Are neem leaves toxic to dogs or cats?

by Bev
(Winter Park, FL, USA)

A friend of mine has a neem tree in her backyard. She told me that if I dried the neem leaves and put some near the animals' bedding it would help with fleas. But I don't want to do this if neem leaves are toxic - especially to cats.

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Neem leaves aren't toxic at all.
by: Birgit

There is no need to be concerned. To use neem leaves that way is totally safe. You can also use neem shampoo, soap and oil products on dogs safely, and on cats with care.

Neem oil is the one you want to be careful with (the oil pressed from the seeds). Since cats lick their fur and ingest everything you put on them, you should not use neem oil on their coat. But anything that is rinsed out is fine, and the lingering smell of neem will still deter fleas.

Any external use of the leaves is totally safe. Even ingesting the leaves is safe for both cats and dogs (though they would not want to eat them anyway). Nothing to worry about at all.

If sprinkling a few leaves around the bedding will make much difference is another question. It should help some. It depends how serious the problem is, but it would not expect miracles.

diabetes in dogs
by: gina m

They say Neem leaves help reduce the need for insulin in humans with type 2, do you think it would work for my dog? If I mixed a small amount in her food?

Neem Leaf
by: Patricia

There's a neem leaf recipe on this site as reppellent for flea for cat's, that is saying grind the leaf in the water. Now, how I'm suppose to do that exactly? Thank you so much for this article, I think everyone took your info and put it elsewhere, also translated to Italian. This grinding in the water, doesn't exactly give me the idea of what should I do. Thank you so much.

Neem leaf powder is safe for cats and kills 220 types of parasits. NEW
by: Anonymous


Your website needs to be upgraded to be mobile friendly. It sucks right now. I made a longer more in depth comment about Need benefits, but it was erased because of your site.

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