Eating fresh neem leaves

Is it safe to eat raw freshly plucked neem leaves in the morning? Can I do this every day and for how long? Are there any side effects when eating fresh neem leaves?

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Eating neem leaves
by: Birgit

Provided you are healthy, not on any medication and not pregnant (or trying to conceive), then it is considered safe.

(But please read my disclaimer! I am not a doctor and this is NOT medical advice, just my opinion based on current knowledge and research about neem.)

by: Anonymous

It's totally safe... from childhood I'm eating leaves of neem and I assure you too can eat that. It's bitter but it's so effective in skin diseases.

Neem for cold and flu
by: ramaseshan

Yes taking of neem leaves is extremely good. It prevents you from a lot of diseases.


by: Anonymous

You can eat fresh neem leaf powder crushed in a mixer. It is good for health.

Eating neem leaves helps psoriasis
by: Anonymous

Please can some one answer if eating neem leaves daily can reduce the psoriasis?

by: Anonymous


I'm taking raw 5 to 10 leaves in morning. Would this help in acne reduction and also for the scars and pimple marks?

Boiling neem leaves
by: Paul Americo


I am a diabetic since 4 yrs. I use to eat neem leaves almost everyday about 8 leaves average. I am on medicines. Is it advisable to continue as I read on the internet that it is not effective while taking medicines? I want to ask one question.

Recently I have stopped eating fresh neem leaves and have started drinking 2 glasses of boiled neem water instead; one glass in the night after meals & one glass before breakfast in the morning. Is it okay? I have stopped my medicines for now. Please advice.

This site is for infomational purposes only
by: Birgit

Hi Paul,

Please see my footer. This is an informational site about neem research and traditional uses. Use it for educational purposes only, and NEVER to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition.

For medical advice, and advice about medication is most certainly medical advice, please see your doctor or certified health practitioner.

by: Anonymous

Hey the neem leaf seems to work wonders for you guys. What about yeast infections? Is it good for that?

Neem leaf for yeast infection
by: Birgit

I tried it when I had a bad bout of oral thrush, and it worked wonders indeed. Cleaned it up in 18 hours. I was very impressed.

I made a cup of strong tea from fresh leaves (10 big leaves on half litre water) and rinsed my mouth with it all day. Held it in the mouth for a few minutes before swallowing, and I did it every 10 minutes or so until the cup was empty.

Next day everything was gone.

by: Kamalnath

I am with Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain. Can consuming neem leaves help me to relieve gradually from the Chronic Pain? Will Add Anti-bacterial Energy to my Body? Please advise.

Eating neem leaves could dry bones
by: Anonymous

I wanted to know whether one should eat neem leaves on daily basis as I have been told by elders that they may cause bones to dry as they are very warm. Is it safe for bones?

Neem leaves
by: kay

I live in Pleasanton, CA. Where could I buy fresh neem leaves?

Neem; a boon by nature

Neem is boon given by God especially for people suffering from skin disorders. It has 400 types of antioxidants and one such will help in balancing sugar levels.

The best thing for a diabetic is walk. When you walk and if can find a neem tree, eat about 20 baby leaves and this will result in drastic control of sugar levels. Neem tastes sweet as you keep eating it and neem stem is more useful in controlling diabetes.

healthy habit
by: ratnawali

I have been eating neem for the last one month, every day in the morning on empty stomach and it has benefitted me in my teeth problems, as now my teeth do not ache when I eat something sweet.

Drinking of neem oil
by: Anonymous

Is it safe for me to drink neem juice or oil?
Please reply. It's a matter of my life. Please guide me best way to control acne or pimples problem.

It's good
by: kiran

I have been eating it from three months. It's pretty good for health. It makes me feel peace. No depression.

Baby leaves or grown leaves?
by: Anonymous

Can anyone please tell me which neem leaves should be eaten; baby leaves or the normal ones?

by: Anonymous

Do neem leaves help reduce acne pimples? Can I eat them daily? Are there any side effects? Please reply.

