to hit me on the psychological level and I started develop a phobia to the itch feekung, every time I was thinking to it even in those little moment of peace I started shaking.
My parents worried like never before, one night drove me to the hospital where a dermatologist "confirmed" that the nature of my itching was an allergic reaction, so they prescribe me cortison.

At this point it's 4 months of pain and most likely sleepless nights. But I held on.
I started make researches about itching during the night and I find out that could be scabies.
So went to the hospital 3rd time were they (after I suggested them that might be scabies) prescribed me Benzolo 30%, a cheap version of Scabianil (perimetrine 5% which right now other then the pill it's the better solution).
After the treatment (3 times for the first week and 3 times after another week) scabies came back after like one month. This time not strong as before, the problem at this point was my psychological stress and fear that I had, like a post traumatic stress or something.
This I had clearly tunnels all over my fingers, which shows the activity of digging by the mites. 4th time to the hospital, they know me well at this point, so they prescribe me Scabianil as I said and after 2 cycles, 1 every 2 weeks, the pain it's almost completely gone and finally I see a way out.
The psychological stress that I held was extreme, I still feel it today. I was working a job as pony express, training and goin out cause I did not want to give away my life for it.
I was really close to depression but I did not give up.

You are not alone, I survived, you will survive too!

Diatomaceous Earth is your friend!
by: Anonymous

I’ve had scabies for two months. After trying all of the essential oils, the permethrin, and the ivermectin, I have found one thing that allows me to stay in my house without getting more bites: food grade diatomaceous earth. Get a 100-pk of disposable gloves. Fill them with DE and wear them around the house. Fill your socks with DE and wear them at all times. Cover your body and your sheets with DE before bed. The trick is to dry the bugs out—something oils can’t do.

I have had pretty good luck applying neem oil directly to burrows. After a minute or so of applying, I’ve noticed a black speck on the skin nearby. I wipe it off with a tissue and flush it down the toilet.

Good luck, everyone! This is one of the worst things ever, and my heart goes out to all.

Difficult to treat scabies
by: Anonymous

My wife has had scabies for a year and eleven months now. We have done absolutely everything we can think of from Ivermectin/Horse Paste mixed in baby food every couple of days to homemade Permethrin in Gold Bond lotion once every 4 or 5 days. We've made homemade benzyl benzoate and gotten some from Russia. We've made homemade sulfur lotion with real shea butter and essential oils like tea tree. She's taken antibiotics for any infection that could be from the sores. She takes vitamins B complex, NAC, zinc and C with an ensure every day. We've washed everything in hot water for the last almost 2 years and spray the rug, curtains, mattress and pillows with permethrin spray 2-3 times a week and blankets and pillows go in the dryer after every treatment or bath. Yes I said pillows twice, my wife has scabies on her face, especially in her eyebrows so I try to make sure her pillows are treated well. I've even sprayed our car seats!
Well now we've gotten desperate and she is taking a bleach bath every night, she has for the last 4 nights and wouldn't you know, after the hundreds of dollars we've spent on medicines and such, the bumps and holes are starting to go away. Just half a cup of bleach in a full bath of water and hopefully this will work. She has felt terrible for the last year and a half, a few months after the first hole showed up. Her body couldn't fight the scabies so she developed a low grade temp. We just can't wait until this is over with. Good luck to everyone fighting scabies, I wish you nothing but success!!!

The -only- thing that has worked
by: Finally recovering

- 2 parts borax to 1 part hydrogen peroxide.
- Rub the mixture all over your body, just like permethrin.
- Leave on your skin for 15 minutes, then rinse.

I had tried everything: tea tree oil, neem oil, pennyroyal, clove, sulfur, permethrin, ivermectin, strong sea salt baths... combinations of all of the above... and more. This is the only thing that worked!

Good luck. Putting good thoughts out for everyone struggling with this. It is one of the worst things I have dealt with in my entire life.

trying everything
by: Anonymous

I read all these posts and feel like it may never end. I have been infected for three months now. I have done two treatments of the creme and the pills and a month later I am still itching. I started using a tea tree/coconut oil mix which helps with the itching but I have most recently tried sulfur soap and lotion treatment along with a hydrogen peroxide pour after every shower.
When I feel like it may be subsiding, another round of itching makes me wonder if any of this is working...
I read and I read and I can't seem to get to the point where I am feeling like my skin is better.
Hot showers are painful yet orgasmic and scratching is the same pain/pleasure experience. I just want my smooth soft skin back! HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST????

