Eye application of neem

Can eye application of neem be harmful? I have a pet, a golden retriever that has developed an eye condition called viral papiloma. It is not contagious to humans, they pick it up from other dogs, smells, etc.

In her case she has a growth on the lower eyelid. I have been putting neem on it which has caused it to shrink. If any of the neem gets into her eye socket is it harmful? It's neem seed oil.

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Good to hear that the neem is working
by: Birgit

Good to hear that the neem is working.
I don't have any hard facts on this. I just dug through all the scientific studies that have been done on neem and there is nothing mentioned about eyes AT ALL.

I don't think it would be harmful. There is a neem eye gel for humans available. It has other things in it as well and it contains very little neem seed extract, but at least that shows that there shouldn't be anything in neem that is specifically toxic to the eye.

I would expect, just like any other oil or cream that is used around the eye, it could be irritating or painful if it gets into the eye.

I would suggest you are very careful when you apply the neem oil. It's good to hear that it helps, but I really don't know if it could do harm if she gets it IN her eyes all the time.

Do your best to avoid that, and monitor her closely to see if that eye shows any signs of irritation. Also talk to your vet about it, and maybe have him/her check out the eye. A vet might pick up something that you miss.

Neem in eyes
by: Jennifer

I got neem oil in my eye while spraying it on my plants and have deveolped a green puss. It is hurting like hell. Just wanted you guys to be cautious to avoid this kind of problem.

Neem in Eye
by: Birgit

If it was a spray you would not only get neem oil in your eye but also the detergent, and if it was some commercial mix there might be God knows what else in it.

Having said that, I doubt that getting ANY oil directly into the eye is ever pleasant...

Neem Oil for the Eyes
by: Anonymous

There is no concrete evidence that neem is harmful to the eyes.

Red Eye
by: Amar

I had red eye for 15 days (not viral). Treated at Netralaya (Guwahati) after tests for a month. Not fully cured. Then I have read in an Assamese Herbal cure (Bon darab) book about using a drop of neem juice for red eye disorder. And true. I have used twice daily for only 5 days. Problem gone. You have to pluck about 20 tender leaves and grind the same on your palm with 2 drops of water and then squeeze the paste on the eye/eyes for the required drop and tolerate the sensation for 2 minutes...That is it. I think no bacterial infection could survive neem. I am the proof. Please take care to wash the leaves with filtered water and use filtered water only (2 drops) for the paste.


Whether you have a skin rash, spots or a body infection, Neem has the remarkable ability of helping your recovery. I could say that it will sort out most things but I'm certain those folks who have never used it would dismiss the claim out of hand.
So few investigations into this natural substance have been undertaken, due in part to the pressure of lobbyists, multi-nationals and pharmaceutical manufactures.
You can use it on your skin, hair, teeth, under arms and if taken correctly internally. People who have spent years going to the Doctors with skin conditions and getting nowhere should think outside the 'chemists' box and think about using Neem. There are many other natural alternative treatments available to us all, yet most are scared to try them.
It's great for animals too.

Neem for allergy and pink eye / red shot blood eyes
by: Anonymous

I have tried and there are other people in India who use neem for this purpose.
Fine paste neem, dilute it to boiled/pure water, then strain it well and add as drops to eye (any) infection. Dilute water as how much can bear, try making solution of neem and water stronger with time and your tolerance. "It is not harmful" neem is the best * It's not harmful for eyes if you use it well. Or accidentally if this happens there is no need to worry until you see really bad symptoms or pain is unbearable after 15-20 mins, see the doctor immediately.

Anything goes in eyes it is going to hurt!

There is Patanjali market product drushti eye drops, which is made from lemon, onion and ginger extract! Yeah I have tried these drops! They sting like nothing else could! But makes your eyes brighter and sharper also healthier.

side effect of neem
by: sandhya

Diabetes: There is some evidence that neem can lower blood sugar levels and might cause blood sugar to go too low. If you have diabetes and use neem, monitor your blood sugar carefully. It might be necessary to change the dose of your diabetes medication.

Red Eyelid (Blepharitis)
by: Ashis

Can neem cure Blepharitis?

Eye application of neem
by: Anonymous

Can we use neem juice as eye drop?

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