Neem Leaves
by: Rit

Can eating neem leaves delay the monthly menstrual cycle? Though I know that surely eating neem leaves on daily basis is good for skin.

neem leaves are angel leaves
by: uppala ratna rao

When we see neem tree, we feel some freshness and peace. When we swallow the juice, it is hard. But we cannot imagine the benefits that it offers. It's priceless!

So I suggest that everybody gets it and uses it promptly. It is my experience.

How to Eat Neem Leaves
by: suresh babu

I select the tender part of the neem tip which is usually in purple color and swallow it without chewing. By doing this I'm able to avoid the bitter taste. You can try this twice a week and then make it a daily habit. In TamilNadu, Neem tree is considered very sacred.

Want releif from pimples?
by: Anonymous


I have a lot of pimples on my face & on my back a days I have also got small red pimples in my hand.
So does eating neem helpful in getting rid of pimples? And how many leaves I should take?

Please help!

Neem is a good cosmetic for skin
by: sagar

Chewing neem leaves is good for skin. It reduces pimples,black spots,and make your skin look fresh. Even it is good for diabetics patients.

Benefits to health
by: Anonymous


Can anyone please advice me on taking Neem juice early in the morning to reap health benefits?

Eating Neem Leaves
by: Anonymous

Is it okay to eat neam leaves at night before going to bed? Please advise.

Neem Leaves and Pox, Hum
by: Amrita

Can neem leaves help in preventing pox,hum?

Neem leaves juice
by: Anant

I am having diabetes and I am taking Neem leaves juice daily before breakfast early in the morning for last 3 months.

Is it advisable? Please reply.

Neem Leaves
by: shamsu

It is very useful to eat neem leaves. Pimples are gone in just 4 days and now I am very happy :)

Neem leaves For Skin Problem
by: sureshbabu

Neem leaves/ paste is used to treat smallpox, pimples and other external skin problems.

Barefoot with Neem :))
by: Barefoot Mama

I had a Neem leaf in my hand and was wondering if it would be okay to eat. Thank you all so much for this educational discussion. This post was wonderful and the comments FANTASTIC!

Barefoot mama

by: rahul

Hi Guys. I will tell you interesting things about neem. Neem is green in colour. It is a very big tree. It has big branches and you can see that this tree is there in almost every hospital. Please share this information.


Eating Neem Leaves
by: shahid

Neem leaves are good for many diseases, particularly for skin disese and dibetic control.

A simple question
by: A plain person

Is there any side effect on human body if one regularly chews and eats Neem leaves, say 15 to 20 leaves a day ?

If you have a pin pointed answer, please give. If not, please oblige us by not posting ambiguous statements. PLEASE.

Neem Leaves and Weight Reduction
by: Anonymous

Does neem leaves juice help reduce weight? Please answer this right for me because I have been trying hard to cut down 20kilos.

Eating Fresh Neem Leaves in the Morning; Good for Health
by: Anonymous

It is very good for health to eat neem leaves early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Neem Leaves and UT
by: zamora

I am 61 years. I chew a bunch of 20 leaves all night long when asleep (like a bovine ruminating on cud). Then swallow what's left in my mouth next morning. No ill effects for past 15 years.

About six huge trees grow around my house. Also combine with UT (urine therapy) seems to be working fine with me. If Kay of Pleasanton, CA needs some seeds to grow, I can willingly send them by air FOC from Malaysia. They germinate mighty fast to tall sturdy trees.


Neem...A Wonder Medicine
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone, a friend of mine shared information to look for neem tree and drink small amount of boiled leaves everyday because one of her friends mentioned her experienced in drinking boiled neem leaves due to his diabetic condition. I tried drinking 1 cup of it before eating breakfast and another cup before dinner or before sleeping at night. It’s wonderful to know that in less than a month's time my laboratory tests esp. my sugar level becomes normal again. For now, I reduced my drinking into half a cup in the morning and another half before sleeping. I hope I will enjoy my life more because of the presence of this wonder leaves.

Good luck to those who will try also.

by: Rahul

I'm not sure about all benefits of Neem but one thing that I'm sure about that is that it removes all itching problems & keeps your skin bacteria free(Personally Tested).