Itcy Ri
by: PiceaOmorica

My brother was left with "holes" after a trip to Cuba and was bitten by what they think were sand fleas. That was nealy a year ago now, and he is just starting to feel some relief. Not sure what he's using, but can't imagine he would ever use neem. Best of luck!

What seems to be working for me
by: PiceaOmorica

In a confined area, like standing in tub with hand held shower, wash body everywhere, beginning at hairline, with Jason's Tea tree oil shampoo all over my body, lots and lots of rubbing everywhere. Rinse off and rub dry vigorously with a rough towel.
Apply hydrogen peroxide beginning at face, including eyebrows and eye lids, in and behind ears, rinsing fingers off and drying them EVERY TIME you gather some of the little bastards. Rewetting peroxide with water from rinse on hands every so often, massaging every spot on your body until you do not get any more, or you are exhausted. Top down, especially genitals, feet, armpits, knees and feet.
Now another go of tea tree oil shampoo wash down and rinse.
Dry off, making sure to dry feet very well, put on dry cotton socks and fresh footwear. (After a wearing I spray footwear, soles inside and top with vinegar. NOW apply tea tree oil straight up to any place you feel them. Rub it in. Rinsing your fingers and hands EVERY TIME you collect some, AND drying hands in between. Then go at the spot you're working on again and again until you're not getting any. Put on clean pjs or clothes, if morning.
Wear long sleeved pjs. Separate the parts of your body from each other. Anywhere that touches they will migrate to. This has been working extremely well for me. Best of luck to you all.

by: Anonymous

Use diatomaceous earth food grade. Be sure it's food grade. This will kill all the scabies.

I could not find the food grade anywhere here so I ordered it from Amazon. I used it as a dusting powder all over my body. I did this a couple of times everyday. I even put some on my bedsheets to be on the safe side.

Diatomaceous earth kills all bugs. It has been reported to be the most effective solution when fighting pests like fleas, ants and bed bugs. Farmers dump food grade diatomaceous earth by big scoops in with grains when the grains are stored. It kills the insects that want to feast on the grain.

You can use this for other things as well. If you have ants, just sprinkle some around and they will die. The food grade can actually be eaten. Check this out on google. It absolute worked for me!

Severe scabies
by: Anonymous

I have a severe case of scabies and have had it for a month. I've had three 2-treatment rounds of permethrin, 2 full doses of prescription ivermectin, 2 full tubes of horse ivermectin, I've also used tea tree oil. Clove oil, lavender oil, neem oil, ivermectin paste topically. (I use these daily.) I wash EVERYTHING in hot water twice daily. And I mean everything. I take baths with Kleen Green enzymes and spray it on everything we own including myself daily. Flea and tick shampoo for showers. Listerene sprayed all over me after every bath or shower. Changed all my makeup sponges, mascara etc... I can not get rid of them. Noone else has them. I'm losing my mind.

Severe infestation, very limited options
by: Third-World Scab

As a middle-aged man from a South American country battling crusted scabies for about 10 months, I can tell you: 1) it has ruined my social/academic/financial life; 2) it's done a number on my mental health; and 3) it's a lot worse when you simply don't have many alternative treatment available to you either because they don't exist in your country or, if they do, they're way too expensive. So, for me, no vacuuming, no hot-water cycles, no hot dryers, no bathtubs, no enzyme solutions, no fancy oils. It's tough.

As soon as I realized what I was carrying, I had to quit my job last year to avoid spreading the bug, so to speak. Since that time, I've been working from home, but my income has dropped considerably -- I can do little more than pay my rent and buy food every 15 days. Everything else goes to liters and liters of permethrin and ivermectin, as well as any other related substance I can get my hands on. I've recently tried some medicine not meant for humans, which I absolutely DO NOT recommend if you don't know very well what you're doing.

