Dog itching - will neem help?

by Nola
(Rosebud, Australia)

Our dog is scratching herself a lot although she doesn't have fleas. The vet has checked her and we continually check her so we are quite certain it is not that. The vet also did a scraping and found no sign of mites.

She is on anti-histamines which I don't like to give her but we think it must be an allergy and are hoping it is only seasonal, caused by grass or something similar. Would some form of neem product help her?

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Will neem help itching dog?
by: Birgit

Hi Nola,

Not knowing what causes the itching it's impossible to say if neem products would help.

My take on it is, they sure won't hurt! There is no harm in trying to help your dog with neem.

If the itching is due to biting insects, bacterial or fungal infections, then neem shampoo, spray, or working diluted neem oil into the coat should help.

Sprinkling dried neem leaf onto the food will support the immune system, and that also never hurts. (If you can get her to eat it...) It also helps with intestinal parasites which can be a factor in triggering imbalances and allergies.

If it is an allergy neem products may soothe the symptoms, but they won't fix the allergy. If that's the problem then you need to identify the cause and remove it.

Again, all you can do is try it. I can't guarantee neem will make a difference.

Neem Soap
by: Rajni

Hi Nola,
As there is no side effect for using the Neem Soap on Dog, you can try it and hopefully it will help.

reason for itching
by: Anonymous

I've discovered that the majority of commercial dog foods promote the growth of yeast. My English Bulldog, a rescue, came to us with systemic yeast infection. I immediately changed his food to a non yeast promoting food, added canine pro-biotics, apple cider vinegar on his food and in his water, neem oil & citronella spray.

All of this helped a great deal, but I kept researching for more answers. Going to the vet is NOT the answer as they just want to put him on antibiotics, which kills all the good pro-biotics that fight yeast. Antibiotics allow the yeast to grow freely. NOT what you want. There is a great group in Vegas that focuses on helping fix the underlying problem of yeast - Nzymes dot com.

They also have the list of non-yeast promoting foods. I am now using their protocol. It is a long arduous task, but we are making progress.

Good luck to you and your pet!

dog owner
by: Anonymous

My dog is scatching alot do you know of a remedy

Itching Pets
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your dog has an allergy.
I get concerned when I hear of people's dogs (and cats) scratching.
The first thing I would look into are allergies, and then their diet.

Itching pets, skin problems, behavioral problems etc
by: Karen Mitchell

It concerns me a lot when I see so many people with pets skin problems.
There is a huge allergy problem within the dog and cat community and in most cases it is caused by diet. Applying Neem oil and other things to your dogs skin isn't fixing the problem, it is just a band-aid.
Seriously, look at what you are feeding your pet. An all natural raw diet can fix ALL skin problems, I can guarantee this, and with help and guidance, you can make the change very successfully!
I'm not trying to sell anything, I'm just a woman who believes in an all natural diet for my dogs and cats.
With help from my very good vet, who believes in natural remedies, my own research, testimonials and other people, I have formed a group on Facebook.
Below is the URL to a very good article, and also other articles for you. Also my Facebook Group URL.
I look forward in seeing you in my group. x

Vets All Natural by Dr Bruce Syme link:

My Facebook group "As Nature Intended":

Itch due to vaccinosis
by: jas

My dog was overdosed by the vet with the annual vaccines. She itches to the point that she will bleed. I have tried homeopathy and herbal remedies but nothing has helped. I dont want to put her on steroids - will you be able to help

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