Can Neem Oil be used on Ferns?

by Shari
(Woodward, Iowa)

Can Neem Oil be used on outside ferns that I want to bring in for the winter? I live in Iowa and my potted ferns do not do well outside in the winter I would like to bring them in but not the bugs...

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Testing neem oil on ferns
by: Birgit

Hi Shari,
There are so many different kinds of ferns, I'd rather not do any guess work here.
Delicate ferns are definitely on the list of plants that MAY be sensitive to neem oil.

The best way to find out is to do a test application. Make a 0.5% dilution of neem oil (1 tsp per quart) and test it on one leaf or a few bottom leaves only.
If the leaves start wilting, rinse the plant with water.
If they don't, wait for a few days. If your ferns are too sensitive to oily sprays it will show. If there is no sign of burning it should be okay to spray the whole plant (with freshly made solution, of course).

Neem oil on ferns
by: Jules NZ

I run a landscape/garden business and we've been increasing use of neem (both granules and oil) over last 3 years. The comment re neem on ferns also applies to palms and cycads. Generally use at half strength compared to "general" plants. Also remember summer and winter ratios i.e. oil will burn soft fronds even at half rate during the summer so half again and spray nice and early. Generally, if you can get pest free during winter the summer isn't a major issue.

Neem as a systemic pesticide
by: Anonymous

Greetings All,
I've used neem for awhile now sometimes very successfully and sometimes not. I've used it in vey high dilution, a table spoon per gallon of water to use to water my plants; Ferns, philodendron, pothos, sansevieria, spider plants and on all of my garden plants it's been an extremely effective treatment against everything from white flies to fungus and even seemingly bacterial infections at this dilution. What can I say? Neem is the Sh*%!

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