I've had mild results, but my infestation is too big. It's all over my feet, hands, ankles, knees, back of my legs, crotch (even way where *nothing* should be), belly, lower back, shoulders, scalp, ears, eyelids and, yes, lips. My lips went from small dark patches to full crusts the last 15 days. I don't know what changed -- maybe all my desperation has started once more to manifest itself physically, but it's not easy to stay positive all the time when your unmentionables burn so much you can barely stand straight. Even writing about it makes the symptoms more present again, so I'll just stop and focus on being cured and free again. This infestation is NOT MINE (so I'll stop claiming it) and it is NOT ME (so I'll stop defining myself by it).

There has got to be something else going on with me, though -- HIV (I was negative when it all started, and haven't been with anyone since), leukemia, I don't know. I've been taking vitamins and trying to eat better, but you need money to really eat right. Anyways -- crusted scabies only develops when your immunological system can do nothing for/by itself. If your infestation is really severe, do talk to your doctor about a complete check-up. Who knows, maybe that's life's twisted way of directing our attention to the "real" problem here.

Whenever I run out of money and/or medicine for a few days, them bugs take over my skin completely, and it's all I can do not to take any drastic measures. Someone else mentioned those darned black specs -- oh, they're all over my one-bedroom. I wish I could go somewhere else for a few days, but I don't have money or places to go in this city that wouldn't place anyone else at risk of infection. Also, I work from home... Reinfection is a challenge I need to face when I find out how to cure myself.

Right now I'm about to spend my last bucks on a couple of sulphur soaps, because they do seem to help. I'l try to sleep on the streets for a day or two. There's a beach a few miles away... That should do. I took my last dose of ivermectin yesterday and I still have a few ml of permethrin, and I hope this will be enough to carry me through the weekend. After that, if there's no sign of improvement, I'll finally go to the hospital (public system, as I have no insurance).

I've been avoiding because of the serious risk of getting secondary infections, which is not uncommon in these here parts.

In a public system, it may take me a couple of months to get everything done, especially since I cannot use public transportation while my skin is flaking/growing crusts every other day. One of my greatest fears is transmitting this to an innocent person. I'll walk if I have to. The alternative for me right now is no alternative.

One last thing: during my most severe outbreak, when I could barely stand a few seconds under cold water without my whole body burning/prickling, that famous Hawaiian prayer did help me (Ho'oponopono). It was kinda scary, actually -- my pain went from level 11 to maybe 2 or 3 in a matter of minutes. I suppose most other prayers/meditations would help, if you can muster enough faith and positivity. Don't give up hope. We're all the same here. We know whet we're going through, and we know we're not alone. Let's pray for each other; I'm sure this is *not* the life G-d has intended for none of us.


And many good nights of deep, restorative sleep.

Used Martin's Permethrin 10% with Jergen's lotion
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with scabies last month. I thought it was bed bugs and cleaned out my apartment and car accordingly with bed bug spray. After the bites continued, I went to an urgent medical clinic and the nurse practitioner said it looked like scabies. She prescribed a tube of permethrin 5%, which I coated my body with in the evening, went to bed, and felt better the next day. During the treatment, I bought Martin's Permethrin 10% from Amazon and sprayed the solution with water all over my mattress, my apartment, and my car. I also laundered all my bedsheets and clothes on high heat because it kills the mites.

After several days, I was still itchy so I read a bunch of reviews from people who purchased Martin's Permethrin 10%. This one customer said he mixed some of the perethrin 10% with lotion. I took a chance and did the same and applied it all over my body. I feel like it did the trick. I applied this twice to my body and I did not get any harmful reactions on my body to the mixture I created. But I first applied it to the bottoms of my feet before applying it all over my body.

2 weeks later, I no longer see any red bumps. But I still feel itchy. This may be because of the dead mites and fecal matter that is left on my skin. I guess it will go away.

I heard all the neem oil and all the homeopathic stuff doesn't work. You need permethrin, and after I used it I believe it.

Good luck! Thought I'd share, even though it sounds a bit crazy, but that Martin's Permethrin 10% works wonders. It's worth a try. Better trying this than getting stuck with big red welts and black spots all over your skin.

Fix it quick
by: Anonymous

Ugh. Thought I would share since we have made good progress so far. Permethrin cream did not work or did and then foiled by re-Infesting ourselves.

