Does neem oil control fruit fly?


Hi, does neem oil control/kill fruit fly on tomatoes?

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Neem spray does not control fruit fly
by: Birgit

Yes and no.

Many gardening sites and even neem sellers state that neem oil controls fruit fly. It's an incomplete statement that can be misleading.

Spraying neem the usual way that you'd use it in the garden to deter chewing and sucking pests, no, that wouldn't protect tomatoes from getting stung.

But there have been several studies that looked at soil treatment with neem oil, and it appears soil treatment does inhibit the development of fruit fly larvae/pupae.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find any details about what concentrations they used, how much solution, how often etc. (And I live in one of the few areas in Australia that are free of Mediterranean fruit fly, so I have no personal experience with that one.)

It seems from the above study people have derived the claim that "neem oil is effective against fruit fly" or "controls fruit fly". It's the blanket statement repeated over and over online, always without any further explanations. Misleading...

Anyway, obviously soil treatment is something that needs to be started early and be kept up. And it doesn't help if there is fruit in the neighbourhood, dropping onto untreated soil... I am afraid if there is medfly in the area then you're tomatoes will get stung.

At this stage, the only truly effective fruit fly control I am aware is exclusion.

Termites and White ants
by: hemant sethia

Does neem control the above pests? I ask this because I have seen the termite and white ant problem on the neem tree itself. Please comment.

Get Rid of Fruit Flies
by: Anonymous

I recently found out about Neem oil. I'm looking it up and I came across the fruit fly question. How interesting seeing how I am currently going through a fruit fly epidemic. I read on the internet that the Ruta Graveolens herb plant keeps fruit flies away. They don't like the smell it gives off. It is also known as a poison, so be careful if you try this solution. I'm going to try it. I'll just keep it up high away from the cat.

Apricots Infested With Fruit Fly
by: Jack Boon

Hi, I wonder if neem oil or any other pesticide/insecticide can help me to get rid of fruit fly. I live in Melbourne, Victoria and only few apricots are edible this year compared to 55 kilos of last year. Last year it was the peach tre infested and nobody in the gardening field could tell me what the problem was. Can you? I am quite sure that they are fruit fly. I have them in a glass jar and I can see them flying inside it. Have you a solution?
Thanks in anticipation,

Neem and Chromolaena oil extract
by: Daphnie Moreno

Back in senior High School, I and my two teammates with our coach had conducted an investigatory research about the potential of Neem as a fruit fly repellent. At first, we found out that neem oil have the potential in eradicating fruit flies. However, after a couple of minutes, fruit fly would then come back to the surface we had sprayed with neem oil. We then combined neem oil with Chromolaena odorata oil. The result were better than the result we had on neem oil alone. It showed that the effect of the two oils was shown to have a more lasting effect when combined.

Could you elaborate on how to treat the soil with Neem seed oil?
by: Squirrel

I make mixtures and stuff for various uses myself. Could you please elaborate on how I can use the treatment in my soil, and the good, bad, and ugly about doing so for me? I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!

plastic bags
by: Anonymous

For your apricot problem, I think to wrap the unripe fruit in plastic bags while the fruits are on the tree would be a more effective solution

Amount of Neem Oil
by: Anonymous

Hi, I read that 4ml per liter should do the trick while treating the roots.

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