Hi Friends
by: shadowmask

In my knowledge, eating raw neem leaves is not good for peoples suffering from kidney or liver diseases, and it is not good for infants as well. So you should avoid infants to consume neem leaves.

Eat neem Leaves to Reap Good Health.
by: Dileep

Im 32 years old. I have been eating neem leaves for the past 3 years. It benefited me a lot for my skin problems and it improves a lot bit in my spiritual being.

Effective neem
by: Westy Manuel

I had severe typhoid fever and I never believed in chemical drugs, I took numerous of them but never felt better. And I myself I like researching a lot. So I kept making research on how to get rid of the disease, for I was miserable, stressed up, worried and rejected in life.

Until finally I discovered neem herb. I started eating fresh neem leaf and takin its extract every morning and late at night before bed on empty stomach. And I bet you, at first I did not want to take it because of its bitterness. But on taking it for some few days, all the symptoms I felt in my body vanished. Then I said to myself, thank you God for creating neem. To the world I want to say "yes to neem herb and indeed it is an effective herb for all disease, especially infectious one."

E-mail, Tel. 233248441474, U call me for more details.

by: sanu

Can neem eating improve my hairs?

Eating Neem Leaves
by: Anonymous

My cousin started drying neem leaves and put it in a blender to powder it. After 3 months his cholesterol was gone, his sugar level became normal. He ate a tea spoon on empty stomach during sunrise on a daily basis. I just started doing the same; let’s see what happens after 3 months.

Neem Tree Tea
by: Keith Hardy

Why is it proving so totally impossible to get a straight answere to the simple question of; WHERE CAN I BUY NEEM TREE LEAVES IN THE UK???

So far all internet enquiries have been met with absolutely useless responses, I want the leaves to brew neem tea, I do not want skin care or headlice treatment, I want to make neem tea to take to help with my type 2 diabetes...

Where to buy neem leaves in the UK
by: Birgit

Possibly because there is no such answer? Because nobody is selling leaves because there is no market for them?
I have no idea what is or isn't available in the UK, and how should I?

I don't know about your other enquiries, but I can tell you why you won't get such an answer here:

Because I am not a wandering database of all neem retailers in the world. I am a person. One person, who happens to have an interest in all things neem and who is reading a lot, and who thought her discoveries and what she'd learned might be of interest and helpful to others, too. That's all.
(And who lives nowhere near Europe.)

Sorry that I can't be of more help.

drinking boiled neem tree
by: popoy

I was a diabetic. I took med for 6 years, after that I stopped my medicine and drink boiled neem leaves 2x daily at 1 am and 1 pm. Sugar level ok, I drink for a year, I am satisfied with the results, but now I feel pain on my back, flank pain, stiff neck, muscle pain, cramps, dizziness, tired... What shall I do for this? Please advise me, I don't want to stop drinking because it helps me much, thanks.

by: Anonymous

Leaves might be sold at ebay.

Try coconut oil instead people have used it after eating and sugar is down a bit.

Where you can buy neem products
by: Cjuan

Those of you who are interested in getting neem products, go to (based in California. At this website, you can get neem products like soap, shampoo, conditioner, oil, cream, neem floss, toothpaste, tincture, capsules of leaf extracts, etc.

I buy my stuff from there - excellent service and super fast delivery. I've shopped here for the past 3 yrs. Never had a problem.

Kindest regards

Weight Loss
by: ZsaZsa

I have been using Neem tea with lemon juice for 1 year as an anti Maleria, but had a wonderful surprise I went from dress size 24 to 22 without giving up any of my favourite foods.
Thank the Gods for Neem

check ur pressure
by: drabob

I have never use neem before, but if you are using any bitter every day make sure you check your pressure. Any kind of bitter herb being used for period of time lowers your pressure. So you with the pain and stiffness in the back of your neck check you pressure before eating anymore neem leaves.

by: Anonymous

Take NEEM with CAUTION if you have Rheumatoid or any autoimmune disease! Due to HIGH LEVEL of ANTIOXIDANTS, over 3 times that of blueberries, and fruits we consider to have high levels. Usually that is good, obviously, but not for autoimmune disorders unfortunately.