Bought a pressurized spray bottle that you can pump and have a continuous spray mist. Filled it with hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol and tea tree oil. Sprayed down the entire house. Everything - furniture, corners, everything. Bought a second spray bottle (regular kind) and filled it with the 10% cleaning vinegar and tea tree oil. Did an additional full coverage spray of anywhere anyone has sat - car, couch, computer table, mattress. Bought medicated foot powder with camphor, menthol & eucalyptus oil & sprinkled it on everything including floor and furniture. That seems to have kept the re-Infestation under control. No New bites so far. Vacuum, reapply.

As for our bodies, we started with super hot showers and an extreme exfoliation from top to toe with a coarse new dish sponge. Dry w clean towel, then have a partner give you a rub down with a face cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide. You should have someone else do it to get all the hard to reach spots on your back etc. Dry w new towel. Spray all over with bottle filled w vinegar & tea tree oil. Curse at the stinging and know you are winning.

Bought boric acid (not borax. Boric acid is non-toxic to humans when applied topically. You can look up the ncbi studies). Give yourself a rub down with this fine, slippery powder. Avoid eyes and mouth. This cuts into their exoskeleton and kills, kills.

Bag and launder every single thing you've ever touched. Carry that vinegar spray bottle around like it's your silver bullet and spray as you go - remote control? Squirt. Feel an itch on your toe? Squirt. Open a door? Squirt the knob. Etc. Put the boric acid on your hair & scalp - again, best to have someone else do it. Will not harm you.

Lastly, mix up some clove oil with some of the liquid coconut oil. Lather yourself frequently. Celebrate! They are dead. But be vigilant!! They may try to make a comeback.

Desperately itching
by: Anonymous

Few weeks ago my teenage son had scabies. I didn't know what it was, I just saw the rash and cleaned his room thoroughly and sprayed with bed bug spray and alcohol. I also told him to spray rubbing alcohol on his body. The rash and itching went away.

Few weeks later I get a rash in my underarms. I thought it was a razor burn. Then it started spreading. I'm 19 weeks pregnant and have a liver condition - I panicked and went to the doctor. She said you have scabies. Gave me permethrin and some ointment. Rash got worst and kept spreading. I treated myself and my son. Just in case.

Long story short, I used prescribed 2.5% lidocaine for the rash (had gotten an Rx when I took my son to get a tattoo removed). The lidocaine helped with the itching because it numbed the area. Then I used a little bit of the hydrocortisone and was scared to because I was told it penetrates the placenta.

Anyhow. I'm feeling better. Rashes seem to be drying out. Didn't see anywhere online where lidocaine 2.5% was good for scabies, but I was desperate and it helped. Doctor said to stop using it, even though it's safe for the baby, but I rather use it and not be all itchy and spread the rash. Sharing just in case.

The ultimate cure (yay!!)
by: Annie

After being covered in scabies sores (from neck to toe) I made a paste with: tumeric, cayenne pepper, clove powder, coconut oil, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, coarse rock salt, neem oil, tea tree oil, clove bud oil. Using an abrasive cloth, rub the mixture on the affected areas, if treating the genital and facial region DO NOT ADD CAYENNE PEPPER to the mixture (it burns.)
You will need to repeat this 2x a day and the cayenne pepper does initially feel hot, however, it goes away after a few minutes, the heat is bearable on most body areas excluding the genitals/anus and face. If you can, leave the paste on over night. Bed linen and clothing has to be washed hot and tumble dried daily. Hope this helps.

It will end
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone!

I had scabies as a kid so I knew the signs when they popped up. Have had them for 2 months now give or take a week. Doctor prescribed me permethrin 1 dose and another a week apart. Did not work but keep it up, if it's not going away fast then unfortunately your body was too slow to react to the extracts and excrement. Sadly this means you had them a while in which case your immune system or some other factors were delayed in trying to fight these b#@&yards on their own in which case you have probably a lot more under your skin that aren't showing up.

Permethrin is very good at killing mites, honestly, reemerging hives can happen not due to the permethrin but a failure to treat the whole body and surroundings. Get your hair cut and shave all non essential hair. You may also have a lot of dry dead skin due to the mites which will inhibit the cream's effectiveness. I used two tubes increasing to every 3 days.

