Aspirin like substances in neem

by Sheila F
(Vancouver, BC)

You mentioned that neem has aspirin like substances. If the aspirin like substances in neem have the same affects as aspirin (made out of salicylic acid also known as Beta Hydroxy Acid, BHA for short), than you're right about it being a good treatment for acne. Considering BHA is an exfoliate and has anti-inflammatory properties.

If it so happens to be true, that neem has some of the same properties of aspirin, than I think it would be important to put emphasis on the use of sunscreen instead of declaring it someting to avoid. I say this because when BHA is used the skin becomes more susceptible to sensitivity of the sun by 50%. Meaning you will need a good SPF moisturizer after using neem products.

I'm not trying to bash neem products b/c it happens to have aspirin like substances. But if it mimics positive effects of BHA then it it likely to have the same negative effects. I myself am trying out neem products, but I also make sure to put on moisturizer with a good spf as well.

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Neem, aspirin and acne skin
by: Birgit

Hi Sheila,

Thank you for your input. I understand your train of thought and your concern, but I don't agree with the conclusion.

Neem does not mimic anything and it is not a different version of BHA. Neem has over 150 different active ingredients, some of which happen to be similar to aspirin.

We don't really know how exactly these over 150 ingredients interact. We do know that the aspirin like ingredients are not the only ingredients with antibacterial properties. We know there are other ingredients, some are soothing and moisturizing, some have similar effects to steroids in reducing inflammation, redness and swelling and so on.

An example of what this means: Neem is added to skin products like fading cream, exactly because such products tend to exfoliate and irritate the skin. Through the addition of neem that effect is reduced. People who have skin that is too sensitive to use those products, can use it when neem is added. I don't think the addition of BHA would help, would it?

You can not compare BHA and neem.

If your skin does not mind sunscreen, that's great. But acne skin will not usually respond favorably to sunscreen. If someone's skin is too sensitive to sun, I recommend to stay out of the sun.

I use neem and neem products on my skin daily. I have not noticed any increased sensitivity to the sun. If anything, my skin handles ANY environmental irritations, including UV radiation, better than it used to. (Whether that is a result of the neem I can't say for sure. Just that I noticed it. There certainly is no increased sensitivity.)

And: I do what most Australians do. If I am out in the sun all day, I wear a hat.

Where can I buy neem in Vancouver, B.C.?
by: Fred

Hi Sheila,

Where can I buy neem in Vancouver, B.C.?

Neem leaves paste Allergy
by: Atiya

I was 19 when I used neem leaves paste for my cystic acne . Turns out I had severe allergy to it. My skin broke out badly; well I have no words to explain how pathetic it was. I used the neem leaves paste for about a month or so and my skin kept getting worse and worse. My mom was surprised since neem has worked wonders on others. But I guess it was not meant for me! Recently I had severe Candida infection for which I decided to self treat with neem capsules (yeah it was a wild decision considering the allergic reaction I went through). My dandruff reduced and so did the Candida overgrowth. It also helped to clear out my skin. Quite weird that topical treatment gave me an allergy but inside treatment was therapeutic!! But yeah reading all the good reviews about neem oil, I am gonna try it soon. Will post again how it works on me.

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