Dry Neem Leaf
by: sujan

I have pimple & scar on my face. Can drinking neem juice pimple & scar will remove & to make juice can I use dry neem leaf or it powder & which time best is for drink it.

Where to Buy Neem in the UK
by: Anonymous

Neem is almost a must have tree in most Indian and Pakistani houses, so a best bet to find it would be at an Indian or Pakistan store. If they don’t have it, ask if you can place an order. Chances are that they will get it for you in their next shipments of herbs and medicines. Hope this is helpful!

Small Pox
by: Abhishek

Friends I’m suffering from small pox. Would eating neem leave help? Please answer

Eating Neem Leaves
by: Anonymous

Eating neem leaves or neem tablets (grind raw and tender neem leaves with turmeric power) will help a lot for small pox. You should keep some bunches of neem leaves on your bed near you. Often touch your body with neem leaves since it is anti bacterial, it will cure small pox. It is a great god's gift for small pox and proven medicine. That is why in India, neem tree is respected and people perform puja for it.

Neem leaves clear acne.
by: Nitin Dahiya

I use around 10 neem leaves daily to eat.
I am using them for more than a month now and it removed my acne and no new acne I found recently.
but it does not remove acne scars.
For controlling acne it's great.

Neem trees came from India
by: Anonymous

The medicinal properties of the Neem tree have been well known in India for over 4,000 years. The healing properties of Neem are spoken about in some of the world’s oldest books. The Sanskrit word for Neem was “nimba,” which means “good health.” The Vedas called Neem “sarva roga nivarini”, which means “one that cures all ailments and ills”.

It has also been referenced as “Divine Tree”, Life giving tree”, “Nature’s Drugstore”, and “Village Pharmacy.” It was also a source of medicine to treat more than a 100 health problems, from scratches and skin rashes to malaria and diabetes. The Neem tree was known to relieve so many different pains, fevers, infections and other complaints that it had been called “the village pharmacy.”

The Neem was used in ancient Indian cures to treat inflammation, infections, skin diseases and for dental care. The Neem leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, bark and fruits contain antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, antihistamine and antiseptic properties.

Many countries have been sourced for their own unique elixir of ills – Aloe Vera from Mexico, Tea tree from Australia, Ginseng from Korea and Gingko biloba from China. According to the Neem Foundation “Neem” is likely to exceed them all.

psoriasis- (neem -Quality store)
by: Anonymous

I had some neem and it was from the area where Heathrow Airport is such as Southall and Hounslow (location )I go to in England. Asian shops that sell fruit and veg...ask the Manager if they can get you neem . I eat half a spoon of grinded neem fresh before breakfast on a empty stomach and before dinner. I have noticed eth itching has decreased and I have had neem for two weeks. When you have fresh neem you can not keep it for long so I would advise to freeze fresh neem and use what you need to .I will let you know how my psoriasis improves as it on my scalp and small patches on my body

eating neem leaves
by: Arivu Dhanus

Eating neem leaf can cure black magic effect.The black magic is nothing but a poison is put into the human body without the knowledge of the target persons either he/she magicaly .so eating neem leaf daily with empty stomach can purify our blood and remove all poison which caused by black magic.

Neem in UK.
by: Narveen

To the person in UK looking for Neem
You can grow your own. Temp need to be be above 5 degrees C. or about 35 degrees F. It's quite safe outside in most of the UK. Otherwise in a pot that you can bring in if temp go below what the Neem can tolerate.
I live in zone 5 in the USA. Temp can go below -20 degrees C at night. I need to have my trees potted to bring in doors in mid-October. It works very well.
You can Wikipedia the zone information which is American but is now being used Internationally. I copied it for you below.
Btw: Thanks all for the informative posts. I did not know what to do with the dried leaves and actually tossed them out. Now I will make powder.
Here is e zone info:

