FDA approval of neem

by Erin Moore
(Sea, WA)


Is the Neem Oil FDA approved?


Neem most certainly is not FDA approved and never will be.

To get FDA approved a substance has to be rigorously researched and trialled clinically. This costs money. A lot of money.
Neem can not be patented and that means that pharmaceutical companies can not reap squillions of dollars from investing into neem research.

Big pharma is not interested in helping people, their main objective is to make money. So why should they spend money on researching neem?

A substance that is as effective as neem, that can be used so many different ways, and is so easily and cheaply available even in third world countries, is a huge threat to the pharmaceutical industry. It will never be supported by mainstream pharma, medicine, or the FDA.

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Neem Oil - NO FDA approval
by: Neem Oil Dude


My name is David from wheretobuyneemoil.com.
Great point about the FDA never approving Neem-based products. My sister used to work for Pfizer. Basically, they want to develop drugs that offer a huge barrier to entry so there's very little chance there will be competition down the road. So, neem is out unfortunately.

David :-)

Life and health have little value to those who profit from disease
by: Anonymous

Why must we give in the pharmaceutical companies who often hold the cure to our most devastating diseases and refuse to make known the cure and waste millions of lives that can be saved, for fear of the loss of their trillions in profit yearly.

Neems FDA Approval
by: Cartier

I am not sure what you guys mean when you say FDA approval but the FDA and the World Health Organization(WHO) did do a 3 year study on Neem and found that Neem oil was safe for human consumption! Iam not sure if thats considered an approval but it shows that they did check it out! Iam sure those of you interested can google and find reviews of the FDA's findings!

FDA Approval Neem
by: Dimitrios

The FDA dictates what you can and cannot say, for anything that is considered to heal, cure, or treat anything medically. This includes things like dandruff or psoriasis. Since a dandruff shampoo is considered not only to be a cosmetic, but also an OTC Over the Counter Drug, this makes it illegal to market say a shampoo that has neem oil as fighting dandruff or psoriasis, even though Neem Oil clearly fights dandruff, fungus, any a wide other of bacteria and fungus. This is why some of the people commenting state that the big pharma industries want to prevent natural ingredients that clearly have medicinal purposes from being able to make medical claims. The Big Pharma Industries would lose millions, even though there are many natural ingredients that treat a wide variety of things.

Should FDA mandate the approval of Neem & other herbs?
by: Arihant Kumar Singh

I think yes, the FDA should make mandatory to all the big herbal components which can be used for various medicinal & non-medicinal use, so as Neem.
A big tree like Neem is used for various medicinal use from centuries ago and treating so many chronic diseases also. Then why it is not official in the FDA?
Also these big herbs and shrubs who is possessing larger medicinal use are also having potential to be use as an excipients in oral and liquid dosage formulations for various purposes like sweetening agent, binding agent, diluent, coating, etc.

toxicity study
by: Anonymous

Here is more information. More studies are needed.

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