Amaaazing Neem!

by Mythri

First of all, I know how it feels to getup in the morning and look at the mirror and see all those awful marks on your once flawless cheeks. I'm writing this to let you know that neem oil WORKS!!

God does it?! Well, it's not a miracle cure but soooo many marks have faded, I feel good every time I touch my skin now!

Here's what I do: I mix it with sandalwood powder (cheap and easily available), apply it on my face and leave it overnight. You will have trouble sleeping because of the smell but it's more than worth it.

Neem plus castor oil work great for hair, heat the two together and massage your hair with it, leave overnight and get ready to get happy!!

It does take time and patience but the rewards of using bitter neem couldn't be sweeter! Can't believe I spent sooo much on creams and shampoos!

Thanks to this site for making me try neem. Hope this helps :) Finally, never feel low about yourself, I am sure there are people in all our lives who love us for what we are, not just what we look like :)

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