Zone From To
0 a < −53.9 °C (−65 °F)
b −53.9 °C (−65 °F) −51.1 °C (−60 °F)
1 a −51.1 °C (−60 °F) −48.3 °C (−55 °F)
b −48.3 °C (−55 °F) −45.6 °C (−50 °F)
2 a −45.6 °C (−50 °F) −42.8 °C (−45 °F)
b −42.8 °C (−45 °F) −40 °C (−40 °F)
3 a −40 °C (−40 °F) −37.2 °C (−35 °F)
b −37.2 °C (−35 °F) −34.4 °C (−30 °F)
4 a −34.4 °C (−30 °F) −31.7 °C (−25 °F)
b −31.7 °C (−25 °F) −28.9 °C (−20 °F)
5 a −28.9 °C (−20 °F) −26.1 °C (−15 °F)
b −26.1 °C (−15 °F) −23.3 °C (−10 °F)
6 a −23.3 °C (−10 °F) −20.6 °C (−5 °F)
b −20.6 °C (−5 °F) −17.8 °C (0 °F)
7 a −17.8 °C (0 °F) −15 °C (5 °F)
b −15 °C (5 °F) −12.2 °C (10 °F)
8 a −12.2 °C (10 °F) −9.4 °C (15 °F)
b −9.4 °C (15 °F) −6.7 °C (20 °F)
9 a −6.7 °C (20 °F) −3.9 °C (25 °F)
b −3.9 °C (25 °F) −1.1 °C (30 °F)
10 a −1.1 °C (30 °F) +1.7 °C (35 °F)
b +1.7 °C (35 °F) +4.4 °C (40 °F)
11 a +4.4 °C (40 °F) +7.2 °C (45 °F)
b +7.2 °C (45 °F) +10 °C (50 °F)
12 a +10 °C (50 °F) +12.8 °C (55 °F)
b > +12.8 °C (55 °F)

use of neem oil for hair loss and hair growth
by: Arivu Dhanus

when i first use neem oil once in a week my hair get fall/loss ,but even though i star to continue apply weekly once.After one month using neem oil my hair starts to grow slowly...i was surprise and i am so happy that my new hair is growing in my fallen hair i.e when i apply neem oil in my root of the hair my weak hair fall down and the weak root becomes stronger and starts to grow new hair.know i am using 6 month neem oil weekly once.I use neem oil in night time and next day i wash my hair and my hair is so softly,stronger,no dandruff and healther... my hair loss problem solved...

neem for periods
by: sara

Is neem good for regulating periods..?

regulating periods
by: Rahul

it depends Sara

by: Annie

Hi I am 17 years old and suffer from eczema. I have a really dark neck and dark eczema round my lips. It is extremely irritative an itchy , and also effects my confidence as I don't like to show my neck. Some have recommended
neem leaves and my mum has got hold of some dried ones which she crushed into a powdery form. I take one teaspoon per day . Please can you help me on how much I should take in per day , In teaspoons or grams and if what I am taking is enough. I would very much appreciate this. Thank you

Where to buy Neem
by: Jo

I have just found out
Neem of all sorts can be purchased from Amazon

by: Anonymous

I have been eating neem for seven years and its really very effective. I suffered from a lot of skin diseases, acne and blackheads made me look terrible. I started taking neem leaves. It tasted terribly bitter at first, I even vomited the first few weeks. But now it has turned into a regular habit. It has really made my skin look much bettet.

Neem oil
by: Anonymous

Can you consume neem oil.

where can I buy neem tree leaves in UK?
by: Anonymous

if you want to buy neem tree leaves, you can order them from abroad. i have a big neem tree in our yard.

Neem Tree
by: jemie

You can buy neem trees in most nurseries in Australia. I am just starting taken it for diabetes 2 I only hope it will reduce my blood sugar level

Neem in many products, especially for Diabetes
by: Raj

Neem is a wonder herb, many western companies have unsuccessfully tired to make patents on its derivatives. I prefer natural supplements anyway - like most. There is a really nice company called Raintree Formulas, they use Neem and a few other herbs in their Pancreas Support product for Diabates - it works wonders!!

free delivery of dried neem leaves
by: vishveshwar

i am ready to send the god's gift freely to any country

free delivery of dried neem leaves
by: vishveshwar

i am ready to send the god's gift freely to any country

Eaing fresh neem leavs
by: Mohan

I am diabetic but not on any medication. is chewing Neem leaf good for me and will it control the sugar level in my body? How many leaf/ves is advisable to eat and what time of the day.

