Does taking Neem Leaf capsules have any long term affect on Male Fertility?

I am a male planning on taking Neem Leaf capsules while on a two week trip to Africa, and I'm wondering if that might have any negative effect on future efforts to concieve a child?

How long does taking Neem Leaves affect the ability to concieve? I'm planning on taking one 475mg capsule a day for about 6 weeks. I am hoping to concieve a child approximately 4-10 months after I discontinue taking Neem Leaves. Is there any chance of permenant sterility?

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Any effects of neem on fertility are reversible
by: Birgit

I have doubts that two weeks of taking the neem capsule would affect your fertility much.

In the only documented trial on male contraception neem oil was used, not the leaf. And it took 6 weeks for the full effect to develop. After the men stopped taking the capsules it took another 6 weeks for the effect to wear off.

Any effects of neem on fertility, whether in men or in women, are 100% reversible, even if concentrated oil extracts are injected into the uterine horns as has been done in some rats.

None of neem's effects on fertility are permanent.

No Problems
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your response. As a word of follow up, I did take the trip to Africa and used the neem capsules on that trip (for malaria prevention), and about four months after I discontinued neem my wife and I conceived a child! Thanks again for the helpful information on this site!

by: Birgit

That's great to hear and thank you for sharing it!
I am really sorry that I could not address your question when you first asked it. For personal reasons I was not able to touch this website for many months.

I realised I was too late to help you with your decision, but I thought future readers would still benefit from it.

And reading your personal experience will hopefully reassure them even more.

Thanks again!

Neem Capsules
by: Anonymous

Dear readers,

I do know now that the neem capsule has indeed affected me getting pregnant for the second time. My husband has been using it for like 5 weeks now. And both times the pregnancy ended. So I do think it works. My husband used the capsules for skin disease, that cured him very well. Indeed very strong stuff.

Another lesson learned about the Neem.

Take care everyone.

Neem and pregnancy
by: Anonymous

My husband has been taking neem for at least 6 months. We want to rely on it as our only birth control but I have been nervous to try. One of my concerns is that if we do get pregnant while he is on neem, should I be concerned with the babies health if his sperm is in fact effected by neem?

Neem leaf juice
by: Samir

I was taking neem juice extracted from the bunch of neem leaves (from nearly 50 gm leaves) for the last 10 days. I would like to know whether it will affect the sperm or not.
This juice was taken by me as I diagnosed with gonorrhea.

Black seed oil
by: Judy

Contraceptive: TRY black seed oil, a book titled THE BLACK SEED MIRACLE, author Dr. Cass Ingram, purchase from American Wild Foods 1-866-626-6214. It's also for Malaria and MORE!

Sincerely Yours

Neem leaves effect on pregnancy
by: Sandy

I am taking neem leaves from my childhood with the wheat. My mother uses the neem leaves to preserve wheat for years. I have been eating this since 20 yrs ago. Please say if this is a concern for my pregnancy.

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