This is necessary as your surroundings could be very likely teeming with mites but they will all die eventually as you're killing them at the source which is you! Keep bleaching floors, cover couches and beds with permethrin powder and cover with plastic a few days, turn up heating as much as possible as they survive longer at colder humid environments. Wash clothing at +60°.

I thought I had crusted scabies spninaskednfor ivermectin which only kills mites and is not ovalcidal but it will kill anything that bites you rapidly so it is not an end unless you are on it frequently. Combined they can be a very good cure but mainly only for crusted scabies.

I had modular which means you're overly sensitive to the mites and you get thickened red skin. Use a steroid cream to soften and lighten said areas. Just keep it up, be vigilant and wait the maximum days before reusing beds and couches, steam cleaning if possible, restrict movement to one room, also try leave cream on for 24hrs, little as possible clothing and keep massaging cream into dryer areas. Also get medical gloves and use them as much as possible to stop the reinfection so they die in the open.

Basically you need to cut the snakes head off and keep treatment until they're gone from you and your environment.

I'm over this crap
by: Anonymous

Yeah so, whoever said once you have had scabies they are easier to get again was right. This is our second time catching them from a hotel room.
So to the OTHER lady who is staying at hotels you are spreading them and are a jerk!!!
The first time (over 4 years ago) two rounds of permethrin treated them. But this time...Second dose 3 days ago and already getting new bumps.
I honestly don't see how it is possible to be reinfected either. We have cleaned everything.
I'm exhausted from it all.
I do recommend tea tree oil, if for no other reason than it stops the itching.

Does anyone have a clear answer about the new bumps because there is so much inconsistency. I've seen sites say if treatment is successful no new bumps should be found 48 hours after treatment. I've seen others say you get new bumps for a while even if the mites are dead because your skin has to push everything out. So which is it???? I don't even think doctors really know.This is so frustrating!

Places to get ivermectin cheap NEW
by: Anonymous

Long story short, I got this from school. I recall now that I had it for some time but hadn't noticed due to my immunity being outstanding. What happened was I was doing a home fix up and accidentally hit my finger with the hammer, hard. When my body had to focus on that, I noticed that my symptoms developed. It all started in school.

Now on to the good stuff.

Everything you all are doing, I have done. This is what we can all laugh about.

I have a small stockpile of ivermectin and peremithrin.

For mixing with lotion and using it on carpet, I use Martin's permethrin 10% in the gallon jug.

Now the ivermectin. I used a place called push
Order enough for 8-10 weeks and add more to your weight so that you can get more. I've used this place three(3) times and then pick up at my local market.

Directly after you buy your first online prescription refill from any online location go to " (or whatever it,.com)

And then order 12mg per pill of ivermectin over 200 quantity, due to most sellers. I purchased 200 12mg pill of ivermectin for $115.00 which includes shipping into the price already. I paid via PayPal.
Pick a reputable company via the star rating. Which is why I paid more. But, I also have safely received my order. It does take time, so hence the method.

Knowing what I know now, get what you can from the online place and instantly order from

Tea tree is blah!
Oils are blah!

These all work wonderfully. Here's the problem - the carpet and where I sleep. The other problem is that so many people have it and say nothing.

Use the permethrin as need be, you'll figure this out as it's poison. Be careful. Though the combo works best. Just do not use this often.

Then, I also use moxidectin. You all know where to get this.

The carpet and the place you sleep (shoes also). The real place for a solution.

Get a garden sprayer. For something like roundup. Something that you can use to pump and spray the permethrin mix into the carpet. Buy 2 gallons if you can afford it.

Then mist that carpet like you are attempting to soak it.

You will know the feeling of you feet feeling like its being invaded as you watch TV. And then, the crawling on your knee and then the sharp but rapid pinch on your hip...

I will add now. Due to everything, it will no longer just be scabies that affects you. Mites that eat mold will become noticable to you. Dust mites, amoebas, fleas. Bleach does work, but will eventually make you sick due to the fact that
the chemical is very strong.

The real issue is inflammation. Now, at this point take niacinamide or niacin (with flushing).

Niacinamide is an anti-inflammatory and the niacin will help push items outta your skin.

Take my opinion with precaution as I am not qualified, just sharing my story.

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