Blood Pressure
by: Anonymous

Hi, how effective the neem for some one with blood pressure/diabetes"


Rjesh India
by: Anonymous

Chewing neem leaves is good for skin. It reduces pimples,black spots,and make your skin look fresh.

do you have to eat neem leaves or is drinking the tea good enough
by: Anonymous

To Get Rid Of AcnE Do you have to eat The Leaves Or Can You Make Tea With The Dried Leaves? Need To Knw Urgently

magic of Neem leaf juice for chronic urticaria
by: Anonymous

I was suffering from chronic urticaria since two years. I have started drinking fresh Neem leaves juice every day morning in empty stomach. It really has put full stop to my two years pain. I thank god for creating such a wonderful herb on earth.
Now I am free from all red irritating itchy rashes

Stress reliever
by: Anonymous

If u have severe stress jus chew or eat neem leaves . you stress will gone away a

Sacred tree banned!
by: Australia

So sad these are a banned plant in my region :(

neem leaves for dark circles
by: Anonymous

can eating neem leaves reduce my dark circles please tell me

Neem powder resource in US
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone, I use neem powder. I get my supply from Isha Foundation in the US. Here is the link: I also use turmeric powder along with the neem powder each morning. I make each into a paste to form a small dime-sized ball. I swallow both whole to avoid the taste. It supports health in multiple ways and assists in preventing infectious diseases and cancer. It also just gives me more energy. Hope this helps anyone looking for neem in powder form.

Eating fresh neem leaves
by: kuvarji gala

How many neem leaves should a person eat if he is suffering from Diabites.

Kindest Regards
kuvarji gala

by: Anonymous

Please suggest whether neem leaves can consume in liquid form by boiling leaves in every morning.What should be the dilution factors etc...
Ramsingh Tomar New Delhi.

where to buy neem leaves in the uk
by: Anonymous

I bought a 1kg bag from and it turned up within three day. I also ordered neem soap and a t00mk botyle of neem juice. If works wonders with pimples i drink it made from fresh leaves every once a year when i visit relatives in India Punjab. Its awesome!!!

Is Neem Leaf is harmful for sperm?
by: Ranjan


I want to know that Neem Leaf is harmful for sperm? Is is right or this is only myth.. please share your view....

everyday use of Neem leaves
by: Anonymous

I just ask to expert people doing Ayurveda or Unani that is it okay to consume neem leaves everyday in the empty stomach for no bar of years. Even any sex male function and deter in sperm.


Consuming neem leaves juice evryday can cure urticara
by: Anonymous

Consuming neem leaves juice every day can cure urticaria?

weight loss
by: Anonymous

Hello please tell me is neem leaf effective in weight loss?

chewing neem leaves good for all healthy functions...!
by: usuf

it is my advice that fresh neem leaves is good for all healthy functions of the human body. i have also dispatch if anybody needs that at our place...!

Cell# +92300-8238204

Take Care

Soaking neem leaves in gin
by: Buck

I soak over 600 leaves in a bottle of gin, after 2-3 days it's come out with this fresh green color, I take a shot first thing every morning before meals, the bottle of soaked leaves remains as long the gin is still in the bottle. Can anyone advise on this method I am using ?

Eating Neem leaves are bad for sexual health?
by: Anonymous

I am eating 4 to 5 neem leaves daily, are these bad for sexual health?

neem leaves
by: Anonymous

Ya, it's very good to eat neem leaves.
Kiruba.A EEE

Eat the Neem is good for healthand it's kills diseases

Hi friends,
It is good for inside of the health and outside of the body (skin problems) and also prevent thr sugar problems etc.

a note and a vote for Birgit, the organizer of this network.
by: Narveen

Thank you, Birgit, for the time and effort you have taken, and continue to take, for this very informative site.

by: Birgit

Thank you, Narveen, for the kind words :-)


Eating raw neem leaves (I eat about 20 leaves) empty stomach proved very good. In three months, my 3 months average sugar levels dropped to best controlled sugar levels.
But never stop your prescribed medicine. Consume till you lab reading labels you as NO DIABETIC.


