Eleuthera, Bahamas citrus problem

(Eleuthera, Bahamas)

There is a citrus problem in Eleuthera, Bahamas. I am not certain as to the extent of this "worm" (?) that is attacking the citrus leaves. Causes a stunting of the growth and the leaves become twisted and deformed from the attack. It leaves a shiny and whitish trail on the underside of the leaf almost like a snail would. It appears to suck the life out of the leaf.

Am going to begin a regimen of treatment as soon as the neem oil concentrate can be located. Will share my experience once treatment has had time to take effect.

Any information for this area/problem, would be welcome.

I have spoken about this problem with a local grower today in Lower Bogue and his grove has been devastated by this problem. I would like to assist my fellow Eleutherans with any information about your product so that we can all deal with this issue and bring back our citrus trees.

The gentleman was the first person to ever share a citrus tree with me when I was a young gardener. The orange tree grows in my yard today and is not doing well at this time. I want to save it and all my others.

The plants being sold locally are affected. It appears to be everywhere and the agricultural individuals have not been able to provide any information that is helping. They have visited the grove at stopped at today to buy trees. What a sad sight.

Thank you so much for the information I have found on your site. It is the most hope I have found to date.
Eleuthera, Bahamas

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Citrus leaf miner?
by: Birgit

Not knowing what you are dealing with there isn't much anyone can specifically recommend.

Neem oil should help, but I think so would plain white oil, used at least fortnightly. Has that been tried? Are you using that anyway?

By the way, what you describe sounds just like a normal citrus leaf miner attack. Those moths lay the eggs into the leaves when the leaves are very young. Once the eggs hatch the tiny caterpillars feed inside the leaf tissue and leave those characteristic trails.

Even if you start spraying neem oil or white oil now and prevent future attacks, you may still see damage occur and grow on already existing shoots, as the shoots grow out and the eggs hatch.

I get a lot of it here, every wet season. Unless I spray oil very regularly, as soon as fresh shoots appear on my trees.

But I guess if it was common citrus leaf miner you'd be familiar with it...

Neem helps

Howdy Eleuthera,
I too live in the Bahamas and caretake some property on Man-O-War Cay. I have been using neem on a small citrus orchard.
When I started caretaking the trees were in such bad shape I didn't think there would be much hope for them. But after cleaning the area and starting the spray it has made a huge difference in the time that I have started spraying the neem and using the neem cake as a soil enhancement.
The worms and other various pest seem to slowly disappear and the "Black Death" peels off the leaves within days of spraying the neem oil.
I try to keep a steady spray schedule pending on weather and availability of the product.
If you would like more info, feel free to contact me. I am listed in the Abaco phone book.

You Have Leafminer
by: Anonymous

Neem will only help marginally as it just makes the leaves slightly disagrable to the moth for laying eggs.

You need to use a product with "Spinosad" like "Ferti-Lome" Borer, Bagworm, Tent Caterpillar & Leafminer Spray. It stops them dead in their tracks, has a slight systemic effect, and only apply when you see the track in the leave ( does not do great as a preemptive strike) and does not significantly harm beneficial insects like Lady Bugs. 2 oz. per gallon and spray until dripping/run off. This is the only thing that works.

We had a bad time with this moth in Central FL the past two years. Spinosad saved my small young trees.

Citrus Leaf Miner (Phyllocnistis Citrella)
by: Jay Sargent

The pest that you are dealing with is the Citrus leaf miner (Phyllocnistis citrella) and the most effective way of dealing with it is setting pheromone traps that will attract the males to prevent fertilization. You can also Google this pest name and figure out other methods of controlling it :)

BIOCHEMISTRY STUDENT of the College of The Bahamas

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