Eating Maha-neem daily
by: Anonymous

I would like to ask if eating 5 leaves of Maha-neem daily is safe for a 20 year old?
Does it have any side effect?
And can I take 5 tulsi leaves daily along with Maha-neem leaves?

by: Anonymous

If fatty liver problem what are benefit to take neem leaves?

neem leaves available here
by: Anonymous

Peace and blessings be on you.
I can provide the neem leaves any where in the world, only the courier charges will have to be paid.
For those who want to get neem leaves can contact on 0092 345 3432810.
Raza Mustafa.

buy neem trees in Australia
by: Anonymous

You can buy neem trees in Australia from :Daley's nursery. And products from :Neeming Australia.

Fresh Neem Tree
by: Anonymous

I want to buy a fresh Neem Tree, please provide me where to get near by in location San Jose, California. U.S.A. if you know where to get it please sent me to my email infor.

Toronto, Canada
by: Anon.

I live in Canada. I buy neem leaves from Indian grocery. I don't think they sell all the year round. So I wash, wipe them dry and freeze them.

by: Anonymous

Neem Tree Tea
by: Keith Hardy

Why is it proving so totally impossible to get a straight answer to the simple question of; WHERE CAN I BUY NEEM TREE LEAVES IN THE UK???

So far all internet enquiries have been met with absolutely useless responses, I want the leaves to brew neem tea, I do not want skin care or headlice treatment, I want to make neem tea to take to help with my type 2 diabetes...

Hi Keith,

CHECK WITH LOCAL INDIAN GROCERY. I BUY NEEM LEAVES FROM INDIAN GROCERY IN GTA, CANADA. I don't think they sell all the year round. Whenever I get them, I wash, wipe them dry and freeze.

Chewing neem leaves good for all healthy functions!
by: Usuf

Hi everyone,
Chewing leaves of Neem is really good for health and its functions. I believe that it is also working to increase stamina as well.
It is my pleasure that Neem tree and its benefits are explored in my life and I have able to consume it.
Stay Blessed,

How do I treat typhoid with neem
by: Anonymous

Please can somebody help! Typhoid, how do I treat this illness?

I start neem leaves this couple of weeks
by: Esperalzi

I took a neem tree seedling from my mom's yard up in northern Malaysia many months ago. I planted it in my own yard in Kuala Lumpur, in a pot, it is now taller than me and has many leaves and is starting to branch out.

Every day I pluck two leaves, wash them, chew them, let the bitter liquid in my mouth for few minutes mix well with saliva, then I swallow it. I am not seeing any positive effects yet, may be I need to wait longer.

My mom and sister say they boil it for bath each time they have itchy skin problem. My sis eat the tender shoots as salad. My sis planted it in my mom's yard. It is now a big tree that gives out many little plants on the ground.

by: Sandy

Hi. I am a new eczema patient. I am taking homeopathic medicine. I am interested in taking neem leaves internally. How many neem leaves would I need to chew? How often in a day?
I use neem water to wash my eczema. Neem-turmeric paste for my eczema. I have eczema on the folds of my arms, neck and some on my legs.

turmeric and sandalwood oil
by: Anonymous

Annie, sandalwood oil + turmeric can really work FOR you.

Q & A
by: Anonymous

Hmmm. More questions than answers.

neem powder
by: Anonymous

When I visit India, I wash tender neem leaves, dry and grind in blender and filter so that any big pieces filter out, which I keep in the fridge and use one fourth of tea spoon daily in the morning. I bring one year supply of neem powder.

Yess, it can cure all kind of disease
by: Nisha

I'm eating neem leaves for a few months to cure my eczema and I'm not taking any medicines from the hospital since the doctors gave me negative answer to cure my eczema. By eating 2 neem leaves every morning with empty stomach really helps me to cure it. And it's curing day by day. In god's blessing nothing is impossible. Neem leaves are extremely beneficial. If it's hard to eat it try to swallow it with water. Nothing in the world cannot be cured. God bless you :)

every day eating the neem patti
by: Goutam kumar hazra

Dear Sir,
If I am eating the neem patti every morning,
I take any benefits or side effects from this?

benefits by mixing turmeric & neem & mint leaves
by: Gayan

Hi friends, I'm going to share my general things. What I came to know from tradtional benefits from nature.

Add 5 neem leaves + turmeric piece + mint leaves in water bottle and drink at morning in empty stomach.

It will reduce your fat, sugar control & freshness + increasing in resisting power + pimples & black spots recovery.

Thanks, just try, one thing is sure, there is no any side effects from natural one.

Can neem helps with sensitive teeth
by: Anonymous

Hi, I do have a problems with sensitivity, can neem help me? And how to used it to do so?

Relief from bacterial skin infection
by: Pradeep

Hi All. Just to add I had a major bacterial skin infection (dermatitis postule) along with eczema which I caught in a foreign country. I had been taking antibiotics pulse therapy prescribed by the dermatologist. Infection will come down during medicine intake and then again shoot up during no medicine intake (pulse therapy). It was frightening. Then I started taking bath from boiled (approximately 40) neem leaves water along with moisturizer and 6-8 neem leaves daily along with antibiotic course. Within two weeks infection got controlled and I was advised to stop taking medicine now. I continue to have neem leaves daily and bath with boiled neem leaves.
Information here seems useful and helpful and thought to add my two bits.

by: Anonymous

If I boiled the neem in water so how many glasses of neem water should I consume daily?

Neem nature
by: Swetha S

Better to wash neem once to remove dust before use. My mother suggested neem pate (raw leaf+coconut oil+few drops neem oil available from medical shop=smash without adding water because eczema gives more side effect if cold water is used to wash, best is to use warm water to clean and apply the paste on affected area). A miracle happened. I believe same method can be used for human too. If I am wrong you can correct me.

boiled neem leaves as morning detox drink
by: Anonymous

Can I use freshly plucked neem leaves and boiling it in water as every morning detox drink???
Does it have any side effects.

time to take neem leaves
by: marica

Whether it is morning or evening it is better to take the Neem leaves in a empty stomach (before the meals). Don't forget to drink a glass of warm water after the chew.

creatinine & urea level want to be reduse
by: selva

Hi creatinine & urea level over the limit so how to reduce this? Can be neem leaf eat daily routine control or not?
Anyone please say your experience by

by: Dmitriy

Hello, I wanted to ask you, when treating psoriasis, how to my accept the leaves of the tree NEEM?
I bought the leaves and how to accept I do not know
Please respond to the mail

neem leaves has cure my ulcer
by: Raphael

I started this treatment last month and I was asked to come in for a checkup that time. So my dad told me to do that for two weeks before I go to the hospital for the check up. I went today and the doctor said there is no problem at all.

Neem leaf every morning
by: Biswanath sarkar

It's safe or not? Excess?
If I taking 2 neem leaf every morning? Please answer my query.

I can send you neem leaves, if you want.
by: Nweke Onyekachi

Neem leaves contain life.

Can urticaria be cured by neem juice
by: Anonymous

One person posted that his 2 years urticaria was resolved by drinking neem juice can that good friend advise the full process line how many leaves (tender purple colour leaves ) or general green colour leaves ,how to boil etc
It will be very helpful please as i am suffering from urticaria from last 2 years thanks

Eating neem leaves
by: Balasaravanan

I eat two to three leaves every day, early morning on an empty stomach. A twig of leaves can be taken only once in two weeks.
My eczema has subsided a lot, increased my appetite, digestion is tops, dark oily skin around the neck and elbows are now fair and smooth, my stools pass easily.
I had begun eating neem now for a month, so on the third month I shall check on my fatty liver's state. If it has come down, all is well.

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